50 Creative Ways To Tell Someone That You Love Them

50 Creative Ways To Tell Someone That You Love Them

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Saying the words ‘I love you’ indicates to your partner how you feel about them. However, saying these words over and over again may become monotonous, or begin to fall on deaf ears. After all, words are still only words.

Instead of just using words, you can choose to spice up your love declarations toward your partner by looking for new ways to creatively demonstrate your love for them. Here are 50 creative ways to do exactly that…

Cook or Order Their Favorite Meal

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Food is a one-way road to anyone’s heart. You don’t exactly have to say the words I love you; preparing your partner’s favorite food or ordering food from their favorite restaurant for a mini indoor dinner would let them know just how you feel about them.

Use Post-It Notes

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Writing words of encouragement or affection on post-it notes and leaving them at odd corners of the house: on mirrors, by the bedside table, on the fridge. That is another way of letting your partner know just how much you adore and care for them.

Be Spontaneous

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As relationships grow, you sometimes become used to one another and get into the same rhythm of doing the same things. Spice up your relationship by going out of your way to do things outside the monotony of your relationship. Be ready to go on trips and do things together without planning.

Give Compliments

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Compliments are another way to express your love towards your partner without having to say the words I love you. Pay your partner a lot of compliments; compliment their hair, outfit, smile. Pay attention to even the littlest changes in their appearance to let them know you love and support them.

Listen To Them

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As basic as this may sound, listening to your partner definitely guarantees them that you love them. Your willingness to listen to what they have to say speaks volumes about your affection for them. Hear them out and let them know you are paying attention to what they have to say. Also, ask for their opinions on certain issues before making a decision.

Have Date Nights

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Schedule one night a week for a date night; it doesn’t necessarily have to be eating out, a picnic, dinner at home and even movie night all qualify for date night. This way, you get to spend even more time together and build your relationship.

Get Life Insurance

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While no one wants to die, it never hurts to be prepared for the unexpected. And what better could show your feelings for your partner by taking out a life insurance policy that would cater to them after your death? It shows that you value them a lot and would continue to protect them even when you are no more.

Clean Up After Yourself

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Although this might also seem basic, cleaning up after yourself is one very easy way to show your partner you love them, especially if they cannot stand dirt. Make a conscious effort to clean up after using the bathroom, lay the bed in the mornings, and do the dishes before bed. These little acts of kindness go a long way in expressing your emotions.

Surprise Them At Work

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While this might not be done every time, the once in a while moments when you do it count just as much. Plan the perfect surprise for your partner by sending them a bouquet of flowers, or even going in person to take them out to lunch. This expresses your feelings towards them, even without words.

Recreate Your First Date

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As cliché as this sounds, this is one very creative way to express your feelings for your partner, recreating your first date experience down to the details is just the same as screaming I Love You from the highest rooftop. However, if you can’t, you can just as well recreate the meal from your first date by either preparing it yourself or ordering it from the same restaurant. Remember the key is in the details.

Make A Playlist

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If you are both music lovers, you could consider making a playlist of your favorite songs, one that highlights fond memories of your relationship. This says I love you way more than you could ever imagine.

Hold Hands

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Nothing is more reassuring than having someone hold your hand and give it a little squeeze to let you know they’ve got you. You definitely should be doing this for your partner too.

Give Them Breakfast In Bed

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I Love You can also be said by waking up your partner to a nicely prepared breakfast you made with care just for them. Get ready for the whirlpool of tears and aaaws that would follow this.

Have Movie Nights

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Planning a movie date to see your partner’s favorite movie or paying to see an old one you both like at home allows you to spend even more time together doing something you both enjoy.

Create Photo Albums

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Document your life together in photos then create an album of these pictures. This would be a perfect anniversary gift, one that says look how far we have come, and we can still do more.

Send Love Letters

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Writing love letters and mailing them to your partner also lets them know you love them beyond their imagination. For extra help, quote a little Shakespeare to add the sizzle you need.

Leave Cute Voicemails

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Next time your calls go to voicemail, rather than hanging up or leaving a basic message, leave a cute, emotional voicemail that would make your partner smile and remind them of just how much you love them.

Say I Love You In Different Languages

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Rather than only saying ‘I love you ‘in English, you can spice it up by learning to say it in different languages and telling them at random times. That way, they keep hearing it over and over again, but it doesn’t become monotonous.

Leave A Message In A Bottle

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Write a love message or poem that expresses how you feel about your partner and deliver it in a bottle. This way, you are not just saying I love you; you are also showing that you care enough to make it memorable.

Unplug And Relax

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The distractions of social media and digital devices, in general, have reduced communication among people. Take some time off your phone to communicate with your partner, leaving just two of you without distractions. This one-on-one time would no doubt reaffirm your love for them.

Try Custom-labeled Wine

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Customize a bottle of wine with a cute personalized message or even just a picture of you and your partner; either way, your love speaks volumes.

Tell Them What You Love About Them

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Make it a point of duty to tell your partner or leave notes that inform them of what you love about them. Their smile, the way their eyes widen, little details like this show that you care and are worth the same as all the I love you’s in the world.

Enjoy Nature Together

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Take a walk or go hiking together to sizzle up your romance, as a plus you can compare your love to them to the natural elements you can both see and are in awe of.

Buy Them Some Merch

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Buying merch as a gift from your partner’s tv show, celebrity, charity, or sports club also proves your love for them. It shows you love them and support whatever stand they take. Buy them tickets to see their favorite plays or to watch their favorite clubs play. This leaves them with unforgettable memories.

Try DIY Love You Gifts

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A handmade frame made by you, which contains a cute love message, also speaks volumes when it comes to expressing emotions or a handmade charm bracelet is another proof of your love for your partner. Your partner appreciates it even more than because you have dedicated your time to making something beautiful and unique for them.

Help With Some Chores

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Doing that chore or even chores your partner regularly puts off because they do not have time, or they hate doing it also expresses your emotions towards them. It says ‘I love you enough that I am willing to do this for you.’

Start A Savings Account Together

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This goes a long way to show how much consideration you have for your future together. It also shows that you are willing to enter into commitments with them, which is equivalent to saying I love you.

Prepare A Bath For Them

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A warm bath after a very long day says numbers. Your partner would no doubt be touched and moved by the thoughts and consideration you put into preparing a nice warm bath for them once they get off work.

Go On Spa Dates

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Book a spa date for you and your partner on weekends. Couple massages with you holding hands, you get the picture, right? This would give you time to talk and listen to each other.

Say A Prayer For Them

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If you are religious, a little word of prayer said as a couple would reaffirm your feelings and commitment towards each other.

Celebrate Their Success

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Make sure to celebrate our partner’s success, whether for little things like having a good day at work or for much bigger things like bagging a degree or securing a project. Celebrating your partner’s success is just one of the many creative ways to let them know you love them without saying the words.

Be Their Biggest Cheerleader

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Be at the front row seat for every presentation when you can, support their dreams, be their biggest hypeman. Standing by your partner showing support lets them know you love them a million times over.

Buy Them Gifts

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Buy your partner gifts that would let them know you think about them always. Gifts like teddy bears, boxes of chocolates, coffee mugs to mention a few are really sweet gifts for your partner.

Go on further to spice up your love life with sexy, sultry gifts which your partner would love. Buying gifts which you and your partner would both enjoy using in the bedroom creates the atmosphere for great sex!

Make A Couple’s To-Do List

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Send Flowers

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Leave Them Cute Texts

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While you might live together or spend most of your time together, you shouldn’t, however, stop communicating. Send random text messages to your partner expressing your feelings or checking up on them to let them know they remain forever in your heart.

Work Out Together

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A couple that works out together definitely stays together, schedule a workout session with your partner to burn calories together and make your love burn even brighter at the same time. Go on to plan a walk together or schedule a gym date together.

Choose Them

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Nothing says I want to be with you more than canceling your weekly hangout with the guys or girls to spend time with your significant other. Doing this would be proof that you put them above others and that you always want to be with them.

Say Thank You

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Saying thank you for even the tiniest things shows that you appreciate just how much your significant other does for you. Say thank you when they hold the car door open, pick up groceries, or even when they clear up the dishes after a meal. Saying thank you appreciates them as much as I love you does.

Hang Out With Their Family And Friends

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Create time in your schedule to hang out with the friends and family of your significant other. Nothing says I love you like agreeing to go for events with your partner where their friends or family would be in attendance. Take it up a notch by voluntarily creating plans that include friends and families as a surprise for your spouse.

Touch Them

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Minor things such as hugs or hands holding give your partner the same reassurance as I love you would. Non-sexual touch reassures them that you are there for them and you would be for a very long time. This says I love you in more than one way because it is no longer just words; actual actions are backing it up.

Talk To Them

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While you might want to be guarded or defensive to protect your partner, you might also be making your partner feel rejected. When you love someone, you should trust them with your soft side. Talk to your partner about your dreams and goals for your relationship and the future in general. This lets them know that you can come to them for anything.

Share In Their Passions

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If you both like the same things or even separate things, nothing stops you from enjoying them together. There is no better person to share your passions with than your partner. Ask to join them on something they love doing or invite them to join you on something you love.

Learn To Compromise

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Making compromises even though they might be uncomfortable to you also lets your partner know you love them. Setting the thermostat a lower because they like it cold while you throw on the biggest jumper you can find or taking care of the bills when they are strapped for cash are just some ways you can compromise for your partner.

Remember Dates

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Take some time to remember important dates in your relationship and surprise your partner every time they come up. Birthdays, anniversaries, first date, all these dates are just as important to your relationship in the same way as saying I love you.

Accept Their Differences

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No human is perfect, and you are not. We all have our little flaws and quirks that make others tick. Knowing this, you have to accept your partner’s quirks and flaws just as they would have to accept yours. Accepting them for who they are is proof that you value them.

Apologize And Forgive

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Forgiving and forgetting is one of the many bricks that make up the foundation of any relationship. When you and your partner get into a fight, try to settle by being the bigger person and apologizing amicably. And if they offend you and apologize, learn to forgive and forget.


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Stealing kisses, hands in each other’s pockets, and other public displays of affection lets your partner know you are proud of them and that you are willing to let the whole world know just how much you adore them.

Develop Rituals

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Have your ritual as a couple, things you enjoy doing that are exclusive to you. It might be binge-watching scary movies or brushing your teeth together every morning. Think of something very creative that you can do as a couple and make it your ritual.

Wear Matching Outfits

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Matching your outfits on some days is another cute way to say I love you. Wearing the same brands or even the same colors would have you looking like the hottest couple down the block. Surprise your partner with a matching outfit you know would look great on the both of you as a couple. This is just another way of saying I love you, and I have been thinking of you.

Give Them Space

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While you might want to spend every second, minute, hour, and day together, you also need to know and understand that sometimes your partner might also need space. Respecting your partner’s space is proof that you love them enough to let them be themselves in their own space.

While saying I love you reassures your partner that you do love them, sometimes you might need to spice things up by looking for more creative ways to let them know how you feel about them. We have made this process easy with our list of creative ways to say I love you. Use them to make the most out of your relationship!