10 Stocks To Buy That Are Similar To Nike But Much Cheaper

10 Stocks To Buy That Are Similar To Nike But Much Cheaper

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The Nike Swoosh is easily one of the most recognizable brand logos in the world, and also one of the most valuable, with a net worth of around $25 billion dollars. Sadly, swoosh is also the sound of money quickly leaving your bank account if you’re trying to add Nike shares to your stock portfolio. As of a few weeks ago, in spite of the current economic downturn, the price was still hovering at just over eighty dollars. The good news is that, for savvy investors looking to pick up a shoe company or other sportswear stock, Nike isn’t the only game in town…

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Li Ning Co. Ltd: LNNGF

One of the best-known sportswear companies in China, Li Ning has more than a billion potential customers at home, plus global distribution. Of all the companies on this list, Li Ning operates most similarly to Nike.

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PUMSY owns and distributes both the Puma and Cobra Golf brand names, and has global distribution in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The majority of their sales are B2B with their distributors.

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Foot Locker Inc: FL

Growth of this dividend stock company has held steady around 10% per year. According to Yahoo Finance, FL management seems to be investing significantly in the business, which could increase the chances of their brick and mortar stores surviving in the internet era.

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Columbia Sportswear Company: COLM

Price-wise, Columbia typically hovers just below Nike. The company’s high-quality products and popularity with both men and women make it a solid choice.

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Under Armour Inc Class A: UAA

Under Armour offers highly popular, well-made, and well-known products that have significantly boosted its brand recognition. This company will most likely continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace than Nike and other sneaker giants, given that it takes longer to wear out an undershirt. In addition, this wardrobe isn’t at the mercy of fleeting fashion trends.

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Skechers: SKX

There’s nothing sketchy about the third-largest footwear company in the U.S. Skechers has been around for nearly 30 years, and it has only improved with age. The company’s marketing department is known for advertisements that continue to entertain its target audiences while also driving sales.

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VF Corp: VFC

With popular brands like Dickies in its arsenal, VFC stock is barely less expensive than Nike’s, but buyers can count on the desirability of the company’s easily-recognizable products. VFC has also been in the news lately for its recent push to hire more people with disabilities.

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Canada Goose Holdings Inc: GOOS

Is it worth feathering your nest egg with Canada Goose Holdings? We think so. A relatively young company that’s still expanding into the luxury brand market, the Goose has already earned a reputation for making exceptional parkas and other warm winter wear.

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Gildan Activewear Inc: GIL

GIL’s commitment to improving their manufacturing process extends to everything from raw materials to finished products. By maintaining complete control over their products, the company turns out consistently high-quality items that have garnered mass appeal.

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Iconix Brand Group Inc: ICON

Keeping your eyes on Iconix is a good idea. An inexpensive stock, Iconix lets you test the waters when it comes to shoes and sporty casual wear, without getting in too deep financially. The company works with respected names like Mossimo, Ed Hardy, and Zoo York.

When it comes to choosing which investments are right for you, give these options some thought. Remember, too, that you can buy stocks in small increments, if you’re trying to stay smart with your savings.