4 Apps To Help You Start Saving Money

4 Apps To Help You Start Saving Money

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Saving money isn’t always an easy feat. Between paying rent, student loans, and streaming service bills that sneak up on you, it’s easy to lose track of your finances. Luckily, it’s 2020, and there are plenty of apps designed to help you adjust your budget and start saving for the future, even if it’s just $5 each week. Here are the top four apps for saving money and making the most of your budget.

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If you’re a beginner when it comes to estimating your finances, and want an app that will help you easily save (without judging your spending habits), Digit is the app for you. All you need to do is connect your bank account, and let the app do the rest! 

Once you’ve downloaded Digit, it’s easy to set up multiple savings goals. It could be $500 for that weekend getaway to Vegas, $300 for your car payment, or just some cash to set aside for a rainy day. The app then uses smart algorithms to observe income and spending habits, and decide on a monthly savings amount you can afford. Not only that, but it will automatically grab small sums of money to place into your savings – all while ensuring you still have enough for your morning coffee. If you’re somebody who struggles to set aside a portion of your paycheck for savings, because you “might need” that money later, you need to download Digit. 


Acorns is the app made for millennials, by a millennial. Jeff Cruttenden made the Forbes 30 Under 30 List when he and his father created Acorns – a micro-investing mobile app that rounds your purchases up to the nearest dollar and invests the rest. That $7.85 lunch you just bought? The spare change goes directly into your Acorns account to be invested. It’s essentially a virtual piggy bank that makes use of your spare change, instead of letting it collect dust in your jacket pocket. 

The app even partners with companies like Blue Apron and Airbnb to give you cash back. It’s a new way to make use of your extra change, and make the newer generations more interested in the art of investing.


If you don’t think setting rules around your spending habits sounds fun, you clearly haven’t met Qapital. This app is perfect for somebody who loves a challenge, or is trying to save towards an exciting goal like a new Gucci belt or a vacation. 

Once you download the app, you’ll set your savings goals like you would on Digit, but then, that’s when things get interesting. Under each goal, you’ll set rules on how the app should save. For instance, you can set Qapital to put aside $10 every time you hit 10,000 steps on your FitBit, or save $2 every time you don’t give in to your fast food cravings at McDonalds. This app is like a New Year’s resolution to save money, eat healthier and walk more… all while following you around in your pocket!


The couple that saves money together, stays together. At least that’s what Twine says. This app is designed for couples who want to work together and save towards a common goal – whether it’s a new TV for the house or a grand honeymoon to Europe.

Two options are available once you download Twine. The couple can save money in a free, reliable joint account with a 1.05% variable interest rate, or they can invest that money with the possibility of earning interest. You’ll both download the app, set a savings goal, and watch your dreams of a lavish trip come true, as your money grows right in front of your eyes.

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Start To Save

You always hear about all the money you could be saving if you didn’t go to Starbucks every morning, but what if your phone automatically deposited money into your savings for every time you went? These cash-saving apps aren’t just an excuse to drink more coffee, but proof of the incredible things that can happen when finance and technology collide. With apps like Acorns or Digit on your phone, you’ll be saving big in no time!