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Host Refuses Homeless Man From Entering Restaurant, Then He Comes Back Driving A Ferrari

Host Refuses Homeless Man From Entering Restaurant, Then He Comes Back Driving A Ferrari

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Judging people by their appearance is very easy. Unfortunately, at first, we all look at a person’s clothing and most of us know if that person is homeless or not. It could be the way they’re dressed, or if they’re dirty. When they ask for help or something like food or money, we immediately think that person has no home or family to care for them.

What would you do if you were in a homeless man’s position? That’s a question you should always ask yourself when a person in need comes asking for help. It’s so sad to see people judge others by the way they look, but it’s a fact of many people’s live we simply can’t deny. We can be more aware, though. If the people involved in the following story had been more aware of their own shortcomings, things might have played out a lot differently…


Wikimedia Commons/Dmitry G

Financial instability, mental illness, domestic abuse and substance abuse, among many other factors, can contribute to a person being left without a home. When more of these factors appear in one’s life, they can feel lost and helpless. Unfortunately, not many are lucky enough to bounce back from this situation.

Having the basics, such as clean clothes and hot meals- and not knowing where those things are coming from- can have a big impact on people. And over time, these things can change people…

A Hot Meal Is A Luxury For Homeless People

A hot meal is a true luxury for almost all homeless people. When they’re finally able to gather enough money for to purchase that hot meal, the last thing they want to experience is rejection- and many restaurants won’t permit homeless people inside their establishment.

The reasons for this include their clothing, their smell, or sometimes based purely on perception. For a lot of homeless people, invisibility becomes a way of life. Sometimes, like in the story you’re about to read, a homeless person trying to find a meal turns into a life-changing event…

Learning Someone’s Story Paler Lin

Judging people by the way they dress or speak can get us into some real hot water. As the expression goes, don’t always judge a book by its cover. We don’t know people’s stories, their worries, their challenges, or their illnesses. This man’s story reflects some of the struggles almost all homeless people face, and we can learn a lot from it.

Treating others as we wish to be treated should be paramount when interacting with others. It’s truly imperative to keep in mind that what goes around, often has a way of coming around…

Humanity And Compassion

When we’re faced with situations like this man’s, many of us will end up choosing to behave the way that you’ll learn this host behaved. Instead of finding compassion, we opt for the easiest “solution.” But just wait and see what happens after this homeless person tries to enter a fancy restaurant, and how the tables turn.

This is a true story outlining the prejudice and biased attitudes many people have against homeless people. But this waiter and his cohort undoubtedly learned a lesson that day…

Trying To Eat At A Restaurant Paler Lin

So how exactly does this story play out? Well, a homeless man in a beat-up jacket, and a cold-weather cap, a few smudges on his face, and a general downtrodden appearance approaches a restaurant, seeking to read the menu. As he tries to check out the menu, the waiters notice him, and intercept his efforts.

He quickly tells them he can pay for his own meal, and would just like to see a menu. Nothing too out of the ordinary, it would seem. That’s not the end of this story, as you might have expected…

You’re Not Welcome Here Paler Lin

Restaurant staff are generally unenthused about interacting with people who aren’t deemed fit to dine inside their establishment. Even though the waiter at this particular restaurant wasn’t rude per se, he doesn’t allow the homeless man to eat there, and redirects him to another establishment nearby.

So even though the homeless man made it clear that he could pay, and that he wasn’t there to cause any trouble, the host refused to seat him.

New Restaurant, Same Reaction Paler Lin

It may not be surprising, but as the homeless man goes to a second restaurant, he faces the same answer. This waiter also explains that he can’t let him eat inside, but that he can sit outside. It seems like the issue here isn’t surrounding concerns regarding this person’s ability to pay his bill, but rather with the way he looks.

It’s frustrating to see people judging you by how you’re dressed or what you look like, especially when nothing else is off. So what happens next?

A Global Dilemma Paler Lin

Homeless people all over the world face this problem. Nobody sees them. They’re invisible, until they get in your face and ask for help. That’s when we show what kind of people we are, most often by ignoring them or trying to get them to go away and “bother” someone else.

Another homeless man in a different country experienced the same rejection. This issue truly knows no borders or languages…


Homeless people often keep to themselves, living in abandoned homes or in alleys or parks. They usually don’t draw much attention to themselves, and in the end, they become part of the background scenery of a crowded city.

But sometimes, something happens that focuses the spotlight on them. People tend to not want homeless people around in their community, and this man from Italy would learn this the hard way, by capturing some attention…

The Unpopular Crowd

Some people that live on the street don’t look like they’re homeless. We don’t know them, who they are, or where they came from, so who are we to pass judgment? But everything changes as soon as that person speaks to us, looks at us, and asks for food or money, right?

In this situation, a person with holes in his shirt wearing a blue jacket and red hat asked to eat at a restaurant. How would you have responded to this request?

To Ignore Is Not More

When a homeless person is no longer invisible, it means they’re no longer being ignored. So what’s one to do? You can let them approach you, or you can tell them to leave you alone. This host had a choice, and he took the easy way out.

When the man approached with his request to have a meal, the host essentially scoffed at him, and gave him a hard no. But there’re more to it…

Getting Closer

This incident starts with a man dressed in a ripped shirt, and old raggedy clothes. His jacket is hanging open in the back, due to a massive tear in it. His face is dirty, and he doesn’t look good at all.

When he approached the restaurant and asked if he could have a table, he didn’t exactly look the part of a typical patron. But again, he too could pay the price of a meal.

Entering The Restaurant

As he approaches the restaurant, it’s clear that he’s not wanted there. The waiter’s face, posture, and body language really say it all. But still, he gives it a shot. The host asks him: “Excuse me, can I help you?”

At that point, people in the area start to take notice of the conversation. They stand there staring at the man in the beat-up, ragged clothes, as he speaks to the waiter.

Not Like This

Some restaurants have a dress code, but there are times in life when you have to be willing to call an audible, and look past the “rules,” as you appeal to your humanity. This host however, might have had concerns about losing his job, and he didn’t let the man into the restaurant, telling him “No, not dressed like that… come on…”

He doesn’t let him inside, even after the man tells him something that he couldn’t possibly see coming…

Judging Homelessness

Certain members of society have adopted a mentality that homelessness is the result of being lazy, or a lack of will to work. In most cases, nothing could be further from the truth.

Most homeless people would love nothing more than to be contributing members of society, but somewhere along the way things went off the rails for them. And in many cases, their circumstances were at the very least, initially beyond their control.


In spite of the fact that this homeless clearly stated that he would be capable of paying for his meal, the restaurant host still turned him away. The disappointed homeless man goes away, seeing how he can’t get inside to eat the food he’s willing to pay for.

But he’s not done with the host, and plans to comes back to teach him a life lesson. He heads back to the parking lot and begins undressing. The question is… why?

Clothes Make The Man?

The host should have cared more for that hungry man. He could have at least offered to bring him his order to go, as an alternative solution, as opposed to giving him a hard ‘no’ entirely.

But what’s done is done, and the host is about to be in for a massive surprise. The homeless man goes back to the parking lot and starts changing his clothes. You’ll never guess what happens next…

Life Lessons

The host couldn’t possibly see this life lesson coming, mere minutes after his incident with the homeless man, who seemingly just wandered off after being told he couldn’t eat there. The man dressed in shabby clothes changes into clean clothes and a jacket, then combs his hair.

He wipes his face and enters his car- a Ferrari. Yes, a Ferrari. Of course, this all happens out of sight of the waiter, who has no idea what’s coming…

Approaching The Restaurant

The man, now dressed in clean pants and a sharp sports-jacket, appears in front of the restaurant, parks his convertible Ferrari, and approaches the host. You’d think that the host would perhaps realize that something was up, but he didn’t…

As it turns out, putting on some sunglasses, doing your hair, and changing your clothes can create quite a bit of confusion…

All Smiles

The host doesn’t even recognize the man wearing sunglasses, who is dressed nice and clean, with no red cap or torn blue jacket,  no shirt with holes, and no dirty face. The only red thing was that Ferrari, which means money, and for the host to bring such a client into the restaurant meant a lot.

Clearly, this guy is about as rich as this waiter is probably going to see for the day. However, he has no idea what the rich man will say next…

Come On In

The host sees the man approaching and asks him: “Do you want to come eat something today?” The man replies: “I don’t know, depends.” The host explains that he has a menu, and can show the man the specials for that day. “What’s the most expensive dish you have,” asks the man, adding: “Fast, don’t waste my time.”

The host invites the man inside to show him the full menu, but the client seems undecided: “I’d like to… but I’m not very hungry…” The rich man then says something that stuns the host…

Fifteen Minutes Can Change Everything

The man in the suit then says: “I didn’t like the way you treated me 15 minutes ago.” The host doesn’t get it, asking the man to explain what he meant. Then, he reveals the truth: “I was the guy who came here with the blue jacket earlier.” Looks like he’s been caught red-handed!

The host was naturally completely shocked to see this completely different man standing before him. It was almost too much to believe…

All Coming Back To Him

Do you remember that you took me and told me to go somewhere else,” added the rich man. “Listen, I…” started to say the host, smiling, but he’s interrupted by the client: “You didn’t want me to eat in your restaurant. Do things work this way in Italy?” The host then understands and tries to make amends…

Sure, the host has a job to do, and company policy to follow. But that doesn’t mean that a paying customer doesn’t get to go in and eat…

A Misunderstanding

The host then tries to make everything that happened look like a misunderstanding, saying that if he knew better, he would have let him come in and eat, no matter how he was dressed. The man replies: “Correct, you shouldn’t judge people by how they’re dressed.”

Maybe this host learned his lesson, or maybe he’ll always be the same because he feels bound by the restaurant’s rules and policies…

You’re Right

The host realizes his mistake, and the rich man tells him: “Never judge a book by the cover. Well, now I’m not hungry anymore,” and he then gets back into his Ferrari, leaving behind the completely baffled host asking for one last chance: “Can I try to change your mind…?”

Would you let anyone change your mind after treating you this way? Unsurprisingly, the “homeless” man had a thing or two to say to the host…

Treat All People With Kindness

“Consider it as if I’d accepted, but I’m not hungry anymore,” the man in the fancy car mutters, saying goodbye and driving away. The encounter ends with the host looking out at the Ferrari peeling away, and probably thinking about his weird, but powerful experience with the homeless man.

It’s not just in Italy where something like this happens. As mentioned earlier, this is a global issue…

What About The First Homeless Man? Paler Lin

Remember the man in the white hat from the beginning of this story? An hour after being rejected, the homeless man at the beginning of our story also comes back dressed in nice clothes, and driving a Ferrari. He visits the same two restaurants, and the waiters’ reactions are on point.

Maybe it’s something about Ferraris, but more likely it has everything to do with the way people look and dress…

Here’s A Menu Paler Lin

Dressing sharply and pulling up in a Ferrari really helps when you’re looking for a place to eat. This guy’s name is Josh, and he reveals his identity to the first waiter who rejected him when he was dressed as a homeless man looking for something to eat.

With hair done up and a change of clothes, Josh has no trouble impressing the waiter this time. But this waiter had a trick up his sleeve…

Dumbfounded And Impressed Paler Lin

While he was clearly confused, Josh goes back to his car and another waiter comes close to have a word with him. It turns out that this guy, the first waiter, actually insisted that his co-workers accepted him as a homeless man in the restaurant. His co-workers refused to co-sign though.

It’s nice to see that some people saw the human in Josh, regardless of his clothes. That’s a rarity for stories like these, but hopefully it’ll become more the norm…

Not Hungry Anymore Paler Lin

The waiters at the second restaurant also learned shortly after that this man was not homeless, and that they judged him only by his looks. “Well you know what, I’m not really that hungry anymore and it’s because of the way you treat people… it makes me sick,” said the man as he began to walk away.

Maybe his words will linger in these waiters’ minds. Maybe they’ll end up more like the one server who stood up for the homeless man…

Taking Off In His Ferrari Paler Lin

As Josh Paler Lin took off in his Ferrari, the dumbfounded waiters gathered and talked about how that homeless man just drove off in a Ferrari, and how was that even possible. Clearly they hadn’t even considered that this man was anything other than a guy off the street.

Sure, homeless people tend to not have Ferraris, but they could have taken an extra moment to process the lesson they’d just been taught…

The Social Experiment

Accepting homelessness or not tests our moral foundation. There’s no reason to treat homeless people as if they’re worth less than us. This is what the crews filming these social experiments tried to show. We shouldn’t judge people by the way they’re dressed.

To be honest, most people probably expect a homeless man to be treated like this, regardless of whether that’s the right, or even reasonable thing to do…

A Small Step In The Right Direction

Anyone who wants to do something to help homeless people should start by treating them as they would treat anyone else. It’s a small step, but at least it’s in the right direction, and this man shows that a small gesture goes a long way. It’s an easy enough change to make.

People are people, regardless of their circumstances. We can all do better to treat them the way we ourselves would want to be treated…

Other People’s Reactions Paler Lin

Some people reacted to Josh’s social experiment, claiming that nobody would have accepted a homeless man with a cart inside a restaurant because the restaurant risks losing customers. However, if he would have tried to ask a few more restaurants, he could have potentially been accepted into one of them.

That’s not the point, though. The point is that everyone turned Josh down, as he hypothesized they would…

Why Treat Homeless People Differently? Paler Lin

It’s sad to see people are treated differently, and are considered less worthy of sitting inside a restaurant at a table, if they’re not dressed up to certain standards. If they can pay for their own food, they should be given the chance to eat a meal. We know restaurants are allowed to pick their own clients, but we should remember to be kind and giving, before proper and profitable.

These two Youtubers wanted to teach others a lesson through their social experiments, and these videos ended up going viral. Their efforts toward raising awareness around the mistreatment of homeless people will go a long way toward righting the problem, but only if viewers of these videos take their intent seriously.