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People Reveal The Weird Things They Found Out About Their SOs After Moving In Together

People Reveal The Weird Things They Found Out About Their SOs After Moving In Together

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They say love is blind…and for good reason. When you meet someone for the first time and start going out with each other, you might not take note of some of the weird things they do. They’re just quirky, right? Well, turns out that when you’re wearing rose-colored glasses, you can’t see some pretty obvious red flags that you otherwise might.

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The people of the internet didn’t hesitate to dish on the weirdest, grossest, and craziest things they only learned once they moved in with someone. From wiping boogers on the dinner table to using an entire roll of toilet paper every time they go to the bathroom, people’s significant others really set the bar high (or is it low?) for the weird factor. Check out the absolute weirdest things people did that made their SOs reconsider ever moving in together.

That He’s Holding onto His Childhood

My boyfriend is 24 years old, and I learned very quickly that he’s still holding on to his childhood. I discovered that he still has his baby blanket and MUST sleep with it every night. When he can’t find it, he’ll turn on all the lights at 3 am just to look for it. He requires it to function….

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The most important rule is that it can never be washed. One time I did, and he had to leave the room because he was that upset. Others might not understand, but I think it’s super cute to see him snuggle with it and smell it all the time. Also, we save the bits of string that fall off of it in a jar, so he can always have it. Reddit User: farmerhowdy

That She Was So Needy

My girlfriend has a difficult time being on her own. When we’re home, she wants to be together at every waking moment, and I didn’t know how bad it was until we lived together. I love her with all my heart, but sometimes I just want to be alone doing my own thing for an hour or two, you know?

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When I get off the couch from watching sports, playing guitar, or gaming to go into another room, I can hear the disappointment in her voice as I walk away. I’m currently working on getting her to understand how important it is that we have space, but I’m not sure how well that conversation is going to go over. I really need some me-time. Reddit User: HorseMeatSandwich

That Bobby Pins Multiply on Their Own

After moving in with my girlfriend, I’ve come to the conclusion that bobby pins have developed asexual reproduction when no one is watching. All you have to do is make the mistake of leaving a single one in an unobserved place, and they will take over the entire house. I may be going crazy, but I feel like I wake up to new bobby pins every single day….

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When I talk to my girlfriend about it, she swears that she has no idea how it happens, and I also think that she secretly likes the fact that they keep popping up. It means that she doesn’t have to go very far to get one. I don’t know how long I can live like this. Reddit User: kaaz54

That Her Hair Gets Everywhere

My wife has really long, beautiful hair, and it’s one of the things I love most about her, but I was not prepared to find hairs in places that they weren’t supposed to be. If you haven’t put the pieces together yet, I’m talking about my nether region. I could never be prepared to have one stuck in places, then have to pull it out….

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I’ve never felt more violated or unclean than when those hairs floss my lower GI tract. I’ve even swallowed a few hairs, much to my disgust. After speaking to her, she said that it hasn’t happened to her, so it must be something I’m doing wrong. It makes it that much weirder. Reddit User: DrDisastor

That We Needed So Many Decorative Pillows

Everything in our apartment has a decorative pillow on it, and what makes it so irritating is that they’re way too small to be used for anything apart from decorative purposes. What’s worse is that I’m not allowed to throw them on the floor, or even pile them all on one chair so that I could, God forbid, sit down….

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I feel like a visitor in my own home. I feel like every time I come home, there’s something new, like she was assembling an entire family of decorative pieces. I’d ask her, “Where did these come from? Why do we need them if they’re just in the way; can we put them in storage?” She’d respond with a firm no. Okay babe, whatever you want. Reddit User: Ganglebot

That I Needed Alone Time

It was so subtle that I almost didn’t notice it; I realized that I needed alone time. I wasn’t unhappy in the slightest, but I noticed that I became irritable quite easily, and it was because I wasn’t getting enough time to myself. I didn’t blame her; I’d gone from being alone in my room at my parents’ house (after work) to being around my significant other 24/7….

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It took a toll on me. But once I recognized what it was, it was a lot easier to manage. Now I just let her know that I’m taking some time to myself. At first, she didn’t understand why, but then she figured it out, and she too began to enjoy the little breaks from each other. Reddit User: OperativePiGuy

That We Needed So Much Toilet Paper

I’ve known for a very long time that women go through toilet paper faster than men do. When I was younger, I noticed that my mom and sister would have to replace it at a faster rate, but I never knew just how fast it was. Living with my girlfriend, I’d have to grab a pack of toilet paper any and every time I went to the supermarket….

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We didn’t have to be home for me to know how much toilet paper we had left. I always thought that this might be the time we ran out, and it was that fear that made me buy it every time I visited the supermarket. The funny thing was that I was never wrong. She’s lucky that I love her. Reddit User: NoahtheRed

That the Television Never Leaves Bravo

My wife works from home, and it didn’t take long for me to notice that the television never left Bravo. I would leave and come back from work; it would be on Bravo. I’d work out on the elliptical, and I was forced to watch Bravo. I couldn’t understand why. It was 24 hours of catty women and men yelling at each other….

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It got to the point where I’d seen every show. I once entertained her by asking what one show was, and she responded, “Oh, Southern Charm. I don’t really watch that show.” I was shocked by her response because I’ve seen 50 episodes of Southern Charm passively while leaving and coming home. In that moment, I thought about getting a divorce. Reddit User: wiiya

That I Need to Be Specific When Giving Instructions

I had no idea how specific I had to be when giving instructions to do something. Here’s an example: instead of saying “wash the sheets,” I have to say “wash and dry the sheets and pillowcases and put new sheets on the bed.” It really is that serious, but the sad part is all but one of my brothers does the exact same thing….

Photo: osseous

There have been some occasions when I didn’t tell him and he’s taken the initiative to dry them on his own, but then the next time, he goes right back to his old ways. I know that some people are going to say to leave him, but there are worse things in life than putting wet sheets on the bed. Reddit User: Hbmc1123

That She Takes So Much Time to Get Ready

What surprised me and what I still fail to understand is why she takes so much time to get ready. She looks beautiful all of the time, but she still feels the need to spend an hour and a half to two hours before going out. Of course, she looks incredible when she’s done, but the whole process stresses her and me out….

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It doesn’t even have to be a dinner date; it could be little outings with friends, and she spends the same amount of time getting ready. I’m a numbers type of person. That would be just too many of my seconds spent on this Earth looking nice for other people I’m not trying to attract physically. I don’t press her about it because she’s said it’s just something she needs to do. Reddit User: ccistheking

That He’s a Phantom Pooper

My husband and I have been married for over 2o years, and I’ve only heard him burp twice and fart probably about the same number of times. He’s also a phantom pooper: a person whose poop has no smell, and they come out of the bathroom in record time. It’s so weird. I’ve asked him about it several times, and he never has anything much to say about it….

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I’m pretty normal in the gas department but feel like an absolute Neanderthal if I let one rip, especially in his presence. He’s said that it doesn’t bother him, but how could it not? I appreciate him more for saying it, but what I really need him to do is to teach me how he does it. Reddit User: derpeedame12

That He Sleepwalked

My significant other had told me he occasionally slept-walked before we lived together, but I didn’t know the extent of these episodes until I witnessed it first-hand. One of the first nights after we had moved into a room near our college, he kept mumbling angrily in his sleep. There were no words, just angry noises. I woke up but went back to sleep….

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Suddenly he jumps off the bed, viciously rips off his shirt, stands for a bit, then turns and falls back into bed. I was horrified. The next morning he’s very confused as to why his shirt’s on the floor. A few nights later, he wandered out of our room and into the communal kitchen, “looked” in the direction of our confused housemates when they greeted him, then wandered back to our room. Reddit User: Kezoqu

That He’s a Binger

My boyfriend is a binger. If he finds a musician he likes, he’ll buy all of the artist’s albums. If he stumbles upon a cool video game, he stays up very late every night until he’s gone all the way through it. If he finds a good book, when he’s done with the book, he decides to read everything that the author ever wrote….

Photo: World Poker Tour

He just tended to binge on something that grabbed his interest, and I couldn’t really be mad; at least it wasn’t illegal substances. After I called it to his attention, he became a little more balanced with his binging, but he still goes all-in on some things from time to time. I sometimes indulge, but I can’t lie, it’s kinda cute. Reddit User: mamacrocker

That His Body Hair Explodes Off His Body

I know that my boyfriend has body hair; in fact, I think it’s cute. I like it, but I had no idea that his body hair apparently explodes off him with great violence every time he takes a shower. The shower clogging rate has gone from a once a year thing maybe if I do a leg shave after winter to a monthly thing since he’s moved in….

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His hair is thick, curly, and brown. My question is that is this a common thing? Does it happen to other guys? I’ve thought about consulting a doctor. Another thing that he does is that he goes to bed fully clothed and then wriggles out of his clothing throughout the night unless we decide to do the naughty. Reddit User: mus_maximus

That She Cries All the Time

I found out very quickly that my girlfriend cries all the time. 90% of the time, it’s because of the movie/TV show/podcast she’s watching or listening to. The other 10% of the time, it’s just random, “I’m so lucky to have you” happy-type crying. It was both endearing, funny, and a little strange to me. So how did it start?

Photo: Sierra O’Mara Schwartz

Her first mistake was when I found out she cries to the music from Beauty and the Beast. I thought that it was incredibly adorable, so now, when I make her dinner, I listen to the music while I cook, forcing her to come out of wherever she’s hiding. She does one of two things: either she cries with me or she throws things at me while laughing/crying. Reddit User: MovingTarget_086

That She Has a Thing Against Cereal Boxes

My girlfriend loves her cereal, but I never knew how much until I saw her open one of the boxes. I kid you not, she opens cereal boxes like Bruce Banner would mid-Hulk transformation. It was strange to watch her face change as she ripped the box open with more strength than I thought she had, but that’s not all….

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My girlfriend also washes her face by splashing water into her face with reckless abandon. By the time that she’s done, the bathroom counter looks like the end of a SeaWorld show minus the animal cruelty allegations. The only thing I can do is complain to strangers rather than tell her about it because I love her so much. Reddit User: [redacted]

That She Likes to Wiggle Her Butt

I noticed it before we got together, but obviously, living together has a way of making you notice things that you pushed to the side before. My girlfriend likes to wiggle her butt back and forth every night until she falls asleep. When I asked her about it, she says that it helps her to relax, and honestly, it’s the cutest thing ever….

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The bad thing for me is that, initially, I thought that her wiggling her butt against my groin meant that she wanted to get it on. So, when I made a move, she’d hit me and say, “Go away, I’m trying to go to sleep!” I was left there to sort myself out. Now I know…thanks, babe. Reddit User: JacobeyWitness

That He Has Great Agility

I’ve read some pretty weird things, but I think that this one is near the top of the list, and don’t ask me how I know this, I just know. When my boyfriend wipes his butt after using the washroom, he turns on the faucet, wets his hand a bit, then gets a piece of tissue to wipe his behind….

Photo: osseous

I saw him do it enough times to ask why he did it. He said that it helps him to grip the toilet paper so that it doesn’t slide off. To this day, I still don’t understand his logic, because I feel like it would just cause the tissue to tear, leaving him with a poopy palm. Reddit User: Quellyle

That He Does Things Out of Order

My boyfriend and I recently moved in together, and I’ve noticed that he always brushes his teeth before hopping in the shower. It was strange because all my life, I’ve brushed my teeth after I shower. It’s obviously a really small thing, but it really stood out to me because I asked him why….

Photo: osseous

He said he didn’t like taking a shower and tasting morning breath; he preferred a fresh mouth so he could enjoy the shower. It seemed like such a good reason, and in that moment, I felt a little dumb doing it my way for so long. Soon after, I went back to doing things my way; old habits, I guess. Reddit User: greentreesbreezy

That She’s the Sloppiest Person

My significant other and I dated for two years before we moved in. My parents moved out, and I planned on living in the same place. It was a really good deal, and my stuff was already there. Everything seemed to line up. My girlfriend was extremely smart, always presentable, and she was a registered nurse. You’d think she would be somewhat clean….

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No, she’s not. She is, without a doubt, one of the sloppiest people I’ve ever met. There are dirty dishes on the counter, clothes on the floor right next to the hamper…and to make matters worse, she showers every few days, whereas I have to shower sometimes twice a day. Her car is like a dumpster, but what can I do, I love her. Reddit User: TLoko

That He’s Obsessed with Making Things Programmable

I learned very quickly that my boyfriend is obsessed with programmable things. He’s taken time out to make absolutely everything programable. We’ve gotten to the point where even our lamps are programmable. When I walk into a room, I have to go, “Alexa, turn on the lights.” I’m okay with it, but it’s like I was living in a sci-fi movie….

Photo: River Site

I was all for it until we got into a fight. My genius boyfriend decides that the best way to get back at me is to mess with the house. Lights would start flickering, and the radio would start going on and off. It was really annoying. I tried to return the favor, but I was nowhere near his level. Reddit User: viktor72

That He Snuggles Everything

I thought that my boyfriend snuggled me because I liked it when he holds on to me, but I quickly learned that I was wrong. He doesn’t just snuggle me because it’s cute, he does it because he has to, and an unspoken rule is that he has to be the big spoon in order for him to fall asleep….


Every night he snuggles with me without fail. Then there were a few nights when I couldn’t stay over, but I’d come in early in the morning to catch him snuggling other objects. At first, it was pillows and balled up covers, but then it was the cat and then piles of clothing. It was absolutely adorable that he missed my presence. Reddit User: Grasshopperontheroad

That He Doesn’t Like to Kill Bugs

There were a few things that we discussed prior to moving in together, but a few of them flew out the window as soon as we did. He knew that I grew up having to call my father every time there was a spider or bug, but now I’m the one who had to turn into a bug killer for the sake of the relationship….

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He refuses to take any initiative to kill the creepy crawlies that waywardly stray into our apartment. If he sees a house centipede, he looks at it, then promptly turns tail and walks away. He won’t even tell me the thing is there; I have the pleasure of finding it on my own, as I usually do with all the other bugs. Reddit User: SalmonforPresident

That He Has No Opinions on Anything

I knew that my boyfriend had a go with the flow attitude and laid-back approach to life, but when we moved in together, it got one hundred times worse. He went from having little opinions about things to having no opinion about everything. It was one of the most annoying things I’ve had to endure in any of my relationships….

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I’d ask what he wants for supper, and his response would be, “I don’t care.” I asked what he wanted to do at night, and he’d say, “I don’t know.” Last week, I asked what he thought about me getting my nose pierced, and he said, “I don’t particularly have an opinion on what you do.” Sometimes it’d be nice not to have to decide or come up with suggestions all the time. Reddit User: latsycami

That He and His Daughter Are Extremely Noisy

My boyfriend’s daughter is the loudest person on the planet, which I already knew. He’d always tell me that he has no idea how he and baby mama have such a loud kid because they’re both so introverted and quiet. Once we moved in together, I quickly discovered why their daughter is that loud. It’s because he’s incredibly loud on his own….

Photo: muammerokumus

He shout-sings literal nonsense at the top of his lungs on the toilet. He also listens to things on his phone/laptop as high as the volume will go, randomly shouting nonsense close to my head as he does it. He speaks in obnoxious voices to the cats, or just as loudly as I ever imagined possible for no reason during conversations at home/in the car; he is NOT the quiet person I thought I was dating. It’s no wonder his daughter constantly yells; he does it all the time for no reason. Reddit User: ellatheevil

That He Uses One Square at a Time

I found out that my boyfriend only uses one square of toilet paper to wipe his butt. He tears it off the roll, folds it into a triangle hotel style, then proceeds to wipe. If he needs another piece, which he rarely does, he does the entire thing all over again. It was very weird, and also quite funny….

Photo: osseous

For those who were wondering, we broke the bathroom boundary when we were dating. Also, he is now married to a woman with IBS (me). So sometimes, I have to do paperwork and stuff on the toilet while we discuss our day. Sometimes I even run and sit on his lap when he’s doing #2. He wasn’t very comfortable with it at first, but he got over it. Reddit User: Supertumor

That She Loses Her Socks in the Middle of the Night

My girlfriend is the type of person who gets cold very easily, especially when she’s going to bed. As a way to combat the cold, she wears socks to sleep. I didn’t have an issue with it, but the thing is that she never wakes up with the socks on. Sometime throughout the middle of the night, she takes them off and puts them under her pillow….

Photo: mia3mom

She does it in her sleep, so she never knew that she was doing it. I’ve looked under her pillow, and there were 9 different pairs of socks under there. I take the socks, put them in the wash, then neatly pack them back into her drawer. It’s become a bit of a job, and I don’t mind because she’s super cute. Reddit User: feezy

That She Needs Things to Be in Order

My girlfriend has Asperger’s, which I knew from the beginning, but I didn’t quite realize what it meant until I moved in with her. The things she does are completely adorable, but sometimes I begin to worry. Everything has to be organized all the time or she starts freaking out. Every time our flatmates trash the house after having a party, she sneaks downstairs and cleans the whole house….

Photo: Novafly

It could be at 3 am, but she wakes up after everyone’s left because just thinking about it winds her up. It’s gotten to the point where it’s been agreed she doesn’t have to pay so much on the bills because she does everyone’s cleaning obsessively. Another thing that she does is organize Skittles by color across the desk. I think that it’s super cute. Reddit User: Warhound25

That He Showers Sitting Down

When we were just dating, I never really paid attention to what he was doing in the shower, but obviously, living with people makes things very different. I soon discovered that my boyfriend sits down in the shower…like for the entire duration of the shower. I remember walking into the bathroom one morning and that’s how I found out….

Photo: osseous

I was talking to him about something random, and he peeked his head out from behind the curtain, and his head was much lower than it should have been. I was like, “Are you feeling OK? Why are you sitting down?” He’s from Venezuela, and apparently, that’s how they shower over there. I thought it was the weirdest thing ever. Reddit User: Sourgr4pes

That She Only Drinks Most of a Drink

My girlfriend only drinks 2/3 of a bottled drink, and she always leaves the same amount in the bottle, every single time. As if wasting drinks wasn’t bad enough, she then leaves the bottle sitting out for a day or two. When she notices that it’s gone, she’ll get angry that I threw it away because she was “totally going to drink the rest of that….”

Photo: judhi

There was one time when she put a bottle of Sprite in the refrigerator that was only 1/3 full. I let it sit for over a week, waiting to see if she would “totally drink it,” but I ended up throwing it away, and I did it right in front of her. She got extremely mad at me for throwing away a bottle of week-old Sprite. Reddit User: ohmygog_my_tinnitus

That He Can’t Wait to Open Things

My boyfriend is amazing, and the one thing I can complain about is that he doesn’t wait to open anything. It could be a new game or a toaster, it doesn’t matter, he’s opening the box in the car as soon as he’s had a bit of privacy, but not every time. Sometimes we don’t even make it to the car….

Photo: Zawezome

He just has to open it right then and there. And it’s not just his things he’s excited about opening. He does the same when there are presents for our kids. He has to open them. And here’s what he says every time I call him out on it: “I’m doing a battery check, woman, do you mind?” It’s so funny. Reddit User: Funkytoilet time

That He Didn’t Want to Pursue a Career

I met my boyfriend when we attended university together. By the time that we graduated, we moved in together, and I learned something very interesting soon after. All of a sudden, I found out that he did not, or I should say, would not pursue a career after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a 5-year state college education….

Photo: oatsy40

Instead, he settled for working part-time in a coffee shop, and he was extremely happy with his decision. The job itself wasn’t an issue for me; by all means, do what you love to do. It’s just that my future plans did not involve supporting a part-time video gamer, part-time barista, part-time not wanting to make future plans spouse. Reddit User: viff0

That She Forgets Our Conversations

My girlfriend continuously forgets conversations that we’ve had. We’ll have the exact same conversation multiple times throughout a year. When I tell her we just talked about this, she acts like it’s never come up before. For example, we were talking about seeing a financial counselor. She told me about who he is and why she thinks we should see him and asked if I’d go see him….

Photo: twicepix

I agreed to go, and about a month later, she’s like, “So I’ve been thinking of scheduling an appointment with this financial counselor,” then goes through the process of explaining who he is and why we should see him then asks if I would go again. I’m starting to wonder if I’m in some weird “The Prestige” type scenario where she has a twin or look-a-like and they’re just messing with me. Reddit User: Vanguard470

That He’s Incapable of Cooking Simple Meals

I found out that my boyfriend was incapable of making a simple meal. I first realized this when I asked him to cook dinner. That one time, he went out and spent $40 in ingredients that I’d never heard of. If that wasn’t enough, he spent 4 hours cooking up a storm. While doing so, he somehow managed to use every dish we own….

Photo: osseous

All of this happened on a regular Tuesday night. I mean, I appreciate the beef bourguignon with roasted vegetables, salad, and dessert, but what the heck. I just wanted him to make something simple like spaghetti, mac and cheese, or even a sandwich. What’s he going to do if I ask him to make something for special occasions? Reddit User: [redacted]

That He Has a Unique Way of Removing His Socks

My boyfriend has a very unique way of getting his socks off his feet. He does it by stomping down on the carpet and then sliding his foot back and out of the sock. To make matters worse, he then walks away, leaving them there…indefinitely. I refuse to pick them up, so right now, we have a sock graveyard on our floor….

Photo: Linda N.

It stays that way until he runs out of cleans socks to wear. He’ll pick them up, wash them all, then put them away. The process goes on and on, and that’s how our life has been. After a week, there are fourteen 2-foot-long sock carcasses on the floor, then there’s one day when I don’t see socks. It’s my favorite day of the week. Reddit User: opck

That the Television Never Goes Off

I learned very quickly that my girlfriend never turns a television off. She grew up in a big Italian family, with relatives showing up at all hours of the day. So, her childhood home was always filled with voices and conversations. Moving out to live alone and then moving in with me meant that there was a lot more silence than what she was used to….

Photo: hacky

Her way of compensating for the lack of voices and loneliness was to keep the television on in the background. At first, I’d turn the television off when she left the room, but she would get annoyed and turn it right back on when she noticed that it was off. She simply can’t fall asleep unless there’s a television or a radio on. Reddit User: lendergie

That She Had an Odd Routine

After just a few days of living with my significant other, I quickly learned that she was incapable of going to bed like a rational adult, and here’s what I mean. She’ll fall asleep on the couch around 10 pm (and I just leave her because she works really hard), then wake up at 2 am to brush her teeth and shower….

Photo: toptenalternatives

After that, she’ll actually go back to sleep until her alarm goes off at 6 am, which will run every 15 mins until 6:45 am, when she actually has to get up. We’ve been together now for four years, and I have yet to see her sleep a straight 8 hours. It scared me at first, but it also explained why she loves thriller novels. Reddit User: gamingthemarket

That He Scarfs Down Food

My boyfriend has a very strange habit that I misinterpreted up until the moment he explained himself. Initially, I thought that he didn’t like my cooking because he would rush into the plate and then not say anything about it to me. I really thought that he hated the food, but then we had a conversation that cleared everything up….

Photo: smilygrl

It turns out that when he eats something he really enjoys, he will eat it really vigorously. What happened as a result of the fast eating was a food coma that would knock him out for a couple of hours. I was extremely happy that this was the case and not what I thought before. Reddit User: cutehulha

That She Sleep Sings

I’ve known for some time that my girlfriend talks in her sleep and has for quite a while, but she takes things to another level sometimes, and she has no idea that she’s doing it. One night while she’s sleeping, there’s music playing, and I kid you not, she begins to sing, and that’s not the most unusual part of it….

Photo: Mike Burns

She sings in time with the music and along with the song. The first time it happened, I had to check to see if she was awake and just playing with me, but no, she was out cold. I first noticed it when she fell asleep during the movie Scrooged, with Bill Murray. The end scene has a sing-along, and she was harmonizing in her sleep. Reddit User: Lazy-Person