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23 Quotes That’ll Have You Living Your Most Inspired Life

23 Quotes That’ll Have You Living Your Most Inspired Life

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It’s Sunday evening. You’ve spent the weekend overeating, accomplishing 20% of what you were aiming to achieve, and are staring at the prospect of a Monday morning a mere half-day away. How the heck are you supposed to feel anything other than blue right now?

That’s the bad news. The good news is that you’ve got a lot to look forward to, if you’ll simply allow yourself the opportunity to. Just in case you need a little extra something to help with your Sunday evening/Monday morning lull, here’s some food for thought…

1. For those who view cooking as exhausting, as opposed to therapeutic.

Learning to cook heals your soul

2. For those who view life as a glass half-empty deal.

Closer to what works for your health

3. For those who think their best years are behind them or that they have nothing to look forward to.

Make the best of the rest

4. For procrastinators everywhere.

Start now, not someday

5. For those who are afraid of taking risks.

100 Shots Missed No Risk

6. For those who are worried about fitting in.

Avocado and banana, unique and healthy dessert

7. For those who bottle up their frustrations and could benefit from just letting them out.

Blowing Off The Steam in your life

8. For those who’ve been living in a safe zone for far too long.

Discovering the outside of your comfort zone

9. For those who think healthy eating is something you do to lose weight, before inevitably putting it back on.

Healthy habits will get you far

10. For those who want to give out a hug but are perhaps a little shy.

Dog love dog for happiness in the world

11. For those who need a reminder that the past isn’t in your control, but the present and future are.

For good today, leave behind your bad yesterday

12. For those who think change is too hard, a reminder that it’ll all be worth it in the end.

Green smoothie for better version of yourself

13. For those who think a healthy lifestyle means a restrictive one.

Creating healthy habits

14. For those who think eating fat will make you fat.

Healthy fats to solve your problems

15. For those who’ve convinced themselves that they can’t bounce back from tough times.

Heavy rain brings big rainbows

16. For those who say healthy living can’t be sweet.

Love for honey

17. For those who know all about healthy meal prep, we’re in this together.

Multitsking cooking healthy foods

18. For those who need a reminder of how resilient they are.

Tough lady looking mean

19. For those who need a heads-up that the best things in life are worth working for.

Making your first step into meaningful existence

20. For those who’ve let their ego get in the way of making the best of their current reality.

Start now, dont wait for the perfect moment

21. For those who think that healthy eating is dull.

Use your restrictions as inspirations

22. For those who need a reminder that you only get one vessel to guide you through life.

Taking Care Of Your Body

23. For those who’ve had to listen to naysayers, a reminder that it’ll all be worth it soon enough.

Persistence is the key