People Share The Juiciest Rumors At Their Schools That Ended Up Being True

People Share The Juiciest Rumors At Their Schools That Ended Up Being True

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For some people, high school was the time of their life. For others, it’s an age they’d rather forget. From being bullied to flunking tests and even getting pranked, living through the drama of high school can be tough. Teachers have favorites, and sometimes even the principals aren’t any better. For an unlucky few, the way they act or the people who single them out can spawn some nasty rumors….  


Whether your high school was big or small, people probably started rumors about someone. Maybe it was something that happened at a party or who’s hooking up with who. Rumors are usually outrageous and totally bogus, but in some cases, rumors start because they’re actually true. From teachers having affairs to students faking test scores, juicy rumors can make a drab day in high school just a little more exciting. 

 Little Brother

There was a rumor that an around 30-year-old married teacher at my high school was sleeping with the only two black kids at the school, who were 18, so technically it wasn’t illegal. She was asked to resign after the school met with her and the boys and their parents and then she got divorced, so I’m going to go with yes, it was true….

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After I graduated, my cheerleading coach told me that she had gone to a party with one of the guys whom she had supposedly slept with, and he told her that everything about the rumor was true. This teacher also had a little brother, who was also at that school, and the two boys she slept with definitely bullied him. Reddit user: hippiehoppy69

Chemical Warfare

In my high school shortly after the 9/11 attacks, people all of a sudden started passing out left and right, and some even had to be rushed to the hospital. You would think people would come together, but I think they were paranoid. The rumor was that it was another terrorist attack, only this time they were releasing some sort of noxious chemicals into the school’s ventilation system…. 


We were all evacuated and had to stay home from school for about three days while they investigated. The truth of the matter was, it was just moldy sandwiches and rotten fruit. Someone had been hiding their friend’s lunch in one of the vents for something like two weeks, and it had gone bad during the subsequent weeks. Reddit user: phoenixtaloh

Cool Teacher

I had a middle school teacher who was always really, uh, relaxed with female students in the class. That’s putting it nicely. It came off like to me like he was just trying too hard to seem “cool.” He wasn’t a bad looking guy and actually was charming, sort of, so I guess it probably went over pretty well usually….

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But I also had a “hot mom,” and I remember after a school function, she mentioned this particular teacher was way too forward/flirtatious with her. She told me right then and there the guy was a creep, so watch out. By the time I graduated high school, he had been fired for dubious behavior involving female students, although he avoided any prison time. Reddit user: CIAFBINSALSD

Happily Married Couple

There was a rumor that my wife was a huge jerk. I didn’t know her at the time but knew OF her. The stories that went around about her were really crazy, but no one knew what was true and what wasn’t. There were stories of messing around with half the football team at once, sleeping with teachers (male and female), and everything else…. 


She ended up settling down more than a little bit in her 20s, we ended up getting together, and now we’re married and have kids. She tells me in great detail the stories of what really happened in high school and what actually didn’t. Let’s just say that at least 99% of the rumors were actually true. Reddit user: [redacted]

English Teacher

There was a rumor that the grade 8 English teacher was a lesbian pedophile. There was a big investigation into her (actually in part started by my parents and me) into her favoritism towards female students (it turned out no male student had ever gotten higher than a C and no female student lower than a C+/B in her entire employment)…. 


But I guess a few female students that she had had “relations” with of varying degrees heard about the investigation but thought it was an investigation into her sexual activities, so they came forward and confessed because they didn’t want to get in trouble. They inadvertently outed her as being a pedo, and she disappeared from the school. Reddit user: -retaliation-


In my junior year, a group of 15 or so overly attractive and dolled-up rich girls formed a “group” whose sole purpose was to get with and sleep with as many of the senior athletes as possible. Yes, seriously. It got so bad our little private school called a mid-week service with the arch-bishop, and he gave a speech about it….

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Once that was over, the dean and president both gave a talking to the whole school about appropriate behavior, making good life choices, and being smart with intercourse and your adulthood. None of the speakers broke eye contact with these 15 or so girls. It turns out it was all true, and a number of the athletes and the girls ended up with a curable STD. Reddit user: life_questions


There was one high school teacher at my school who everyone thought was way, way too friendly with cute student girls: he’d help them out during tests, put his hands on their shoulders, that kind of stuff. So there was always a pretty big “creep” rumor that ended up circulating around him when I was in school, which is a pretty big deal….


Yeah. He got fired two years after I graduated because he had an inappropriate text conversation with one of his students. I don’t think it went any further than that. The man was really disgusting (fat, balding, smelly, and sweaty), and I don’t think there was any girl who would have gone that far with him for good grades under any circumstances. Reddit user: MrAkaziel

Catholic School

I went to an all-girl Catholic school, and the rumor was that the school priest was a perv and molester. His office looked like a 1970s adult movie den with velvet couches and dark wood paneling. My friends and I always took someone with us when we had to go in there. He was also too friendly with the sporty girls…. 

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Later, I read an article and found he was moved to our school because of molestation charges at his previous school. He went after little boys involved in the sports program that he coached. The sporty girls, for the most part, used to go to his old school, so that explained why he was very friendly with them. Reddit user: ill_jay


Three girls had messed around with ten plus guys at a house party. No one believed it happened, but crazy rumors kept coming out. Then a 2-hour tape showed up, which proved everything to be true. Everyone involved seemed to be totally willing and happy to be there, but that wasn’t the problem. The cops got involved. Charges were pressed by parents…. 


Both groups were a mix of under 18 and over 18. Lots of people involved in the tape changed schools. Digital copies got passed around the school via the internet. A lot of students got called in by the police to see if they received a copy of the tape or knew of other people who had gotten a copy of the tape. Reddit user: KingKasey

Martial Arts

A new kid came to high school. He had a funny accent because his parents were missionaries, traveling all over the world. He was actually kind of cool, I thought. He spoke at least four different languages including English, Spanish, Russian, and Mandarin. He was super polite, and everyone liked him. Of course, he had haters, mainly the so-called bullies….

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A rumor began that he was well versed in many forms of martial arts. He never denied or admitted to them. One of the bullies decided to find out. He was much bigger than the new kid. The new kid did everything in his power to not escalate the fight and even took a punch from the said bully. Well, guess the rumor was true. The kid kicked his butt after that. Reddit user: BxRomeo8586

Perp Walk

My 6th-grade math teacher was super creepy. He would assign seats “randomly” but always placed the girls in the front of the classroom. Did the whole lingering stare thing, and was always trying to get people to “hang out” with him during lunch. I never did, but he was married and had a kid, so no one really suspected him of anything….

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Fast forward about seven years. The teacher ended up being an offender. He had an ongoing relationship with a girl that began when she was 13. Based on what I could see from the various news articles, she was either in my year or the year before me. The police came to arrest him in the middle of his class. Reddit user: kcupsmama

Student Teacher

When I was in school, our math teacher in high school had a student-teacher she was helping train to take over for her when she went on maternity leave. The student-teacher was maybe 20-21 and a fairly attractive young woman. So naturally, all the guys in the class had a crush on her. One guy in particular, was a super senior and 18-19….


He flirted with her non-stop, and she would act super embarrassed and blush. I’m sure you see where this is going. Well, towards the end of the semester, he was bragging about going on a date with her and how they had slept together. Then one day she was just gone. We had substitute teachers for the rest of the semester. We all knew what happened. Reddit user: gandalf-greybeard


The music teacher in my high school was rumored to have been fired for sending naughty pictures to a female student. There had been subs taking his place for nearly a month. The principal said he was too ill to come into work, and eventually, another rumor that he had cancer started spreading around. He had been bald longer than anyone could remember…. 


One day in my physics class, everyone in the class pestered the teacher for the whole period until he finally gave in. One student asked the physics teacher, “Did he send nudes to that girl?” and he finally said, “That thing that you think happened, it happened.” The student said, “So he did?” and the teacher simply nodded his head yes. Reddit user: xthatguy339x


That there was a video of a girl in my year messing around with herself for a pack of cigarettes. The rumor went around for about a week before EVERYONE in my year had it on their phone. The school ended up having assemblies about it and said that if anyone was caught with it on their phones, they’d press charges for child video possession…. 


I think a couple of kids actually did get charged for it, though I think it got sealed once they turned 18. The poor girl in the video ended up changing schools more than once because the kids at the first school she changed to ended up getting hold of the video, and it went around that school too. Reddit user: [redacted]


Now, I’m aware that this has the making of a hilarious story, but it’s not. The vice principal at my school was the first man in his family to go to college. Black men in 1970s Texas didn’t have many options. He distinguished himself as an educator, and he helped a lot of underprivileged students get accepted into colleges all around the country…. 


Sadly, his entire family was killed by a drunk driver. Like many people facing a horrible and tragic dilemma, he turned to drugs. Fast forward to 1999, and there’s a major drug bust in my town. The dude that was running the dope house ratted on the VP and several other high placed individuals that ran my town. Reddit user: [redacted]


One teacher randomly picked students (also known as any of the pretty or cute girls) to see him after class to talk about how the lessons went, and if they had any feedback. He never forced himself on them but made it very clear that they could earn some extra points for certain favors. Apparently, it was a pretty well-known fact….


But no one ever managed to catch him red-handed, and no charges were ever brought up until the year after me where one girl did finally press charges and suddenly literally dozens of girls/women from the past two decades spoke up about what this teacher had been doing. He found himself getting fired pretty quickly after that. Reddit user: fear229

21 Jump Street

Freshman year, there was a rumor that there were undercover cops at my high school. A few weeks into the school year, we found out that it was true, and they arrested two kids for selling weed at lunch. The high school wasn’t happy about all of this and went and suspended everyone they thought had smoked weed, whether it was at school or not….

Photo: Commons/Busted!

They did this with zero proof and zero reasoning for it, and it was over 60 kids (10% of our entire school). Also, in case anyone was wondering, the two kids just got probation because they’d only had a few joints. Undercover cops were working weeks and only for about six grams of weed between two high school kids. That’s so lame. Reddit user: [redacted]


That one girl started a gonorrhea outbreak. It was only a super big deal because my high school had ~500 students, and everyone knew EVERYONE. Huge rumors like that never really happened because the school was so small (in all of the high school’s history, from 1800 or whatever, there’s never been a girl who got pregnant). It is a super safe school….


But everyone eventually traced it back to the source just by having the inside knowledge of who was having relationships with who. It did end up being her in the end. She had given it to a couple of guys who gave it to other people and so on and so forth. I’m pretty sure she transferred soon after all of this came out. Reddit user: 1gayWhale


I was an outcast at my high school and was shunned by the majority of the school. Because of this, my circle of friends included the outcasts from my school and the outcasts from several other schools in my city. My friend Sarah from my school and I were good friends with a very gay guy from another school named Rafael…. 


We were also friends with this punk girl from the same school as Rafael named Stephanie. Stephanie was hot and always dressed in a very attractive way. The “jocks” at our school thought Sarah and I were freaks until they saw us hanging out with Stephanie. Everyone wanted to go on a date with her, and most did. Stephanie and Rafael are the same person. Reddit user: imnotboo


We had two girls in our class that played a game to seduce a teacher. They did the usual staying after class to get him alone, wore inappropriate clothes that showed too much skin, etc. Girl A told Girl B she was tired of playing the game after about a month, so she wanted to stop, and they seemingly did….


But Girl A was actually sleeping with the guy since like the second week. Girl A told Girl B about the situation, and not knowing what to do, Girl B told her mom. When the time came around for the teacher to be confronted, Girl A vanished from town in the hope that the teacher wouldn’t be charged for anything. Reddit user: Blktoofpirate


There was a rumor that one of our teachers was an unsavory guy. It was mainly spurred on by people’s instincts about him. I busted him looking through government-issued confidential tests of girls at recess once. The vice principal wasn’t happy with me telling this teacher off, but I was a great student and well-liked by all teachers, so she just gave me detentions…. 


Anywho, a lot of people got suspended for calling him a pedo because there was no proof. He eventually ended up leaving our school. Four years later, we heard he’d been arrested for trying to groom a 14-year-old girl at another school. A whole lot of people subsequently asked for their lost suspension time back after hearing about that. Reddit user: SlappaDahBassMahn


The math teacher was found assaulted, kidnapped, and dumped on the side of the road next to her husband’s burning truck. Her kids are tied up at home, and her husband is murdered. Twenty-four hours later or so, she’s committed suicide because her plan unraveled. Apparently, she murdered her husband, tied up her kids, pretended to kidnap herself, self-inflicted wounds, and lit the truck on fire….

Photo: Department of Education

A few hours later, she emerged from a prairie naked and claiming to need rescuing from a fictitious villain. All of this happened because she wanted to run away with the principal with whom she was having an affair. She needed to remove her husband from the picture. The high school of 2000 students was a circus for days. Reddit user: creaturefeature83


We had a band teacher everyone loved; he ended up getting a divorce, and during the custody battle, his wife said he had been in a relationship with a student. The teacher got sent on leave and ultimately blacklisted in our district, but he got custody of the kids seeing as there was no real proof he was ever messing around with a student….

Photo: Lumsden

So they bring in his replacement, and less than a year later, he’s busted for sleeping with the 16-year-old drum major. They took pictures in bed together that started to spread around, and the dude’s still in jail. A lot of us that were bitter about the blacklisted teacher found this to be the ultimate karma for the administration. Reddit user: Whatserekim

Personal Experience

There was this really cute, a solid 9.5/10 for me (both for the face and body) student-teacher when I was in 10th grade. She was popular with the boys for obvious reason, and one day there was this rumor that she was dating one of the boys. Of course, she denied it, and the other teachers thought it was a joke…. 

Photo: couples

So the other teachers didn’t really pay much heed to what they thought was a joke. Except the rumor was true. I was dating her. We dated for almost a year without anyone knowing. I lost my virginity to her, and I think I have a kink for exhibitionism because of her. Still one of the best moments in my life. Reddit user: [redacted]


My middle school math teacher was a strange religious man. He always played really soft angelic choir music all class. He had these really messed up thumbs where they appeared to be permanently affixed so that it looked like his hand was always displaying four fingers. He kept the girls in my class near his desk and made weird remarks on how girls should act….

Photo: (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

My classmates and I always joked about how creepy this guy was; he would always snap the bra strap of a girl if it was showing and stare at the girls. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I found out that he had been caught multiple times looking up girls’ skirts; he was fired and disappeared. Reddit user: TheFreudianSlip69

Cleaning Crew

My buddy told me the school used the Special Ed kids to clean the cafeteria after lunch during recess. It wasn’t a huge rumor, but I asked a few other people, and some said they heard that too. So one day, I asked to go to the bathroom in my class after lunch. But instead, I ran my butt to the cafeteria….

Photo: Creative Commons/Commercial Cleaning Maryland

And lo and behold, when I got there I saw there were a few dozen kids happily cleaning away in the cafeteria. I wanted to get a closer look, but the school has a very strict “where you can go during class” policy, and I wasn’t about to get my butt taken out by the teachers over this. Reddit user: ShackMan1


There was this girl at our school whom we called “26.” Why? I’ll tell you. Well, she was on the volleyball team, and apparently one of the things the team members do when welcoming new members is they have a party at one of their homes, and they ask a series of 26 “have you ever” questions of a very intimate nature….


She answered yes to every single one, and they had to invent more questions just so they could find something she hadn’t done. She was 18 when I found out about this, but at the time she was asked the questions, she was only 14. She was very open and casual about discussing her exploits too; you could basically ask her anything. Reddit user: Fournote

Romantic History

Everyone knew the AP history teacher would mess around with his students the minute they became legal. The rumors went on for years. There was always talk of him taking his students out to eat and him staying alone with girls during tutoring. Fast forward to my junior year of high school, and screenshots of him texting his former students circulated….

Photo: Oxford

I showed them to my friends at a party, and some kid overheard and reported it to the principal. The next day I was called into the principal’s office, and the principal basically tried to make me feel bad for not reporting it, even though students had come forward in the past and nothing was done about the situation. The teacher resigned, and an investigation occurred. Reddit user: [redacted]

Jr. NSA Agent

Nothing intimate-related, but juicy. At my old middle school, we got Chromebooks. We had them for grades 5-8. In 5th grade, the school said they had spyware on them. Next year, they said there was no spy software. A lot of kids rejoiced, but my tech-savvy friends and I believed this was BS (why would they not spy on kids when they used to?)….


Later, one of my good friends took his Chromebook apart and analyzed everything about the device. We found that the school had installed spyware without telling us. The school’s license was revoked because the EULA bans “misleading and unethical” uses. The rumor was that a student sent a complaint to the company to get the license revoked. A student did send a complaint: me. Reddit user: Bobjohndud

Junior High Memories

Junior high: my daughter tells the story of a rumor about two teachers caught on a desk in a study hall room after school hours. They were supposedly caught by a student. My daughter went to this school last year (2016-2017). I went to this school several years ago (1993-1994). They were my teachers: a band director and Spanish teacher….

Photo: Pinzgauer

I had a question for the director before I left for the day, so I went back inside. I was the student that caught them on the desk. They were both married to other significant others at the time. They’ve since divorced their spouses, proceeded to marry each other, and have a daughter the same age as my daughter. Reddit user: xcsdm


One of the teachers at my school was sleeping with this girl in middle school (7th grade), then he followed her to high school (as the principal) and got caught after the parents of the high school girl started asking how she could afford all sorts of expensive gifts, bags, and a new phone. The police went through their phones and found tapes and intimate conversations…. 


He was having a relationship with her for four years before he got caught. Fast forward a few years later, and I see him working at one of the elementary schools. He got fired once the parents realized that he was working there (same parents from the last girl) because she was going to school there. Some people. Reddit user: Ghosxt


There was a kid a few years older at the same high school. He was charged with copyright infringement. He used a DVD burner to duplicate the full seasons of Dragon Ball Z. He would then sell these on eBay or at a discounted price. The authentic versions of these easily run in the $300-$500 price range, and he sold them for around $200-$300….


It’s rumored he was able to sell around $400,000 worth of these bootleg DVDs before he was finally caught. The courts ordered him to pay $100,000 in penalties to the owner of the copyrights, and he served no time in jail. Basically, he effectively amassed a wealth of $300,000 before he graduated from high school, which is more than some people make in a lifetime. Reddit user: mosotaiyo


My teacher asked about his predecessor during class. Apparently, the previous teacher was doing it with a voluptuous student in the van at the teacher’s parking lot every lunch time in exchange for a good grade. A few kids saw the van rocking. So the teacher asked how voluptuous she was. Most of the guys pointed to a pretty cheerleader sitting to my front left….

Photo:, U.S. 7th Fleet

My teacher then asked her to arch her back. She did so and smiled at the class when we all went absolutely wild with excitement at the sight. The class was pretty much like that for the rest of the whole year, and we all got great grades because all of the tests were an open book. Reddit user: DarthPikachoo


I had a friend that lived down the street for most of my childhood. She would cycle through friends a lot, and she had the classic “daddy issues” attitude. We were always friends because we were neighbors. During senior year I got a text from a friend of mine saying, “Hey, did you know so and so is doing adult videos?”


I was a little annoyed because she was bullied a lot in school, and rumors were always starting about her and her home life, so I told him, “No, and I’m sure she isn’t. It’s just a rumor.” Minutes later I receive a link, I click on it, and lo and behold it’s her getting dirty on top of a four-wheeler. Reddit user: schnuckelchen


My senior class advisor, who was also the English teacher, was one that a lot of male students were attracted to, pretty liberal with boundaries with what could and couldn’t be discussed in class, etc., and as she talked about later, was a collegiate gymnast. There were rumors that she and her husband had an open marriage and were possibly swingers….


Well, the open marriage turned out to be true, as a couple of years after graduation, she was caught screwing around with someone who graduated the previous year. His fiancé had walked in on them mid-act, and it spread pretty quickly due to it being a small town. The husband pretty much admitted that they had decided to have their marriage open after they had kids. Reddit user: TheGentlemanLoser


That somebody was selling favors in the toilets. It turns out it was true. The teacher saw a line of guys outside the boy’s toilets and figured something was up, continued walking past, and got another couple of teachers to back them up and cover themselves legally. They went into the toilets, empty apart from a cubical with a closed door…. 


They knocked on it only for somebody to tell them to “wait their turn.” It turns out a girl was giving out favors for $10 a time. She and the guy caught both got expelled; the ones in line didn’t, as they had legged it, plus there was no proof they had done anything. Our teacher did let us know who they were, though. Reddit user: AngloKiwi

The Room

The teacher was a complete psycho, and kids used to say he locked people in closets and left them there to kill them. I don’t know if he killed anyone, but he locked two science teachers in there with the full intention to leave them there. This was the final period of the day before winter break, and no one would have noticed them missing….

Photo: B.

Luckily someone wound up looking for equipment down there and let them out. Apparently, one of the teachers had a mental breakdown and was absolutely terrified. The other teacher was just trying his best to be nice, but it went around the school that he had a major crush on her. Three years later and they’re married with a baby. Reddit user: [redacted]

Theater Kids

The theater kids were a fairly insular group. They stuck to their own group of friends, messed around like rabbits, and were snotty little brats. All the girls wanted this one dude, and he slept with pretty much anything. All of a sudden, this rumor started going around about the theater kids and that they had all sorts of STDs and stuff…. 

Photo: Victoriia Z

A lot of us discounted it because who would think 14- to 18-year-olds would have STDs…except for that dude. That dude had all sorts of messed up things none of us knew about, and it turned out that he really did pass around gonorrhea and herpes. He died a few years back due to complications after AIDS. Reddit user: RCrumbDeviant


For years I heard whispers from my (very conservative Christian) classmates that the family of a girl in my grade were “practicing witchcraft” and they held secret ceremonies in the woods behind their house where they would dance around a bonfire totally naked. I knew this girl, so I always rolled my eyes at these stories and called people out for spreading idiocy…. 

Photo: Vajdić

Years later, I reconnected with that girl online. She now makes joking references to the fact that her mom is or was a devout Wiccan. Yep, there was nude dancing in the backyard. Knowing that (and the fact that she stayed in that community, which is a very religiously conservative community) just makes me like her even more. Reddit user: PushTheButton_FranK

Casting Couch    

I went to an all-girls school. Fourth-year students got to put on a play every year. The stage director that had been working with my school for 22 years finally retired. Prior to this, it was common for rehearsals to go on for a while after school, sometimes with only the main cast remaining. The guy who replaced her found out about this….


And he started keeping small groups of the cast after school and ‘helping’ them. Like, “You need to get her to sit on your lap…here, sit on my lap and I’ll show you.” Apparently, it started to get more and more inappropriate until eventually, the music teacher found out about it, and that guy suddenly wasn’t directing anymore. Reddit user: rodery

Teacher’s Kid

There was a rumor at my school that the woodwork teacher and the textiles teacher were having an affair and that a student found them together in the store cupboard/office. The textiles teacher left, and it remained a rumor until I went to college and ended up meeting the woodwork teacher’s son! I knew it was him because he had an unusual surname….


I never did ask him about the rumor outright because I didn’t know if it would upset him. Eventually, we were talking about what schools we went to and he told me it was true. The whole thing. It caused his parents to split up, and he didn’t speak to his dad again after his parents’ separation. Reddit user: [redacted]