Identical Twins Discuss The Best Switches They’ve Pulled Off

Identical Twins Discuss The Best Switches They’ve Pulled Off

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Being an identical twin isn’t always easy. You’re constantly mistaken for your sibling, and a lot of pressure is put on you to live up to the same success as your counterpart. It can be hard to feel like an individual when there’s someone who looks just like you. However, it can also come with some benefits.

Not only do you have a friend for life, but you also have the opportunity to play some sneaky tricks. Whether it’s pranking a teacher, getting out of trouble, or tricking your own parents, having a look-alike makes it quite easy to confuse others, and get away with it. And these twins are living proof of that…

Nice To Meet You


This was not exactly intentional, but I was visiting my brother’s college campus, where he lived in the dorms. I parked, and was headed in, when a pair of female hands covered my eyes from behind. I turned around, and saw a pretty blonde girl, to whom I only had a chance to say “Hi” before she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

She then said, “Is your brother here yet? I can’t wait to meet him,” to which I replied, “I think you just did.” She looked confused for a couple seconds, and then turned bright red. When we both got inside, she beat my bro’s arm for a solid five minutes.

Apparently, he had never told her we were twins, since they had only gone out for a few weeks at the time. They eventually got married, but the way she and I met gets brought up just about every family gathering. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Not Funny, Future Wife

Photo: Creative Commons/Jason McElweenie

I am married to an identical twin. On my second or third date with my soon-to-be wife, I picked her up at a hair salon after a haircut. It freaked me out so bad at how much they looked alike, that I made her say something that only I would know. It wasn’t my wife.

It was the sister, and they were just messing with me. I honestly did not find it funny until later. They still freak me out when they’re together, even to this day. I mean I now know the nuances that make them different, but it took some time. They are great, and have a ridiculous sense of humor. Reddit user: thewitt33

Three Of Them


My brother and I went to the same college. On one occasion, we both went to the library- I was studying, while he was meeting a classmate for a project. She ran into me instead of him, and I pretended to be my brother. When it got old, I went looking for him, but couldn’t find him, so I took off my jacket and came back to the girl. I introduced myself, and explained that my brother was her classmate, and I was looking for him. She said he had just left.

I walked away, put the jacket on, and came back. She said my brother was looking for me. I kept leaving and coming back several times, until, eventually, my brother finally arrived. When she saw him, wearing something totally different than what I had worn with or without the jacket, she freaked out and yelled, “There are three of you?!” Reddit user: Jonathan_R_Gross

Sister-Approved Guy


My sister and I go out together all the time. One night, we went out to this fun club, and she met this really interesting guy- and they seemed to hit it off. Only one problem- she quickly figured out that he’s related to her ex-boyfriend, and she didn’t want to create problems within their family. Nice of her, I know. Anyway, she comes up to me and tells me the situation.

So I sub in, thinking I’ll just occupy the guy for a few minutes, and then move on. Lo and behold, the guy turned out to be a total gem, and we had a ton in common. We ended up hanging out the next day, and it snowballed from there. Here we are over seven months later, and while I’m not sure that we’re destined to be romantically involved (more so on his end than mine, if I’m being honest), I can say that he’s become my best friend. He finds the story funny now too. Reddit User: [Redacted]

This Would Make A Great Movie


Twin brothers, one of them (A) soon to be married, and the other (B) still single, but desperately wanting to settle down. Twin A realizes weeks before the marriage that his real passion is photography, but knows he can’t travel the world and care for his wife and their eventual children. Getting cold feet, he hatches a plan- B can marry his girlfriend instead.

They lived nearly identical lives, after all, and had a long history of switching positions. B, never having found someone he loved as much as A’s wife, eagerly accepts the proposition. He can’t believe his luck. So they make the switch, B gets hitched, and a week later, A leaves to live his dream. Sounds like a happy ending, right? During the honeymoon, the wife comments on a light scar on B’s leg. “How did you get that, dear?” “Uh, an accident when I was younger. A box knife.” “Funny, I never noticed it before.” End scene. Reddit user: WitherBones

Easy Solution


We didn’t technically swap places, but this is the greatest twin moment for me, besides the normal class switch-ups and whatnot. When my brother and I were about two years old, we went to get our passport pictures taken. My brother went first, and he got his picture taken without trouble, but for some reason, I was being really fussy that day, and I got to the point where I was screaming to my parents that I didn’t want my picture taken.

They weren’t ready to put up with another minute of my nonsense, so they got me and my brother, and they switched our shirts without the cameraman noticing. So, in my place, my brother took the picture wearing my shirt, without anyone ever finding out that he was in both pictures. To this day, I still mess with other people to try to guess which twin is which in those two pictures. Reddit user: [Redacted]

The Big Stunt


My twin sister starred in an original musical, written by her roommate that was set in a college food court. It was called Food Court: The Musical. I showed up in town a couple days ahead of time to watch the first performance, and upon my arrival, was told I would also be in the musical. Not being much of a singer or actor, I didn’t want to do it, but they told me it was a part only I could do.

I ended up being her stunt double, and we pulled this huge trick in front of hundreds of people where she disappeared from the bottom floor, and I appeared instantly on the second-floor balcony on the opposite side. I then proceeded with my stunts, which included breaking two lunch trays in half with my fists, slicing a giant lime with a sword in slow-motion, and dance-battling a magic panda.

I then disappeared out the back and my sister reappeared downstairs. It was so clean. Most people weren’t even sure what they had just seen. It wasn’t until the curtain call that people realized there were two of us. It was amazingly satisfying. Reddit user: AK_Barkeep

Twin Magic


My friend has an identical twin, and they did a talent show. His twin doesn’t go to our school, so no one was aware he had a twin, except for a few of us. He proceeded to do a magic trick, in which he would escape being tied up, and put into a black box. The lovely assistant tied him up with ropes, chains, and padlocks to the point where he couldn’t move at all. He was then placed in the box, and given five minutes to escape.

After five minutes, his twin appeared on the balcony above, and everyone lost their minds. It was like Houdini had performed it, himself. No one who wasn’t behind the scenes, or in on the secret, knew that it really took him 30 minutes with help to actually get out of the chains afterward. I hope they do it again someday. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Who Am I Sitting On?


I think the funniest “twin switch” that happened to me recently was when I visited my sister’s house. She’s got four cats, three of which are kittens from the same litter. They’re all varying levels of people-shy, but one cat, Moby, is the shyest. One day while we were watching a movie, I sat on her couch with a throw blanket over my legs, and she sat on the loveseat. We’re watching this movie, and Moby jumps up on the couch, and snuggles in on my blanketed legs, and dozes off. He stays there for about an hour. Later, my sister laughs, and Moby hears her, and looks over.

He does a classic double take. You can just see his cat thought balloon say, “What!” He jumps up super fast and stares directly into my face with this horrified, confused cat expression. Then he runs off and hides under the dryer, all traumatized by his accidental snuggling with the wrong twin. He still runs off when he hears me. Reddit user: idiosyncrasy

Is That A Wig?

Photo: Creative Commons/Pete Markham

Me and my brother went to the same college, and we’re identical, except I had long hair at the time, while he had short hair. Early on in our first semester, a friend of mine from class that had never met my brother saw him for the first time walking around campus. He wanted to say, “Wow, nice haircut,” but he decided not to approach him because we weren’t that close yet.

The next day, he saw me again in class, and almost had a heart attack when he saw my hair. He actually approached me to ask if I was wearing a wig. Turns out, this happened to a lot of people during the first few months of school, but they were too embarrassed to tell me at the time. Reddit user: CreepyDragon



I went to school with twins, and they graduated as the salutatorian and third in our class. They switched places at the graduation ceremony, and in the middle of salutatorian speech, the real salutatorian stood up and screamed, “Imposter!” I was already cracking up, because I was seated next to them, and was the only person that noticed, having been friends with them since kindergarten.

When that happened, I freaking lost it. The superintendent was not amused with them, or me (I was still laughing when it came time to give my speech). And that was just the culmination of their high school antics. We had some good times coming up with ideas for them to confuse the crap out of teachers. Reddit user: cordial_carbonara

Don’t Hold It Against Me


My sister and I live in the same small town. We’re in different social circles, and often meet someone who’s used to being around the other twin. One day, while working my job at Walmart, I hear, “I hate you!” I look around, and see a girl who used to go to my church, and she says, “You never told me you were a twin!” My response was something along the lines of, “I didn’t think about it, because I assume everyone knows.”

Well, long story short: the girl managed to hold a 45-minute conversation with my sister while my sister had her nails done. The entire time, my sister talked to the girl like I would, and the girl assumed it was me. It wasn’t until she said something about someone I know but my sister didn’t that the girl realized she had spent nearly an hour talking to the wrong twin. She was totally embarrassed about it, and continues to hold it against me. Reddit user: schockergd

I’ll Meet You There

Photo: Parmer

My twin brother and I went to different colleges (we wanted it that way), and didn’t generally reveal to the friends we made that we had a twin. One day, a group of people approached me in the street, calling me by my brother’s name and asking me if I would like to join them in the pub.

I knew that my twin brother was already at the pub, so I said I’d bet them free drinks if I beat them to the pub in a foot-race, even if I gave them a head start. They agreed, and ran off at top speed while I stood there, casually checking my watch, and buffing my fingernails on my lapel, only for them to arrive exhausted, and find “me” standing at the bar, drink already in hand. I know it’s not exactly an achievement, but it was a fun twin moment that I won’t soon forget. Reddit user: lawebley

My Twin Found My Husband


I met my husband because I was mistaken for my identical twin sister, go figure. I had been pining away for this guy. Both my mother and my sister had met him, and kept joking about how they had found “the one” for me. My sister, being a lesbian, befriended him at our favorite coffee shop.

They had collaborated on crosswords a few times, and one day, he walked in while I was reading by myself. He came over and started chatting with me. He was the most jaw-dropping handsome man I had ever met, and he was talking to me like we were the best of friends. I realized he thought I was my twin, and played along. About half an hour later, he realized he’d been tricked. Still, it worked. Reddit user: libertineid

Setting The Curve


My twin sister and I swapped places for a final exam when we were seniors in high school. The night before my chemistry exam, my sister asks me to go to a party with her. I tell her that I need to study. She ends up persuading me to join her, by promising that she would prep me for the test since she had already taken it, and knew all the answers. We end up getting back home at 4 in the morning, and I’m freaking out about the test.

She responds, “I’m sorry about the late night, but what exactly do you want me to do… take it for you?” I think for a second, and reply, “Wow, that’s not a bad idea.” It turns out she had a history exam at the same time as my chemistry test, so we end up switching places. The next morning, she puts on my clothes, and I put on hers.

15 minutes before the exams, we go around asking our closest friends who we were. Everyone we asked were fooled, so we felt pretty confident going through with it. Long story short, she ends up setting the curve. Needless to say, there were a lot of unhappy classmates. Reddit user: reddit_twin

Worked Like A Charm


In college, I emailed my professor, saying that I would be missing a three-hour night class because of the flu (Halloween parties). I walked across campus halfway through the class, thinking it was clear. Nope. The professor let the class out early for Halloween campus events, and he saw me walking to said parties. Afterward, he emailed me, calling me out for skipping class.

This was the best professor I had in college, and I had to take more classes with him for my major. So I rolled the dice, and told him that I was truly home all night, and that he must have seen my twin brother on campus. I told him I thought he knew I had a twin who had a different major, because of previous classes. Then I provided him with a link to the track and field roster website to prove I had a twin who looked like me. The next week in class, he apologized to the entire class about how he messed up and wrongly called me out for skipping. Reddit user: lkmhn

Mom Gave Us Away

Photo: Pexels/JACK REDGATE

At school, me and my sister were in separate classes for a couple of years. The teachers could not tell us apart, so mom thought of a way to make it easier for everyone, students and teachers alike. She put me in black shoes and my sister in brown so that they could tell us apart. And it worked like a charm.

Now, I wasn’t very good at English, and she at Math, and those classes were at the same time, so we swapped shoes and went to each other’s classes. We only got caught because mom came to pick my sister up for an appointment, and walked into the class, very startled to find me in it. Reddit user: AcornathteUnicorn

Interchangeable Runway Models


A couple years back, my sister was working as a fashion model. She’d fly out to New York or London every other week, get paid big bucks, come back home, and repeat. One night, I get a call from my sister around 1 am, and I’d never quite heard her sound like this before. She’s in New York, and is freaking out because she has to be on set the next day (or later that day, I guess) by 6 PM for a runway show. Only problem? She’s sick as a dog, and doesn’t want to miss out on what was by far her then-highest-paying job to date. That one night was worth $9,000.

Somehow I agreed to jump on a plane, and I ended up doing the show in her place. We split the money, and that was that… or so we thought. A week later, her boss watched the footage of the event and somehow figured out what we did- and asked to do his next show together. So we did. After my graduation, we started doing this regularly, and ended up doing four more runway shows together. Reddit User: [Redacted]

Triplet Powers


Identical triplet here. My brothers and I did the trifecta switch in high school. It was for no particular reason. I didn’t need my mathematically-inclined brother to take my calculus exam or anything. We just wanted to see if all three of us could do the switch with no insiders involved, and we also wanted to see if we could not get caught.

We ended up switching classes the whole day–six periods’ worth of lies. And we freaking did it. Fellow students knew, but they did an amazing job with playing along. It was a touching moment. And our triplet superpowers only got stronger after that. Reddit user: Thediepend

For The Right Price


I’m not a twin, but my girlfriend’s mom was, and I didn’t know. I was staying at my girlfriend’s parents’ house, as she still lived at home, and I got to know them quite well enough that I would walk around in my underwear in the morning when getting breakfast. Her mom had gone out to the shops, and I heard a knock on the front door.

I could see it was her mom, and thought she had just forgotten her key. I opened the door in just my underwear to let her in, and she said, “Oh, a half-naked man!”, to which I responded with, “Could be fully-naked for the right price,” and then walked with her into the lounge. It was at that moment that I saw my girlfriend’s mom sitting on the couch. Reddit user: mattmu13

Didn’t Tell The Others


My twin brother and I go to different colleges. I knew he was coming up to visit a couple of weeks after college started, so I didn’t tell any of my new friends I had a twin, and didn’t friend anyone on social media. When he came up to visit, he came right to my room, and we switched for about an hour.

It was great. He said he had an in-depth conversation about the fantasy football league I was in, just using cues he found in the conversation. Nobody had any idea. Wanna really mess with a group of people? Pull a good twin switch. The reveal was awesome. He was having dinner in the dining hall with my friends, and I sat down at a nearby table. The looks of disbelief on people’s faces were unbelievable. This one guy kept looking back and forth, speechless. I love being a twin. Reddit user: bas1

The Miracle


I had arthroscopic surgery on my right shoulder to repair a torn labrum. My mother drove me to therapy three times a week–rough stuff. My arm was a useless vestigial noodle. Five weeks after surgery, I was barely strong enough to start raising my arm in front of me, so I hatched one of my more ingenious plans.

I send my twin into my therapy. I trained him on how to keep his arm limp, what the personalities and reactions of each therapist are, and what to say. He had my bag, my book, and my phone. When he got in, he said he had a new exercise that he wanted to show them.

My brother immediately dropped from a standing position onto his hands, and started repping out pushups. Ten pushups later, the therapist was screaming. She begged him to stop, telling him he can’t do that. He said, “But I just did. Look, I’m fine.” The gears were stuck in her brain. Everyone was staring by then, trying to put these two puzzle pieces together that didn’t seem to fit. Priceless. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Band Shenanigans

Photo: Creative Commons/jonklinger

My brother and I switched places about once a year, growing up. We would have a notecard for every class, which showed which seat to sit in, and the names of people around us. A circle for those to talk to, an X for those that we don’t usually talk to. The most fun was band, where I played trumpet, and he played trombone.

He was first chair, and it turns out, all the other trombone goobers would just mimic the movements he made. Didn’t go well when I was trying to mimic their movements. We found girls were much better at spotting the trick than guys. Girls we knew for only a year would notice, and guys we knew our whole lives wouldn’t have a clue. Reddit user: ImGonnaLiveForever

New Class, Old Face

Photo: Creative Commons/Eddy Van 3000

This just occurred last week. My twin and I are currently freshmen in high school, so he and I both have a schedule change. For my second period, I walk into my new class without talking to the teacher, and just sit down. Class starts, and no one is really acknowledging me. I thought, “This is strange. Usually when someone joins a class, the teacher tells them where to sit, or at least my friends could say hello.”

So after a while of class, I’m terrified out of my mind. Did I belong here? Did I do something wrong? After what feels like 20 minutes, a close friend of mine (she is my neighbor who I carpool with constantly) notices, and calls me out. Slightly confused by the excitement and why it took so long for someone to notice, I say, “Yes, it’s me.”

The teacher says, “Wait, aren’t you (identical twin brother)?” After some explaining, I realize I had been moved into the class my brother had moved out of the day before. Reddit user: Capeless_Crusader

 Navy Vs. Air Force

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Al Bloom

I have a friend in the Air Force who has a twin brother in the Navy. His brother decided to go to his graduation, in his blue Navy fatigues. My friend had said nothing to anyone about having a twin brother, and his training instructor went off on his brother. “What the heck are you doing in those sissy Navy fatigues? Where the heck did you get those? How dare you enter my dorm wearing such a disgrace to the US Military,” and the like.

Right as it was getting good, my friend walked up behind his brother. The instructor went white as a sheet, apologized to his brother, and politely asked him to leave. He made my friend 30-ish minutes late to see his family. It was hilarious. Reddit user: IHLewis

Didn’t I Already Give You Your Assignment?

Photo: Lt. Bart Lomont

This wasn’t intentional, but was entertaining nevertheless. My twin and I joined the Army at the same time (over 12 years ago). We were in different companies in recruit training, so that was fine. But we ended up being posted to the same unit after recruit and specialist training. One of the sergeant majors met us off the bus, and conducting roll call, assigning everyone to their respective companies.

We both had the same initial (I’m Tom, he’s Tim) and last name. The SM only called one of us, assuming the double was a typo. In the end, I approached him, and asked for my company assignment. He proceeded to rip my face off for not listening. He literally wouldn’t let me speak. So I shrugged, and trudged off to my brother’s assignment.

It took a full four hours before some corporal realized that there were two of us. He marched us together to the SM’s office, gathering a bunch of other SNCOs along the way. He told me to walk in first. The SM saw me, and lost his lid. As soon as he started yelling at me, the corporal marched my brother into the office. I think we broke the SM that day. Reddit user: Thomas of Hookton

In A Different Place

Photo: Needpix

I had friends in high school that were identical twins. There was this one day when one was sick or something, so her sister took her place for attendance purposes (we had some kind of free-working period). The thing is, the two of them had quite different dispositions. This one was quieter and calmer, while the one at home was louder and more sprightly.

It was only like 15 minutes into class, and the teacher said, “You’re different today. It’s like you’re in a different place.” We were all kinda snickering and laughing. We thought the teacher knew it was her twin, but it turns out he didn’t know she had one. She was definitely in a different place. Reddit user: valryuu

The Living Dead

Photo: Creative Commons/Mahadewa

My uncle was a twin. He lived in California, and his brother lived in Texas, but because they were both in their seventies, they hadn’t been together in many years. When his brother passed away, my uncle flew to Texas to attend the funeral. He visited with the close family all day, and drove to the funeral parlor with them.

When he was escorting his sister-in-law into the funeral home, there was apparently an audible gasp from many of the attendees. Most of the funeral-goers had no idea that the deceased had a twin brother. You can imagine the shock when the “deceased” man who they were there to mourn walked into the funeral with his wife on his arm. Apparently, this took a little while to fully clear up. Reddit user: wsotw

Awesome Stories

Photo: Creative Commons/mvongrue

My dad is an identical twin and has too many good stories. One time, in a basketball game, my dad fouled out, and since he was the more athletic twin, he went and swapped jerseys with my uncle, who was also on the team, and finished the game with 26 points, and 8 fouls… as my uncle.

My uncle stills sounds identical to my dad, even though they do not look as much alike anymore. But on the phone, my uncle calls, and pretends to be my dad, and I cannot tell the difference. My dad was dating my mom at the time another girl liked him, so he hooked her up with my uncle, since he was the next best thing. Reddit user: captainjacknelson

April Fools

Photo: Flickr/Eric E Castro

On April Fools day one year, my twin sister and I switched places in class. We decided that we should do at least one twin switch prank before we left school, and this was the perfect time to do it. Since I never broke the rules, I was terrified. But we pulled it off just fine, and none of our teachers noticed.

During lunch, my name came over the loudspeaker, and I was called to the principal’s office. She told me she found out that we switched spots, and that I was going to be suspended. Of course, I freaked out, and started bawling. Only then did my twin come out from the other room and said, “April Fools!” Her and the principal set me up. Reddit user: bulbasaaaaur


Photo: Creative Commons/Camp Pinewood

My identical twin brother and I were riding a bus back from summer camp. I was sitting mid bus, and he was in the front. This one girl, after a week of seeing us at camp, finally connects the dots, and yells out to the bus, “Holy crap! You guys look so similar! Are you related?!” My brother and I quickly make eye contact and we know: the game is on.

For the next 20 minutes, we acted like we had never met before, with backstories about each of our lives, being adopted, growing up, friends, school, how we got into going to camp, and stuff like that. We had this girl 100% convinced that she had reunited long-lost brothers. One person on the bus couldn’t handle their friend looking like an idiot, and we got busted.

The greatest thing, every other person on that bus knew that we were identical twins, and were wondering how the heck we were pulling this off. Reddit user: RhinosLikeCookies

I Thought It Was My Week

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/PurchY0

My twin brother was studying in college when I was working as a welder. On one of my days off, I decided to go have lunch with him and our friends at the college cafeteria. We have pretty much the same friends, so when he had to go back to class, I stayed to chat with them.

After about half an hour, I decided to go see if I could find the class he was in. Because he was studying computer science, I checked in the computer labs first, and that’s where I found him. I spotted him through the class door, sitting in the back of the class. The teacher looked like she was talking to the students while they were writing down some notes.

I opened the door and walked in the class. As I walked by the teacher, I said I was sorry for being late. The teacher stopped talking, and gave me a puzzled look. I continued walking towards my brother as the whole class looked at me with the same puzzled look.

As I got to my brother’s desk, I said to him, ”Dang it, I thought it was my turn to be here this week.” My brother was laughing his butt off as the rest of the class still had the same puzzled look. Reddit user: swim82

Was This The Man?

Photo: Creative Commons/Arthur Chapman

My cousins are identical, right down to the way their hair lies. They were kind of troublemakers as young adults, and got refused entry to a club in our town. They were pissed off, and one of them decided to smash the bouncer’s car. He was arrested. Cut to the trial, the one who did the crime was in the dock, and the other was in the viewing gallery. The conversation went like this.

Lawyer: ”Is this the man you saw vandalize your vehicle?” Bouncer: ”Yes. It was him.” Lawyer: ”So it wasn’t his brother, seated over there, in the gallery?” The bouncer could not identify with certainty who it was that committed the vandalism, so my cousin got off with it, since they obviously couldn’t convict the wrong man. Reddit user: portablebunny

Being A Twin Gets You Out Of Trouble

Photo: Creative Commons/Étienne Ljóni Poisson

I’m an identical twin male, and both of us went to the same high-school, which made it a blast. Whenever we got in trouble with teachers, we’d pretend to be the other person so they didn’t know who to get mad at. Because of that, it would normally fizzle out, with neither of us getting in trouble.

If one of us had a class we didn’t want to attend, we’d switch clothes halfway through the day, and go to each other’s classes, and that worked like a charm every time. One time, in his drama class (which we both hated) he had a performance, but didn’t want to do it, so I lied my way through the class for him.

Now we’re both in college, and pretend to meet each other for the first time in busy hallways once in a while to freak people out. Reddit user: thinkofsomethingkwik

Twin Causing A Commotion

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Jen Smith

My brother and I love to mess with people. The other day, we were at a party, and he was talking to these two girls he’d just met. He saw me behind them, and said, “Want to see a magic trick?”, and crossed his arms. I walked up next to him, and crossed my arms too. Both girls freaked out, and walked away screaming. They came back later though.

We did the class switch all the time in high school. I got lucky one year, and had way cooler classes, and my brother was pissed. So one day, I got conjunctivitis, and skipped school. My brother took my doctor’s note to show the office. He decided he wasn’t doing that.

So he put on these huge, ridiculous gold-rimmed sunglasses, and went to my classes, always raising all kinds of hell in them. When the teachers asked him to take the glasses off, he would show them the doctor’s note about my conjunctivitis. He didn’t tell me about it. The next day I came back, said hi to teachers, and they’d all just go, “Don’t freaking mess with me after what you did yesterday.” Reddit user: NotMuchOfOneButAMan

The Camp Fiasco

Photo: Creative Commons/City of Calgary

This wasn’t a switch we pulled, per se, but it was a switch nonetheless. My twin and I used to go to a public day camp. It was very sporty, and had all the second grade “cool kids,” so naturally, my twin and I were very out of the loop. I became tired of being the kid who played Pokemon, so I started acting like everyone else, which included being a straight-up jerk to the counselor.

I guess I must have really gotten to him, because after a while, he stormed into a bathroom, saw me, and literally picked me up by the collar of my shirt, threatening to kill me if I kept being so rude. Unfortunately, the person he picked up was not me, but my twin.

Teary-eyed and confused, he told my parents, who deftly threw a fit at the camp director. People were fired, my twin was really upset, and I saw none of the repercussions for my behavior. Reddit user: itmightbeaseizure

Traumatized By Twins

Photo: U.S. Air Force/Sue Sapp

My dad and my uncle are identical twins. I remember being traumatized as a child (five years old), and the two of them sitting on the couch with a blanket covering their clothes. They called me and my cousin over and made us guess which one was our real dad. We didn’t know who was who, and both got our dads wrong.

My uncle is a university professor, and on more than one occasion, my dad has stepped in for him and taught the class until someone caught on, then my uncle would come in laughing. My uncle also lives in a different city, and on one of those trips where my dad faked the class out, family friends stopped by my uncle’s house to visit him, not knowing my dad was there.

My uncle was in the basement when they arrived, so they assumed my dad was him. My dad said he had to run downstairs to grab something, and switched clothes and places with my uncle. They switched places three or four times during the course of the visit until the friends caught on. After 23 years, I still have to question who is my dad and who is my uncle at family get-togethers. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Coffin Stories

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My great grandfather had an identical twin brother. They lived in NYC, and made a pact with each other for when one of them passed away. Now my family is mostly Irish, so our funerals have always been quite the party. When the first twin passed away, they had an open casket at the wake for him. But there was a catch.

Before anyone got there, the other twin and some of their closest friends switched out the bodies and took the dead brother next door to the conveniently-close Irish pub as the other brother filled in for most of the wake. I never heard the whole story or how they switched back, but I’m sure, with a couple of breaths, and small movements here and there, some people were pretty freaked out. Reddit user: dennyl05

Your Hands Are Smaller

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I once dated a woman with a twin. I don’t know why, but they got it in their mind that they’d switch places so I’d end up unknowingly hooking up with her twin. So one night, I’m already in bed, and she turns out the light to make it harder for me to realize their trick, and makes up some last-second excuse to leave the room.

A minute or two later, I hear what I assumed was her coming back into the room, and climbing in bed beside me. I slide over next to my bed-mate and we start making out. We ended up having an amazing time. It was incredible. I’d never gotten such passion from my girlfriend. At some point in the night, they’d switched back, so when I woke up, my girlfriend smiled at me, and asked me if I’d had fun.

I explained to her I’d been on to them the whole time, and that I knew it wasn’t her from the very start. She looked at me, shocked, and asked how I’d known. I said, “Your hands are smaller than hers.” Reddit user” [Redacted]

The First “I Love You”

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My dad is an identical twin. When he was dating my mom in college, he used to play a game with his twin. He would call my mom, and partway through the conversation, hand the phone off to my uncle. My uncle would see how long he could carry the conversation before he had to tap out and hand the phone off to my dad.

Anyway, the first time my mom ever said “I love you” to my dad, she was actually talking to my uncle. My uncle faltered, and that was when my mom realized what had been happening. They must’ve straightened everything out, because she and my dad ended up married, and had me. Reddit user: [Redacted]

The Fake Twin

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My friend recently pretended to be his own twin in the same class that was held on separate days. The fake one would attend my class, the real one would attend that class the next day. At first, he just showed up because he would get bored, and decided to sit in on the first day’s class, but then the professor asked if he had a brother in the other class.

Naturally, he said he was a twin, he just wasn’t put on the roster. This went on for the entire semester as he kept digging himself a bigger and bigger hole. This last month, we had a huge project due, and the professor loved the fake twin’s idea, but hated the real one’s idea, so he tried to do both projects, and failed.

He decided to only go with the real idea, even if it was worse. When the last week of the semester came, he presented the project, and told the professor that it had been a joke the whole time and he had really been his own twin. Our professor is foreign, and apparently didn’t understand what he meant until after the fifth time he was told that the other twin didn’t exist. Reddit user: mertzlufft

I’ll Get It For You

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My brother broke his leg, and after surgery, he had to spend most of his Summer in bed. Our parents moved one of our twin beds to the ground floor of our house so that he would not have to climb up and down the stairs. One day, our father left to grab some food. While he was out, my brother got up on his crutches, and made his way to the bathroom to hide.

I slipped on his stabilizing brace, climbed under the covers, and waited. A few minutes later, I heard the garage door open, and my father walked in. He brought in my brother’s food, and handed it to me. He began talking to me, and realized he forgot his drink. I exclaimed, “I’ll get it,” and sprung from under the sheets to my feet. The look on his face went from horrified to entertained as he realized who I actually was. Reddit user: Gruntilda