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A Letter From Jordan Kravitz

A Letter From Jordan Kravitz

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Hi there – I’m Jordan, founder and CEO of Healevate. Like many of you who’ve turned to this site for answers, I have a personal health story. Here’s the CliffsNotes version – that’s right, CliffsNotes. You’ve been erroneously using ‘CliffNotes’ your whole life.

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, I was a “normal” (yeah, right!?) healthy kid until just prior to my 20th birthday, when I took the “wonder-drug,” Accutane. At that point, something went very wrong and I developed a slew of symptoms that fell all over the map.

After experimenting with everything conventional, western, eastern, holistic, alternative, integrative, functional and every other buzzword you can think of, I came to realize that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Often times, just getting out of your body’s way can be enough to produce very real healing results. It’s been a long journey and I’ve figured out a LOT.

Here’s what I know and believe in:

Holistic, root-cause medicine whenever possible. While I do believe that conventional medicine has its place in particular situations, I’m not for comforting or masking symptoms longterm. I view these types of therapies as a necessary evil only in particular situations. Really and truly, I want to get to the bottom of what’s causing the problem.

One size doesn’t fit all. Different people need different things. Sometimes the slightest modification to an otherwise failing health plan can make all the difference.

Great health isn’t just about what you put into your body. Diet alone won’t get you there. In fact, chasing dietary perfection can make you sicker if you allow it to. Emotional health is a key component of any healing journey, along with community, movement, laughter and stress-reduction.

Be proud of being different. Someone who hasn’t been in your shoes can’t possibly understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. You’ll likely get asked a few questions that you don’t like. You might even get snickered at for some of the stuff that you’re trying. If you want to fit in with the masses, then conform to what people think is “normal.” But if you want to heal, then sometimes you need to dare to be different and try things that others can’t wrap their heads around. And while you’re at it, surround yourself with people who support you and whose company you absolutely adore.

Nobody cares about your health as much as you do. The people who make up my circle of trust are individually and collectively an awesome resource. But they, nor I, know the details of your personal situation like you do. So question every single thing that you read or hear, and don’t take the words of anyone as the bottom line until the research that you yourself have done tells you that they make sense.

Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. You’ll experience failures along the path to healing. We all have and may even yet again in the future. Getting back up in the darkest of moments is what separates those who make it to the other side from those who concede to a fragile life of medicated symptom-management.

I’d pay to see the look on 19 year-old me’s face if I told him that he’d eventually know more about the Mitochondria than the Mighty Ducks (one of the most underrated movie trilogies of all time), and be more passionate about improving his gut flora than his jump shot (it’s always been streaky). I have no doubt that he’d have laughed in disbelief.

But here we are and these are the facts of (my) life.

Jordan Kravitz Healevate

Why I Created Healevate

During the course of my own healing journey, I put together a circle of trust made up of health authorities and resources. I took note of the ones whose opinions meant the most to me, which helped me to devour as much information as possible, as it was being published.

As my interests and hobbies shifted more and more toward the health world, I found myself spending a lot of time around people who were looking for answers to their own health issues.

Based on the information I had obtained (and was continually obtaining) through my circle of trust, I offered up lots of advice and support. Eventually, I realized that I could only reach the small group of people around me. I wanted to do more, but I had to determine how.

I wanted to help people who, like myself at one time or another:

  • Need a little inspiration to know that great health is a real possibility.
  • Have had their health complaints or symptoms brushed off by medical doctors.
  • Are looking to get off prescription drugs by treating the root causes of their health problems.
  • Want to enhance their quality of life by improving their health naturally.
  • Don’t know whose opinions to trust.

So I decided to share my personal circle of trust with the world by drawing upon it (and only it) to produce valuable and trustworthy content in a simple and easily digestible format.

I know that people who are suffering are going to conduct endless searches online for solutions to what ails them. I’m not trying to prevent that, rather I’m trying to help them conduct all of those searches within one site made up of content inspired by a trustworthy network of the most reputable health authorities around, as opposed to the entire internet.

Healevate is about providing trustworthy and actionable health content to those in seek of solutions to a variety of frustrating issues. Furthermore, Healevate provides inspiration. This is the place you know you can turn to when you need a reminder to not give up. We’re here for you, we believe in you, and we support you in your journey to claim the life that you want and deserve.