Liven Up Your Home With 20 Of The Best Patterned House Plants

Liven Up Your Home With 20 Of The Best Patterned House Plants

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Having a houseplant adds more warmth and personality to an area, transforming the house into a home. We’ve made a list with 20 patterned houseplants that not only will make your house look welcoming, but they will also add some uniqueness with their bold and beautiful colors, patterns and flowers.

Bring that dull room with these next 20 houseplants that are also great for your health and will also help you learn some gardening skills in the meantime. Here are some plants we chose, and most of them are pretty easy to care for!

20. How To Decorate Your House With Plants

There are many ways in which you can beautify your house with plants. You can add shelves to display the greenery. You can mix different pots and choose different types of plants next to each other to create a unique green centerpiece. By the end of this list, you’ll learn so much about plants that you’ll want to start your own garden!

19. The African Mask Plant

The African Mask Plant or the Elephant Eat Plant is also called Alocasia. It has dark green leaves and beautiful silvery veins that make this plant look like it’s artificial. The plant will be healthy if you clean the leaves from time to time. Moderate watering and keeping the plant away from direct sunlight will keep the plant thriving.

18. Anthurium

We love plants that bloom in different colors, and Anthuriums have a rich color palette. The fact that they live for many years and do not require a lot of caring, this plant is perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. The plant will produce more leaves if you keep it in low-light conditions, so keep it away from direct sunlight.

17. Cape Primrose

Cape Primrose (Streptocarpus) is a relative to the African Violets, which means that it prefers similar growing conditions: indirect light and a soil moderately watered. The deep green leaves are velvety to the touch. Its beautiful cluster of flowers over the foliage makes the plant a perfect addition to a dull space, or a drawing room.

16. Croton

Another low maintenance plant is the Croton which has beautiful leaves. It’s a mix of orange, yellow, and amber with dark green, making the Croton a stunning houseplant. Allow the plant to grow in a bright room with indirect light and water it more often.

15. Prayer Plant

Another interesting patterned plant is the Prayer plant, an exotic addition to your home. It has oblong leaves that need bright light and warm room temperature. When it gets dark, the plant folds up its leaves, which makes for an interesting plant.

14. Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera plant has oversized foliage that would look great in front of a bright wall. It looks magnificent, and it will thrive in low light, near a window that gets indirect sunlight during the entire day. The plant (the one on the right) is also known as split leaf philodendron.

13. Calathea

Calathea is a tropical plant found in South America, but it doesn’t mind if you keep in low light conditions. It will need a normal room temperature and to stay away from cold drafts. The plant loves humid places and moderate watering. Calathea’s beautiful pattern makes for the best decorative plant, and some species even have colorful inflorescences.

12. Tradescantia Zebrina

Purple, green and silver leaves that have a habit to create its own trail makes this plant a showstopper. It has fancy foliage that loves an all-day light, but remember to groom it. The plant is also known as Wandering Jew or inch plant, and it’s a plant great for beginners because it doesn’t have high demands.

11. Crassula Umbella

The Crassula Umbella otherwise known as the wine cup because of its cup-like shape is an oddity in the houseplant world. It belongs to the succulent family and can grow up to six inches tall. When in bloom its flowery buds will turn a greenish yellow color.

10. Aluminium Plant

The beautiful silvery stripes which give the plant this name appear over the glossy green leaves. The Aluminium plant is low maintenance and even prefers a cool shady spot and a few hours of bright indirect light. It’s time to water it only when the soil gets dry.

9. Bird’s Nest Fern

If your home is warm and humid, then the bird’s nest fern (Asplenium nidus) will love it. The Southeast Asian plant likes bright indirect light and a temperature of about 70 F. It has beautiful glossy and bright green leaves that make for perfect home decoration.

8. Crown of Thorns

This plant is a relative of the poinsettia and thrives in a bright spot with less than moderate watering, so it’s great if you forget to water your plants. The thick leaves and beautiful flowers make Crown of Thorns a popular houseplant. Talking about low maintenance plants…

7. Peace Lily

Another plant that is friendly for those with not much of a green thumb is the Peace Lily. The plant will clean the air, it’s low maintenance and very attractive. The white spathe are spoon-shaped, and they show a beautiful spike with white flowers. Keep this plant in a shady environment – and that means you can place it anywhere in the room – except for the windows!

6. Red Aglaonema

This spectacular plant has dark green leaves with unusual red tints. It also has streaks of pink! The plant is easy to care for, and it resists drought and low light conditions.

Here’s another popular and unusual indoor plant…

5. Silver Vase Plant

The Silver Vase Plant, also known as the Urn Plant is perfect for any setting. It’s exotic and very different from what you see in other houses. You’ll need to take care of it a little bit more. Watering is an important factor to its wellbeing and so is the light.

4. Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica, mostly known as the Money Tree is what makes people look in wonder. It has a braided trunk and glossy-large leaves. This plant symbolizes good luck and financial success.

The money tree is the plant you choose if you want a tall one, and it is a substitute for the fiddle leaf fig shown in the next photo.

3. Fiddle Leaf Fig

The popular tall plant, the fiddle leaf fig that has beautiful leathery foliage is large and can add a new look to any room. It needs to stay in front of a window that gets a lot of bright, indirect light. As beautiful as this houseplant is, it needs a lot of care – you’ll struggle a little to keep it alive!

2. String of Pearls

This impressive succulent plant looks perfect in hanging baskets. It is tolerant to drought – you will need to water it once every other week. The plant is called Senecio rowleyanus, but it’s known as the string of beads.

1. Nerve Plant

This is a tropical plant that loves to get some mist. Get a fine spray and mist some water every morning to keep it happy. The gorgeous plant is a little picky about cold drafts, watering, and dry air, so you will need to learn a little about balancing the watering.

When The House Becomes a Home

Green plants create a unique atmosphere, making a house feel like home. Whether you choose patterned plants to add some quirk to your rooms or go for simpler plants or yukkas, it’s always best to have flowers around to lift your spirits.