Celebrities Anonymously Share What’s Changed The Most Since Becoming Famous

Celebrities Anonymously Share What’s Changed The Most Since Becoming Famous

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A lot of us are guilty of idolizing celebrities. We put them on pedestals, and have the tendency to forget that in spite of the fact that they live in the public eye, celebrities are still just people, which means they experience ups and downs like the rest of us. And for them, that can include life in the spotlight.

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It can sometimes seem like celebrities have everything they could ever want- fame, money, cars, houses, and more. But the reality is, being rich and famous can come with its share of problems. Celebrities anonymously took to Reddit to share what’s changed most about their lives since becoming famous. You may be surprised by some of these responses…

Desperate Fans

After my first few films, my life changed forever. Now, I have paparazzi trying to photograph me through my windows, fans swarming my house desperate for an autograph, and novelty accounts fighting to pick up the karmic scraps. Do I regret it? A little. If I could go back, would I change anything? Absolutely not. I enjoy my life, but I wish the paparazzi would leave me alone.

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It seems as though the paparazzi will do whatever it takes to get photographs. It does make you wonder what motivates these photographers, and why they refuse to acknowledge just how much they’re hurting the people whose photos they obsessively take. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A World-Renowned Chef

Honestly, it has made me hate mankind as a whole. Feel free to check my post history and read my big post from an askreddit thread a few months ago for more on what I’m talking about. I wish I would’ve just opened up a burger joint or made chicken wings or something. I can’t help but judge people incessantly.

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I automatically assume most people I meet will be pompous, opportunistic jerks until I talk to them and am proven differently. I have been doing this for a while, and have had many celebrities come to one of my restaurants when they were freshly famous all the way through to when they were burned out. Fame and riches corrupt these poor souls to a degree that many of you will never know. Reddit User: FOOD-IS-GROSS

Being Used For My Money

You would instantly know who I am if you heard my name. The biggest thing that’s changed for me is my circle of friends. I fully intended to live as much of a quiet life as possible after my big break into show business. It didn’t work out that way. My friends started asking for money, which isn’t a big deal, but I started to feel like I was being used.

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A few of them got angry, and quit talking to me after I told them I couldn’t loan them cash. They thought, because I’m famous, I would just give it to them for free. The thing is, I really wasn’t making a lot when I first started in this industry. When you factor in housing, cost of living, and student loans, I barely made ends meet that first year. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A Popular Publicist

I’m a well-known publicist in Los Angeles, and work with A-list actors and actresses. I’m not famous like the people I work for, but I’m well-known among them. I can honestly tell you there are very few who have remained nice and humble. A lot of the people I work with are complete jerks who act entitled due to their popularity.

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I can’t wait to write some sort of book, detailing who the awesome celebs are and who the jerks are, when I’m retired. You’d be surprised by who’s nice and who’s mean. I’d lose my job in the industry immediately if I divulged anything now. I’ve seen some crazy things over the past ten years working with A-list celebrities. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Never Left Alone

Obviously, I can’t disclose my identity, since that would ruin the anonymity I seek here, but I’ll say you’ve definitely seen me in a movie more than once. I don’t know that I ever really enjoyed the recognition, but there was a period for about a month when it had just started to pick up that it was interesting.

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Once it starts happening all the time, frankly, it’s just frustrating. Seriously, at least once every five minutes, I’ll hear someone yell my name. I know I’ve probably never met them, but I have to turn and wave anyway. Paparazzi constantly shout my full name, like using my last name makes it polite to stand two feet away, shouting at me. Reddit User: Cptn_Hook

Seeing Who Your Real Friends Are

I’m an A-list actor. You’ve probably seen me in more than two dozen films, and a few television shows. The biggest thing that changed for me is friendship. I realized who my true friends are. I also stopped reading the newspaper. Now I just read links from various subreddits to become informed about the world. Honestly, that’s the easiest way for me to stay informed.

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The biggest change I’ve noticed is that no matter how outgoing you once were, you start to value your time alone, or time with people who knew you before you became famous. I still have friends from high school that I communicate with on a regular basis. I don’t let fame get to my head, and I try my hardest to stay grounded. Reddit User: bearded_pacifist


I’m a best-selling Science Fiction and Fantasy author, so “fame” is a relative term. The people who know who I am really freak out and want to ask me a billion questions about my work. The majority of the population couldn’t care less. That’s probably the weirdest thing. My friends and family don’t really have a lot of interest in what I write.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Artist and Award Winning Writer and Poet

So, it’s hard for them to take me seriously, I guess. The other thing that’s changed is money. It’s weird having it because I was so broke for so long. Because of that, I was very scared to spend any of it for a very long time. I’m not exceedingly wealthy, but seeing your bank account suddenly having six figures in it is bizarre. Reddit User: fascinating_username

Famous By Association

My mom and dad are famous in Turkey, so I was born famous. It had its perks, but most of the time, you feel like you are a shadow of your parents. I have tons of money, so I never hated it. Schooling was easy for me, and I enjoyed it. I live in Los Angeles with my husband right now, and still get funds from my parents.

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It’s nice not to have to worry about money, but my husband wishes we could do things on our own, and not have to survive off my parents. I don’t mind it, but it seems to really bother him. If we end up giving up the funding, life would be difficult. I should start saving for our future children, just in case. Reddit User: [Redacted]

In The Public Eye

The biggest change for me is privacy. It’s completely gone. I never realized how much I took it for granted. It’s impossible to do almost anything without scrutiny. I feel serious anxiety sometimes about going in public, and it makes me angry that I can’t just do my thing. I have anxiety problems sometimes, and feel like I’m going to faint or hyperventilate if I don’t step outside for some air.

Photo: Creative Commons/bamalibrarylady

That’s impossible now. I can’t even step outside without someone recognizing me. It’s hard to put on a polite face and act pleasant when your heart is pounding out of your chest, and your palms are sweating. I enjoy what I do, but I wish I could live a more private life, away from public scrutiny. I never had to worry about anxiety before becoming famous. Reddit User: femmefatalist


Well, I’m a webcam model who has been in the business for several years. I was invited to several adult conventions, the Playboy mansion, and multiple interviews for websites. It was nothing too serious, but if I really wanted to pursue this further, I might become really famous as an adult entertainer. The main thing is that it messed up a lot of my personal relationships.

Photo: Flickr/Jakob Montrasio

Men don’t want to date me, and some women don’t want to talk to me. I’ve had several men stalk me from around the world. Luckily, I’ve been disguising my appearance when I go out, but sometimes it’s hard to do. I’m considering quitting, especially since conventions guarantee someone taking a photo of you and being able to stalk you physically. Reddit User: webcamthrowaway

Constantly Judged

At first, it was fun. Then you find you can’t turn it off. I mean everyone wants something from you. If you don’t say hello, someone gets offended. If you aren’t in a good mood, well, you just aren’t allowed an off day. As long as you provide that expectation people have of you, then everything goes smoothly. As soon as you don’t provide that expectation, then people judge you for it.

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I mean, one might think that you shouldn’t be so affected by what people think of you, but it has real consequences with fame, especially in the entertainment business. It just affects you, despite your efforts to be sane and normal. Also, on top of that, there isn’t any privacy. You always feel like you are in an exhibit at a museum. Reddit User: JumpbackKissMyself

My Father’s Advice

My father, who was famous, always told me to be one step ahead, which is pretty hard. He always had to be off doing a project and was never able to sit still. He told me not to be complacent with my favorite places, and to find new ones constantly, and to never go to the same place two days in a row.

Photo: Flickr/internets_dairy

I don’t stay around very long. If you see me out somewhere, the paparazzi are following me. It has worked for the most part. Still, I get really annoyed when they catch up sometimes. Look at any celeb who gets caught on vacation, and they know what I’m talking about. It’s never easy to be scrutinized by the public due to strange pictures. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Constantly On Edge

I’m always on edge because people are always staring at me–when I’m stopped at a traffic light, walking into a room, sitting down, or typing this on my phone. Someone is always watching and taking a photo or a video while pretending to type a message or talk on their phone. People are nudging the person next to them and, not very subtly, alerting them to my presence.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Mojnews

It’s like being naked in public. It’s like living your entire life up in front of the class, making a presentation, or giving a speech to an auditorium full of strangers. Have you ever felt uncomfortable because someone was staring at you in a public place? What if everyone was staring at you everywhere, all the time? It’s very stressful. Reddit User: Ik13183

Mixed Feelings

I love what I do, and the money is great, but this life is very psychologically stressful. It takes a lot to be cool and act like a normal person when you’re trying not to make a weird expression that will certainly be photographed and over analyzed. I’m not afraid to admit that I speak to a therapist weekly due to stress.

Photo: mcasyuma.marines.mil/Lance Cpl. Uriel Avendano

It’s a difficult way to live. I mean, I have everything I’ll ever need, but I sometimes catch myself wondering if it’s all worth it. Are the fame and fortune worth losing myself in the process? Stress is the most difficult aspect of being famous, in my opinion. I’m constantly under scrutiny from the public, and have to be very careful when I see paparazzi. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Famous Friends

I have a few friends that have become famous since high school. I never thought I would know someone who’s famous. I never gawk at them, and I give them their room to be themselves. We don’t hang out anymore, but we’re always happy to see each other. It would be nice to spend more time together, but I fully understand why we don’t.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Alan Light

The problem that they have with being out in public is that they constantly feel they are being watched and judged. It is hard to have a bad day, since that will be the story that creates the narrative that the public will then seek out. The tabloids are more than happy to spread false information about celebrities. Reddit User: reasondoubt

An Almost-Famous Musician

As a touring musician, there is something about people wanting to talk to you and recognizing you that feels amiss when I am initially off the road. A simple case of this is approaching women, where that becomes a total non-issue. I look the part in everyday life, but there is something different when people have gone to see you play.

Photo: Flickr/Marco Verch Professional Photographer and Speaker

Walking around anonymously, after spending a few months almost famous, has a certain initial let down, so I do understand why people chase fame. It just was never my bag. I do remember this one time after not playing for a few months and attending a festival show. All of these people kept coming up to me and asking if I was me, and if I could sign an autograph. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Still The Same

I was classmates and good friends with Martin Garrix. He dropped out to pursue his career in producing when we were 16. I thought it was a strange move at the time. I lost contact with him afterward. He was a really nice guy. He still seems to be the same happy guy I knew, when I hear him speak in interviews.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Web Summit

I have fond memories of growing up with Martin. He pursued his dreams and ended up ranked as the number one DJ for three consecutive years in The Netherlands. Hopefully, the fame hasn’t gone to his head, and he still stays in touch with his other childhood friends. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Stalkers Are A Real Threat

My sister-in-law is semi-famous. She’s not famous to a point where she’s well-known everywhere, but famous enough that she can’t go shopping without signing autographs. Anyway, I’d say it hasn’t changed her much, and she’s just as kind and humble as she always was, but she is a little paranoid about stalkers. It’s terrifying for her, as she’s had a few encounters.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Intel Free Press

She’s had a few fans that have become completely obsessed with her. They would send her creepy notes and try to show up at her house. My sister-in-law had to install security cameras, and hire a guard for her home. She’s always on high-alert because stalkers can be extremely dangerous. I definitely couldn’t live my life feeling that constant anxiety from fear of someone stalking me. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A Small Town Singer

I’m a performer in the city where I live. I’m not well-known all over the country yet, but I hope to be someday. I perform enough around the city I live in that, occasionally, people know who I am. There was one time where I was recognized, and I got a really big free sample at Whole Foods from someone who had seen me perform recently.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Sheba_Also

My boyfriend is actually accomplished in his field, with some impressive accolades, but has never gotten anything for free at Whole Foods, so that’s our barometer. I’m more famous. I hope to move to Los Angeles soon to further my career, and allow everyone to hear my voice. I hope to live a quiet life there, as I’m not interested in partying or living large. Reddit User: avinglasmpls

Big-Time Gaming

I’m not a celebrity on the scale of movie stars, but chances are you’ve played a game that myself or my company developed. My company really grew during the smartphone boom in 2008, and there were some pretty epic changes. My freedom and time are the biggest changes I’ve experienced on this journey. I have no time for anything other than work.

Photo: creativecommons.org/bradley_newman

I’m constantly in my office working. I do have money management issues now, more than ever. I have everything I could ever want but still try to fill that hole with material things. I feel like I’m contributing to the world and gaming community, and that helps to get me through the all-nighters and weekend work. I wish I would have made a detailed plan when I started this business. Reddit User: I_make_pew_pew

Huge Expectations

I’m a well-known musician with plenty of hit songs over the past decade. What amazes me is how much people expect of you. It’s never enough, especially in the United States. When we play shows in other countries, kids are overjoyed to get one picture or just talk to us for a second. However, things are completely different in the United States.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Lance Cpl. Grace L. Waladkewics

You could take six pictures with every kid individually and sign every item of clothing, but it’s never enough. If I made the mistake of missing just one person, I’m scrutinized for being rude. I just wish people could understand what celebrities go through on a daily basis. You may not believe it, but fame and fortune aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Reddit User: Preds420

Facebook Friends

I’m sorry to say I’m not quite a “big time” celebrity, but I did get to experience a very mild level of fame. I was on a recent season of The Real World on MTV. Not much changed for me, except that I got a massive amount of friend requests on Facebook. I accepted all of them because I was an idiot, and then Facebook cut me off.

Photo: creativecommons.org/mtan14

Did you know you can have a maximum of 5000 Facebook friends? I didn’t. I also got recognized here and there, but not that often. I got to go to a couple of awards shows, and made a decent amount of money as well. All of that is pretty much gone now, and I’m pretty close to living a normal life. Reddit User: wannaknow220


I’m an actor, but haven’t had much work lately. I now sit inside and surf the internet rather than go outside. There’s too much stress in dealing with the paparazzi. I used to be very popular, but I’m not into going to the lavish parties in Hollywood anymore. I do still get asked for autographs when someone notices me in public.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Peter Kudlacz

The biggest change for me now is doing things on my own. As an example, I have to bring my own pen to sign autographs and no longer utilize a publicist. Having to carry a pen constantly is a real pain, but it’s even more awkward trying to find one when asked for an autograph. I’m enjoying living a quieter life. Reddit User: WhyHellYeah

An Unwilling Role Model

I’m an actor, and the biggest change for me is the fact that people are practically spying on you 24/7. I also became an unwilling role model for kids, in the public eye. I am not perfect by any means. I really don’t want people looking up to me. I am just a professional actor and have never claimed to be a role model for anyone.

Photo: creativecommons.org/GabboT

Just the other day, I went out, and before I knew it, there were pictures of me all over the internet. I don’t like to be photographed, and have repeatedly asked the paparazzi to give me the privacy I deserve. They wouldn’t like it if I was taking photographs of them while trying to enjoy a nice summer day with family. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Turning It Off

Okay, so I’m not a celebrity–not by a long shot. I am a notable figure in a certain underground music scene. I get to play festivals all over the world, and in those little spheres, I am technically a celebrity to the few thousand people attending the festival. It feels really nice being known, but I tend to turn it off after the show.

Photo: Pixabay/David-Karich

I’m just a normal guy when I’m not on stage. I couldn’t imagine being a 24/7 bonafide celebrity. A lot of that would be awful. People expect me to take pictures and be nice to them all the time, which is easy. I’m a nice guy, but everybody has bad days. People aren’t receptive to that sometimes, or they don’t care. Reddit User: ajhimmler

High School Memories

I went to high school with Rashad Jennings. He was an NFL player who won Dancing With The Stars. We weren’t close friends, but we had a couple of classes together. He was always a really quiet, down-to-earth guy who was devoted to football. You could just tell that he was a good person. It seems like he hasn’t changed much.

Photo: creativecommons.org/tammy anthony baker

Even if we weren’t friends, it’s still interesting to watch his success unfold on television. It’s nice to hear that this now-superstar hasn’t completely changed who he is, due to his popularity and notoriety. Reddit User: [Redacted]

It Changes You

I played in a band in Columbus, Ohio quite a few years ago. I played many shows with Twenty One Pilots before they became famous. They were a great band, and I had a lot of fun with them. I had all of the band member’s phone numbers. We’d text back and forth, and hang out quite a bit during those days.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Athena I. Saldaña

It was surprising when they became famous all of a sudden. It literally came out of nowhere. One day they were just a local band with a few gigs here and there, and the next day, they were famous. I texted the lead singer a few days later to show my support for their rise to fame. He never texted back, and I never heard from them again. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Playing Football With Future Stars

I grew up in Peckham with Anton and Rio Ferdinand. They are two United Kingdom football players. I used to play football after school with Anton regularly. He was so much better than the rest of us. It wasn’t even funny. Anton and Rio have remained very humble, and I’m proud of both of them for making it to the heights they did.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Paolo Camera

I really do have some wonderful memories growing up with two football superstars from the United Kingdom. It’s a great feeling to see people you grew up with succeed and become well-known for their incredible talents, especially when those talents were apparent even back when we were kids. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Lying For Creative License

I went to school with Jake Bugg. We weren’t “friends” per se, but we were acquainted, and shared a taste in music. We were both big fans of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. I went to see him a few times when he used to play pub gigs around our home city. I was surprised after he got famous because he started singing songs about how he grew up in poverty, which wasn’t true.

Photo: creativecommons.org/Portal Focka

He also said he was abused by his parents. I saw him in an interview where he stated that he had never listened to Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash, because “he never got the chance growing up.” He basically ignores everyone from our school now, and acts like he was this misunderstood loner at a really rough school. None of this is true. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Fame Can Make You Bitter

I starred in a film when I was 22. I only had about three lines, but for a few months, people would come up to me and repeat them. I didn’t make a lot of money, and I never did anything after it. Now I’ll meet someone occasionally that recognizes my voice. One day it really hits you that no one truly cares about you.

Photo: creativecommons.org/CharNewcomb

All that attention is a reflection of the fan’s needs and desires. They only care as far as you relate to them. So all of your effort is mostly unappreciated. It can make you bitter. After the initial fun, I started really hating people. I had heard it all, and seen it all. It just became so boring, so monotonous, and so predictable. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Hanging Out With A Future Superstar

When I was a kid, I met Wes Bentley through a mutual friend. We spent the whole day hanging out at this friend’s house, swimming, playing, and doing usual kid stuff. Wes was really cool. I wasn’t a very good swimmer because I’d nearly drowned during a swim class when I was young. So the thought of actually diving off the diving board scared me.

Photo: Wikipedia/ Natasha Baucas

Wes actually encouraged me and taught me the process of diving. So yeah, Wes Bentley helped me overcome my phobia. Wes is now more successful than ever with the Hunger Games trilogy and American Horror Story. Wes Bentley was a really good guy back in the day, and it sounds like he still is. It’s so cool to see him on the screen. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A Famous Bestie

My best friend is Jordin Sparks. We have been best friends since we were three years old. She became famous at 17 when she won American Idol, and she is still the same amazing, down-to-earth sweetheart she has always been. She was my maid of honor at my wedding, and sang the first dance song for my husband and me.

Photo: creativecommons.org/ChristineLeiser

She is so genuine and kind-hearted to everyone she meets. It sounds like Jordin Sparks is a wonderful friend to have. There aren’t many celebrities who hold onto friends from their past lives. It’s great to know there are still some out there who are down-to-earth and real. It just makes you realize that fame and fortune aren’t everything. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Still Friendly

My dad is friends with John Hawkes. They went to college together, and are from the same area. They weren’t super close, but my dad says he’s a great guy who was kind of “everyone’s friend.” My sisters and I were always like, “That’s cool Dad. It’s nice that you knew him. But now you’re a train engineer, and he’s a famous actor.”

Photo: creativecommons.org/ϟnapshot 19


A couple of years ago, Mr. Hawkes was in our city for the opening of a movie he was in. It was a public event, and my dad told us he was going to say hi. He went, and not only did he say hi, but Mr. Hawkes sat with him at the showing, and took him to an after party. My dad is so smug about it. I think he wanted to say “I told you so” to us. Reddit User: [Redacted]

An Influencer

I had to gut my personal website, and take down a ton of stuff I had up for years. I also discovered the hard way that your friends and family don’t like it when you talk about them during interviews or live streaming events. I also don’t “feel” famous because outside of my sphere of influence, most people have no idea whom I am.

Photo: Kadena Air Base/Staff Sgt. Benjamin Raughton

Others have to remind me that I my life is so open. That’s probably the most frustrating part, because I’ll do something quirky and post it, thinking no one will notice, and suddenly everyone’s passing around a YouTube video of me eating broccoli in a silly way. It’s crazy to think about how my life has changed over the years. Reddit User: HelenAngel

An Actress From The Sandlot

Marley Shelton is an actress. I’m not sure how famous people consider her. She is well-known in many circles as the lifeguard in the Sandlot that the kid fake-drowned to kiss. I have two photos of me with her at a Christmas party, in which I, unfortunately, look awful. My mom used to teach her piano lessons, and was friends with her mom a long time ago.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Greg2600

I guess she didn’t change much since we were invited to a Christmas party, and she was willing to take two photos with me. My dad says he remembers her being in an Alice in Wonderland play, and says she basically lit up the stage and was incredibly gifted as an actress for such a young girl. I wish I would have seen it. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A Changed Reality TV Host

One of my best friends became the host of a pretty highly-rated reality TV show that ran for like 10 or 11 seasons. During the entire time, nothing changed in our relationship. He was the same fun, friendly, loyal guy as ever. That changed when he lost the show. He was trying to maintain the same lifestyle and expecting the same respect from the public.

Photo: Flickr/Peter Alfred Hess

His personality started to change. He handled the success very well, but he couldn’t handle losing it. He became aggressive, entitled, frustrated, needy, and demanding. It was basically everything you’d expect a snotty celebrity to exhibit. But it manifested after he lost his celebrity status. Our friendship is heavily strained at the moment, and I’m not sure we’ll recover from his changes. Reddit User: [Redacted]

A Surprising Connection

I went to High School with Colson Baker, or Machine Gun Kelly. I had a class or two with him and knew him. We weren’t great friends but just acquaintances. I ran into him one night in downtown Cleveland, and he still remembered me. We talked for a minute, and that was that. He was always a pretty down-to-earth guy, and still is today.

Photo: creativecommons.org/jimmybooey

Machine Gun Kelly is a well-known rapper, and it’s surprising to hear that he’s so genuine. It must be interesting to grow up with someone who becomes famous. You know things about them that no one else does. It’s probably a great feeling to see them after they become famous, and see they haven’t changed. Fame can do crazy things to some. Reddit User: [Redacted]

He Definitely Changed

One of my best friends in elementary school was really good at basketball. The time came for us to move on to middle school, and he went to a prep school to pursue basketball. We were absolute best friends in elementary school. We hung out every single weekend, and all the time in school. I was worried I’d lose the friendship when that happened.

Photo: creativecommons.org/NChidavaenzi

He just signed a contract with the New York Knicks, and has been expected to be an NBA player his whole life. Our old group of friends saw him a few months ago, before the draft. He pretended like he didn’t recognize us, even though we believe there’s no way he didn’t. I couldn’t believe he did that to us. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Major Changes

I kept in regular contact with a dude who played in a pop-punk band that my band opened for. We were both nobodies, but both of us got a few cool breaks, and we’d always keep each other updated. We were both classic starving artists. A few years ago, his replies started getting less frequent, and then he stopped answering at all.

Photo: creativecommons.org/usarmyband

Finally, he changed his phone number, and never spoke to me again. Two years ago, I saw he had a new band. It was completely different than what he used to do. If you fast forward to today, he’s one of the biggest country stars in the United States. It hurts that he shut me out after we were so close. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Losing Best Friends Is Difficult

I used to be best friends with Derek Smith and Michal Menert of Pretty Lights Fame. Derek got into the big time, and decided that he didn’t need to talk to me anymore. The three of us were all extremely close since middle school. We snowboarded every weekend, and crashed at each other’s houses all the time. I even bought him some guitar pedal thing for his bass after I got some money.

Photo: Creative Commons/Grayskullduggery

For our ninth-grade graduation, I had a party with a ton of people at my house, and had Michal and Derek play. He became famous, and I stopped hearing from him altogether. Michal is still cool, and continues to be my good friend. Reddit User: [Redacted]