40 Signs You’re With A Man Who Treats You Right

40 Signs You’re With A Man Who Treats You Right

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Relationships can be confusing, and relationships on the verge of budding can be laden with even more confusing signals. Every guy will show his affection differently, but there are certain signs that you’re with a good man- the type of person who treats you right…

He offers to buy you food, drinks, or other items.

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It could be a formal dinner, or it could just be picking up fast food. The gesture shows he is trying to provide for you, even in a small way.

He finds excuses to sit or be near you.

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Movies, sporting events, and the couch are all open playing fields for him to try and get a little bit closer.

He texts or calls you often.

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Even if you aren’t actively talking about something, he’ll text you throughout the day. Maybe he thought you’d like to see that dog he saw, or he’s just wondering how you’re doing.

He always finds a way to touch you.

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He might place a hand on your back to guide you through a crowd, or he may brush hair away from your face. Physical contact is important.

He follows and interacts with your social media.

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It’s more than just being friends on Facebook. If he likes and comments on your Instagram posts, follows your not-so-popular YouTube channel, and comments on your Facebook other than when he’s prompted to say “happy birthday,” there’s motivation behind that.

He stands up for you.

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If a friend is poking fun at you, or if there’s something truly unfair, he’s there to stand up for you and let you (and the world know) that you are right.

He encourages you to keep trying.

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If something bad happens, from losing a favorite pen to losing a job, he is there to tell you that tomorrow will always be better and to keep trying. After all, he’s there for you.

He acts overprotective from time to time.

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He should know you can take care of yourself, but he can’t help in trying to protect you how he can. As long as it’s not overboard, gestures such as walking between you and the road show that he cares.

He shows jealousy when you interact with other men.

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Again, he should know that he does not own you and that you are free to socialize. But if he puts on a pouty face when you talk up another man at the bar, he is probably wishing you were talking to him.

He values your opinions.

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Do you like that shirt? Is his haircut okay? He cares what you think about him. If he asks about big ticket items like family matters and career moves, it shows that he truly sees you as valuable input.

He has his own nickname for you.

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You might have a nickname already, but he has his own for you. Maybe from an inside joke or something only he remembers. It’s a sign of affection, even if it does get annoying.

He talks differently to you than other women.

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He should treat all women with respect, but he goes above and beyond for you. He doesn’t flirt with anyone else, and he always makes sure to extend a bit of old fashioned chivalry.

His sense of humor changes around you.

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He might be crude with his friends, and you might even find that humor funny, but he tries to tone it down to be a bit more proper around you. It’s a sign of respect.

He tries to impress you.

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He totally believes he can jump across the hood of that car. He tries because he wants to impress you. Can he do it? Probably not, but it was worth a shot to make you think he’s super cool.

He shares his interests with you.

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Whatever he’s into, he tells you about it. You might not share his interests, but you should show that you appreciate him trying to include you how he can.

He notices the little things.

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He makes sure to tell you how he remembers you wore that shirt that one time, that this dog he saw was just like yours, and that your shirt tag is sticking out. He pays attention to more than the big picture.

He remembers your favorite things.

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Remember that one time you said how much you love that obscure candy? He does, and he’ll probably go out of his way to try and bring you some.

His demeanor changes when you arrive.

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He perks up when you walk into the room. It goes from paying attention to his friends and the space to all focus being on you. You might notice how much happier and upbeat he seems after you arrive.

He compliments your appearance.

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If he likes you, of course he likes the way you look. It doesn’t have to be flirty compliments. If he says he loves your haircut or that shirt, it means he’s looking at you.

He compliments you on other factors than your appearance.

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If he likes you as a person, he will make sure to notice how smart you are and how you always care about others before yourself. It’s important to mesh as people outside of physical attraction.

He wants to hang out with your friends.

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Getting to know you means getting to know your friends, even if your social groups don’t really overlap. Does he care about wine nights? No, but he knows you do, so he’s going to try.

He tries to get you to hang out with his friends.

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He wants you to involve yourself into his social group, and he probably wants to show you off as being part of a pair with him. It doesn’t mean being best friends with everyone, just giving it a shot.

He suggests you watch a favorite show with him.

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Finding a series to keep up to date on together gives you a reason to talk to him, and him a reason to stay up to date with you. Or maybe he likes to relive his college football days. Just don’t skip ahead!

His conversations with you tend to last longer.

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Even if you’re not talking about anything major, you tend to find yourself lost in conversation. It may seem easier to talk to him about anything, and, more importantly, nothing in particular.

He shares secrets with you.

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He might not tell everyone about his embarrassing childhood secret, but he tells you. Don’t ruin it and tell anyone else—it may seem like a joke, but he trusts you.

He gets you gifts for holidays.

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Birthdays, Christmas, and the most obscure holidays you can think of. He tries to find an excuse for giving you gifts and showing affection without being “weird” about it. Now you have a reason to celebrate National Pancake Day.

He offers to teach you how to do things he does.

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Like showing you his hobbies, he wants to show you how to participate. Give it a shot and you might find that you really do like what he does. He’s going out of his way to show you why he does what he does.

He shows you that he misses you when you’re gone.

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Gone for the day or the month, he lets you know that you are missed. Your own mom might not tell you that much, but he’ll text and call often to see exactly the moment you will be back.

He invites you to important events.

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He wants you there for life’s big moments. Graduations, birthdays, family dinners—you are supposed to be part of it for it to go to his plan.

He expects an invitation to your important events.

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If you’re on the same level and the attraction is mutual, then he’s going to expect you to return the invitation favor. He wants to be there to celebrate you.

He steps in to take care of you when you’re sick.

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Nobody likes to hold hair back during throw up sessions or run to the store at midnight for soup, but he does it anyway. He wants to provide and show you he cares, even when you’re not at your best.

He gets along with your pets.

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A person that vibes with you tends to vibe with your pets, even if they’re not particularly animal people themselves. Tune into what your pets do when he’s around.

He says “good morning” and “good night”.

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Is it an excuse to text you? Yes, but it’s also him just checking in during the day to let you know he’s always there.

He will try something out of character for you.

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He might hate sushi, but you can bet he’ll be there at your sushi birthday dinner. It’s worth being uncomfortable to show you how dedicated he is.

He talks about you to his friends.

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You’re a hot topic of conversation with his friends. You might not feel worthy of so much discussion, but a man who likes you won’t stop blabbering on.

His family knows about you.

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Like his friends, his family probably knows a lot about you. You may have never met his grandma, but she definitely knows your favorite color.

His body language tends to mimic yours.

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Body language is a form of silent communication. When love is in the air, people tend to mimic one another. Keep an eye on how he sits, moves, and talks when he’s with you.

He tries to hold onto items of yours.

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Did you forget your scarf in his car? He’ll return it in due time. He wants a little bit of you to hang onto, after all.

He asks if you like him.

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There’s nothing wrong with being straight up and asking. Skip the games and get straight to the point.

He tells you that he likes you.

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Even more direct, he might just say it outright. There’s your answer!