People Share The Kindest And Most Heartwarming Things Complete Strangers Have Done For Them

People Share The Kindest And Most Heartwarming Things Complete Strangers Have Done For Them

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With billions of humans on earth, you’re bound to interact with many strangers every day of your lifetime. Unfortunately, with everyone needing to tend to their own needs, not everyone you come across will feel the need to give you the time of day. Some strangers can be quite rude, or just ignore you altogether.

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However, this is not always the case. There are some people out there who take the time and energy to treat everyone with love and respect, even if they just met you. Sometimes, they’re even willing to help out in ways they don’t even know. These stories feature some people just like that. Here are some of the most kind and compassionate things that complete strangers have done for people.

A Sacrifice Beyond Words

When I was four, I almost got hit by a speeding car trying to get to my bus from school, but a little boy pushed me out of the way and got hit himself. It was friendship day. He was in my class but I never even noticed him before  that. We all had to write letters to someone we wanted to be friends with.

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His mom gave me his letter at the funeral. It said: “I like your Yu-gi-oh cards, let’s be friends.” Apparently he always wanted to talk to the “cute girl who sings in the morning assembly.” Almost 16 years later, the thought of him sacrificing his life for mine is one of the things that keeps me going. Thank you. Reddit user: [Redacted]

A Love Of Trains

My son was two or three years old when this happened. We were at the mall and there was a model train set in a case that you could put a dollar in to watch them go around. I was pretty broke and never had cash on me, but he was content just looking at the display, even if it didn’t move.

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A group of loud teens went past us. One of them came back, put a dollar in the machine and said, “I always liked watching trains, too!” He then hurried off, back to his friends. My son lit up. I never would have expected that action from a stranger, let alone a teen with his friends in a mall. Reddit user: ess0ess

Prince Concert

I was at a bar with my then-girlfriend, and seated next to us was an older gentleman who was alone. He tapped my girlfriend on the shoulder and said, “I like the way you two talk to each other. I spent a fortune on these tickets for my wife. Unfortunately, she can’t go anymore, and I don’t want to go without her…”

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“So I’d like you two to have them. The only catch is that the concert starts in twenty minutes.” He didn’t elaborate, nor would he accept payment. He asked only that we enjoy ourselves, and keep being good to each other. And that’s how I got front row seats to see Prince in concert. Reddit user: DukeOfCheddar

The Cake Fairy

One year, my birthday really sucked. I decided to go buy myself a cake at the grocery store to cheer myself up. When the guy at the counter asked who it was for, I said it was for me. He was incredulous at the idea that I had to buy my own birthday cake. I just kind of shrugged. He said I could pay for my cake when I came back to pick it up.

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When I came back, a different person was at the register and she said my cake had already been paid for. It was also decorated more than I requested and it was truly the best thing I could’ve received that day. I have not seen that guy working there since, so in my head, I’ve called him “The Cake Fairy.” Reddit user: mamblepamble

Bus Buddies

When I was 11, I was stupid enough to cross in front of a bus with only a cursory glance backward. I didn’t see the minivan that had just started to overtake the bus and got hit by the left-hand corner. I was flung across the road, injuring my legs pretty badly (my knee still hurts sometimes), and splitting my lower lip.

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As I laid there, a lady who I had seen on the bus a few times came over and helped me over to the curb. She then checked me over, made sure my parents were called, made sure an ambulance was called, and just continued to look after the scared, hurt little boy I was. She was wonderful, and I still see her around town to this day. She always gives me a big smile. Reddit user: DigitalRoman486

A Dose Of Travel Kindness

I helped a guy go through TSA in NYC. He’d never flown before and had no idea what he could take on the plane. Security told him he couldn’t use the plastic bags he had his stuff in. He explained his situation and I told him that, if he held tight, I’d go through security and buy him a carry-on so he could get his stuff through.

Photo: Creative Commons/Martin Deutsch

He handed me a $100 and I gave him my crochet project bag to hold as insurance. I got him a suitcase, went back, and gave it to him with his change. I then showed him how to go through TSA. He thanked me and we went our own ways. My flight was then delayed three hours at the last minute and I was already exhausted, so I fell asleep against a wall.

When I woke up, there was a fuzzy travel blanket, a convertible neck pillow, an eye mask, a bag of cookies, and a little plush dog with a note tucked in his collar. That guy had stuck these gifts between me and the wall, and never woke me up. I ended up traveling for 11 more hours and that thoughtful little act saved my sanity. Reddit user: berthejew

The Perfect Protector

I got on a train alone late at night. There were only two other people: one young man, and a much older, grumpy-looking man. After the second stop, the young man became aggressive towards me after I rejected him. He was trying to physically pull me off the train. The old man helped to get him away from me and off of the train.

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After I’d thanked him and he calmed me down, he sat down in the row behind me and just looked out of the window. When I got off at the end, he did too. He waited on the same platform as me a little further down, so I assumed he was waiting for the same connection. He wasn’t.

The train came and I got on. I saw him wave to me, then walk to the stairs to get back to the platforms going the other way. That man had missed his stop and waited on the wrong platform, all while saying nothing, just to make sure I was okay. Reddit user: tinylottie

The Birthday Switch

After many long delays, my flight was canceled while I was standing in line at the gate to board it. The next day was my son’s first birthday, so I needed to be home. I went to the front desk and they refused to help me in any way. Not only could I not get another flight that day, there was nothing the next day either, and I didn’t have money to buy something else.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Suikotei

A guy in line stepped out after hearing me, told them he was some high-status member, and asked to speak directly to the manager. Next thing I knew, he was transferring his own ticket on a direct flight to me so that I could get home to see my boy. I tried to thank him in every way I knew how, but he refused to take anything from me. He just told me he would have wanted someone to do the same for him.

I hugged the guy and was in a first-class seat home. Seriously, that dude was an angel. I’ll never forget it. Reddit user: billbapapa

The Taxi Driver

About three or four winters ago, I had a five am shift on Thanksgiving. It was freezing-cold outside, perhaps ten degrees, and I had to catch public transportation to get to my job. So there I was on Broad St. for a good ten or twenty minutes freezing my butt off, until a taxi driver waved me down and asked if I needed a ride.

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Being super broke at the time, I couldn’t afford it so I waved him off. A couple of minutes passed by and he drove by me again, and waved me down once more. I told him I could only afford to take public transportation, but he insisted, telling me not to worry about the money. I hopped in the car, and he was the most gracious person in the world. Not all taxi drivers are idiots. Reddit user: s0mexguy

The Roadtrip

About four years ago, my family and I were on a road trip to Florida. At the Mississippi-Alabama state line, we got out to take pictures at the sign, as many families and tourists tend to do. We spent about five minutes there, exchanged some pleasantries with a father-son duo doing the same thing as we were, then went on our way.

Photo: Flickr/formulanone

Fifteen minutes later, on the highway, we were just casually chatting in the car, when we heard a honk coming from behind us. I looked over, and it was a massive, white truck. It was the father and son, and the son was waving my phone in the air. Apparently, I had dropped it at the sign. We both quickly pulled over, and I got my phone back.

What amazes me is that they caught up to us at all. We were going 70-80 mph and had a good head start on them. That means they were on a mission to get my phone back to me. The best part about it all? It was Christmas Day, so I’ll always consider their kind actions as one of my favorite Christmas presents. Reddit user: niaho2

The Proposal Shot

When I proposed to my wife in a romantic restaurant inside of a lighthouse, I didn’t even think to ask a waiter to have a camera ready or anything. I didn’t even consider trying to get a picture. I knelt down and asked her to marry me, she said yes, and we were both happy celebrating over chocolate cake.

Photo: Flickr/thetejon

A man came by our table and apologized for bothering, then said he “was so moved by the romantic gesture,” so he took a picture with his cellphone from across the room. He sent it to my phone. It came out grainy and was a little blurry but it didn’t matter. I love that picture. I owe that man so much for capturing the happiest moment of my life. Reddit user: Ozzygriever

Struggling But Helpful

I was delivering sandwiches on my bike last fall. I caught a flat on my way back to the shop, and almost fell over. A homeless guy came out of nowhere, and asked me if I was okay. I told him that I was completely fine and that it was just a flat. He then proceeded to jam a bunch of bills in my hand.

Photo: Flickr/shopblocks

Automatically, I was like, “Thanks man, but I’ll be fine.” He was so adamant about it, with very serious eyes. Then he said, “Just be good to people,” and walked away. I stood there stunned, before eventually going back to work. But that really stuck with me this last year–how selfless someone can be even when they’re struggling. Reddit user: pathosgen

Restoring Faith In Humanity

I was on a four-hour-long train ride with my ex when we were both teenager. She forgot her rail card, so the ticket she had wasn’t acceptable, and we were forced to buy a new ticket for some ridiculous price like £70. While that might not sound like the most ridiculous sum of money, we were two broke teenagers who needed to get home and didn’t have anything on us.

Photo: Creative Commons/Train Chartering & Private Rail Cars

So we started freaking out and trying to plan how we were going to get home. She was in tears, and I was frantically trying to get in touch with my parents before we got kicked off at the next stop. Some amazing dude in the seat across from us just leaned over and handed me £80 with a smile.

I took his PayPal details and paid him back as soon as I got paid, but such a random act of kindness really affected me and restored my faith in humanity. Wherever he is now, I hope he’s doing well. Reddit user: Bennycan

Thank You x 320

We had just moved cross country with our five kids to a very small town. My husband was at the grocery store, and his card was declined. The woman bagging the groceries pulled out her credit card and paid the $320 for our food. As we were walking out, another employee informed us that she was the owner of the store.

Photo: Creative Commons/JeepersMedia

We did pay her back, but thanked her profusely. The fact that a stranger did that for us in this new town where we didn’t know anyone makes me feel like maybe we did the right thing by taking this chance to start over somewhere new. We still go to that store often, and make sure to stop and chat whenever we see her. Reddit user: Katogo

The Hug I Needed

When I was 14, one of my marching band mates died. I, along with the rest of the band, was devastated. After I found out the horrible news, I was walking across the school courtyard, silently crying, and I made eye contact with this girl walking in the opposite direction.

Photo: Creative Commons/jhmorris8541

Without missing a beat, she said, “Girl, you look like you need a hug! Come here!” She just held me for a few seconds while I sobbed into her shoulder. I had never seen this person in my life. I never found out who she was, but I have never forgotten that gesture since I needed it more than she knew at that moment. Reddit user: AwesoMegan


My favorite uncle died very suddenly five days before my high school graduation. He was the one who helped me through high school when I was really struggling, and it was emotionally difficult to have my big day without him there. When the whole class was waiting backstage for our turn to walk and receive our diploma, I was having a hard time not crying.

Photo: Creative Commons/uonottingham

Suddenly, a student from my class who had Down’s Syndrome came over. We’d never met, and I had always heard he was non-verbal. He walked straight up to me and gently grabbed my cheeks, pushing them upwards. Then he looked at me in the eye and said, “Smile”. I was shocked. That was what my uncle would tell me to do whenever I was upset.

That was exactly what I needed at the moment to be able to suck it up and keep going. I still think about that kid occasionally and I hope he is doing well. Reddit user: Blue-eyed-lightning

Holding In A Breakdown

My first wife abandoned us when my son was an infant. It was rough, but I survived. One evening, I was at dinner with some friends. I had to change the baby, but there was no table in the men’s room. I asked a lady leaving the ladies room if it was empty and she checked for me, then gave me the okay.

Photo: Creative Commons/Digital Sextant

While I was trying to get my diaper bag sorted, she came up and offered to change him. I told her I could do it, but she insisted, and put her arm around me. Apparently, I’d been holding in a breakdown the whole time and she saw right through it. I cried for a minute while a total stranger changed my infant son.

I thanked her profusely, and went back to dinner with my friends, carrying a little less weight on my shoulders. I had no clue who she was, but she was an angel to me that night. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Do You Want A Ride?

I was a military spouse in a brand new state after PCS, where I didn’t know a single soul. I had been sleeping on the floor with no stove because, of course, the delivery of our household goods had been delayed. My husband had training, and wouldn’t arrive for another two months.

Photo: Creative Commons/joannapoe

I tried to pick my kids up from YMCA camp after job searching all day, but the car wouldn’t start. I tried to get a jump from someone, and after 15 mins of failure, the annoyed the woman snapped at me, then left. With tears in my eyes, me and my kids waited for an hour for tow a truck.

After it arrived, the driver couldn’t fit the three of us in his truck and it was going to be another 30 minutes for a cab. We were all tired and hungry, and it was dark out. Sitting on the curb, completely defeated watching the tow truck drag my car away, a woman pulled up and asked us if we could use a ride.

The great part is, months later, after I had a new car and was all settled in, I ran into her, and was able to thank her. We now see each often and chat regularly. Reddit user: mistopportunities

A Simple Gesture

I was having an incredibly busy and stressful Monday at work, already exhausted for the day, and planning to take a short lunch. When I sat down in our break room, I realized I forgot dressing for the salad I brought. I drove to the grocery store across the street and grabbed some dressing and an energy drink.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Famartin

I waited in line, then realized with horror that my wallet was in a different purse. I apologized to the cashier and start to leave, but the man behind me stopped me, and insisted on paying for my things, then told me to have a good day. It was really a very simple gesture, but it honestly turned my entire day around. Reddit user: frostsprinkles

A Grateful Towing

I was driving my mother back home from her doctor’s appointment, when my car overheated and broke down in the middle of nowhere. We lived in Oklahoma at the time, and it was summer, so the heat was intense. I didn’t know anyone in a three-hour radius of where we were. I was at a loss for what to do, besides walking a couple of hours to the nearest town. To make matters worse, my mother was having trouble breathing in the heat.

Photo: Creative Commons/HighTechDad

But then, this man pulled up in a nice, dark-colored car. He asked what was wrong and when I explained my situation, he asked me to give him a few minutes, and he left. He came back, and handed me a wad of cash. He gave me the number to a place that would tow my car, and he offered to pay for the repairs.

I accepted the money for a tow back to where I lived, but declined the offer to pay for my repairs. I never saw that man again, and forgot to ask his name. To this day, that has to be the single nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Reddit user: VexCrime

Stopping For A Sobbing Girl

We had just been told my mom was never going to wake up from her coma. I totally panicked, and ran outside to get air. I was a 19-year-old, sitting outside of a hospital in December, sobbing so hard my whole body was shaking. This couple who happened to be walking just sat down with me, and told me I was going to be okay.

Photo: Creative Commons/akrabat

They sat with me for almost an hour, helping me calm down enough to go back inside and face my family. They must have been freezing. I don’t even remember what we talked about. They were incredibly kind, and I was so grateful. Two total stranger showed me so much love, kindness, and support just because they saw I needed it. I hope they have been well since then. Reddit user: actuallyasuperhero

Meeting A Childhood Hero

I was at a baseball event where you got take pictures with the players. It was a fan-fest. One of the best players on the team came out, and everybody got in line to greet him. His line was incredibly long. My mom told me it was almost time to go home, and after I checked the line and saw him from afar, I knew I wasn’t going to see him.

Photo: Joint Base Langley-Eustis/Airman 1st Class Kaylee Dubois

As I was walking back, someone from the front of the line called me and said, “Hey, you want to see Jose Fernandez?” I looked back, and he was looking and waving at me. I had no clue who this guy was. I had never seen him before. I went up to him, nodding my head, and he told me that he saw my sad reaction and wanted to make me feel better.

So he let me skip the line in front of him so that I could meet the player and take a picture with him. I shook the stranger’s hand, told him “thank you” way too many times, and I never saw him again. It is literally one of the nicest things a stranger has ever done for me. I still have the picture today. Reddit user: The_­ajc

VHS Cartoons

This was in the 90s when I was growing up. My mom used to take us to one of the local fast food places from time to time, and we would sometimes see this one nice old man who would would always say hi to us. One time, he gave us a VHS of cartoons he recorded himself, and he had even cut out the titles and pasted them on the cover from a TV guide.

Photo: Creative Commons/sludgen

Now that I think about it, the fact that he took the time to record it for us was so sweet. There was the Animalympics, Fluppy Dogs, Duck Tales, and so much more on it. My siblings and I loved watching it over and over again, It remains one of the greatest childhood memories that my siblings and I share. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Found Before He Knew It Was Lost

On a Monday, I came home from work to find a letter in the mail. It was addressed by hand and the return address wasn’t familiar. My immediate thought was, “This can’t be good at all.” I opened it to find my driver’s license and a note. I was unaware that I’d even lost my driver’s license to begin with.

Photo: Creative Commons/osseous

Apparently, on the prior Saturday, I’d somehow managed to drop it from my wallet. This nice person found it on the sidewalk, went home, wrote her note, addressed it to me, and mailed it before the Saturday pickup. By Monday, it was back in my hands before I was even aware that it was missing. Reddit user: conditerite

The Uber Driver

I had an elderly female Uber driver pick me up from a Wal-Mart where I had just bought a car battery and some tools. She brought me to my car, and stuck around as I was trying to change my battery, even though I had insisted that I would be okay and that I was appreciative of her concern.

Photo: Creative Commons/JeepersMedia

It turns out that the wrench set I bought did not have the right size needed to get out the old battery. She called her son, who was a mechanic, and carried tools around with him to come by and help me change my car battery. It totally turned my day around. Thank you, kind stranger. Reddit user: CactusRoy

Faced Away From The Carnage

I was in San Francisco, alone with my young kids. We got on the cable car and had only gone a couple blocks when a taxi minivan ran a red light and slammed into us. We were okay, but many were not. It was a very scary scene. A lady suddenly was sitting next to me, and grabbed one of my kids and sat him on her lap, facing away from the carnage.

Photo: Creative Commons/Fartese

I grabbed the other child and did the same thing. She sat on my lap, facing away. We were not allowed to leave for a long time as we were witnesses. I did not see that lady before the accident occurred, but she was a lifesaver for me at that moment. That was over 20 years ago, and I still think of it. Reddit user: [Redacted]

Dog Trouble

I was at a dog-friendly beach with my family. Now, my dog isn’t the best with other dogs, so I tried to keep my distance and to just have our own fun. At one point, I was sitting down with my dog. A woman decided to walk unnecessarily close to our spot with her dog. My dog had gone wild, barking and lunging, which kind of created a scene. I was about 18 at the time, and I felt completely overwhelmed and embarrassed. I started crying just from being exhausted by my dog and having to deal with her issues. It just so happened that another woman nearby saw the whole thing go down, and she decided to come over to me.

Photo: Creative Commons/cogdogblog

She had asked if my dog was friendly, and she took a seat down next to me. She started saying that she could tell my dog was a good dog, and she told stories about her life, just trying to cheer me up a bit. She ended up giving me a hug and telling me things were alright. She was so kind and genuine. I think about her occasionally, and I hope she’s doing well. Reddit user: Cactihoarder

Losing $500

I once lost $500 in a bank envelope after withdrawing it from my account. I got back to work, and realized I couldn’t find the envelope. I freaked and immediately took off to backtrack my errand runs. Finally, after about an hour, I was ready to give up hope. I just lost 500 freaking dollars in cash, and there was no way I could get it back.

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Then my bank called me and said they found my money. Another customer found it in the bank’s parking lot and returned it. The customer left a number and so I called this wonderful old woman in absolute tears, thanking her for returning the money. She said she knew someone would be missing it, and it was the right thing to do. She was truly an angel. Reddit user: viktor72

Snacks And Great Manners

When me and my friends were teenagers, after school, we went to a local supermarket. My friends were acting stupid and rude like teenagers do, and I told them that good things would happen if they did good things. They were annoyed at me, so I went off to another aisle to get something to eat. A man who probably heard my bickering almost bumped into me in the process.

Photo: Pxfuel

I immediately apologize and told him I was very sorry for my actions. He proceeded to say it was no problem, handed me a $20 bill, and said “This is for your great manners.” I really wanted to thank that guy. I got a great sandwich and some snacks for my friends and me. It was a small act of kindness that made my day. Thanks guy. Reddit user: StrikingSteak

A Nice Guy Doing A Nice Thing

I was stranded at an airport overnight when I was coming home from college for Christmas. A late flight came into the gate where I was sleeping, and everyone walked by me on their way out, except one guy, who kept looking over his shoulder at me. He turned around a couple times in my direction, obviously conflicted about something.

Photo: Creative Commons/Sam Marto

Eventually he approached and introduced himself. He was the defensive line coach for Northwestern University’s football team, and since he traveled so much, he had a lot of Marriott points, so he offered to get me a room for the night. Eventually, he convinced me he was trying to do a good deed, and just wanted a girl his daughter’s age to not be stuck in an airport alone all night.

I took him up on it, and he called the hotel to make sure I got room service the next morning and everything. It was one of those stories that sounds like it’s gonna end horribly, but it was just a nice guy doing a really nice thing for a total stranger. I still root for Northwestern during football season because of him. Reddit user: kelleyv23

Greyhound Protection

I was 17 and riding a Greyhound from California to Colorado. I was sitting in the front, with an empty seat next to me, talking with an elderly couple across the aisle. We were coming up to the next stop when the woman left her husband’s side and came to sit next to me. I kinda thought it odd, but thought maybe she was hard of hearing and just wanted to hear what I said better.

Photo: Creative Commons/djupp

At the stop, three raggedy men came aboard. I guess there was only three seats left on the bus, and the woman sat next to me so that the man would be seated next to her husband and not me. Somehow, they figured out the situation before we even got to the stop. This dear woman took it upon herself to protect me from having to travel next to a yucky person. I’m 54 now, and I will always remember that kindness. Reddit user: Granny_knows_best

Late Fees

When I was six or seven, I had to do a report for school about a mammal. I was really into pandas at the time, but thought it would be neat to base my report on bottle-nosed porpoises, since most people didn’t know they are mammals. My mom got a library book on pandas for me, thinking I would want to do that instead, but I stuck with the porpoises.

Photo: Creative Commons/Katie Hannan

Months later, my mom found the panda book and made me return it to the library, and said I was responsible for any late fines. I had been saving my $1/week allowance for something special, and was devastated when the librarian told me the late fee was almost $9–almost all of my savings. I paid it and went outside to walk home, but sat on the front stairs bawling my eyes out.

The librarian eventually came out, comforted me, then gave me my money back and said she had paid it for me. I wish I knew who she was now, and how I could thank her. Reddit user: serenitynow116

Dear Old Norman

I used to work in a bar. There was an old guy who would come in each day at six, and have a pint of bitter. One night, I got mugged and my rent was stolen. I was pretty shook up. They me hard and smashed my glasses. A couple of days later, the old guy came into the bar and gave me the amount of money that was stolen.

Photo: Flickr/Fresh On The Net

I tried to say no, but he insisted, and told me a story about how a stranger had helped him out. He made me promise that when I met someone who needed help, that I would. I promised. I’ll always remember Norman. He died a few years after, but this gesture from an unexpected source was enough to get me back on my feet again. Reddit user: x-men4ever

For A Beautiful Couple

I was at dinner at a fancy steakhouse with my then-pregnant wife. We were about half way through our dinner when the waiter came up and asked if we would like a glass of their 1997 Dom Perignon. The first thought in my head was, “What the heck, why would you ask a random couple for that expensive of a glass of champagne?”

Photo: Creative Commons/alter_schwede

I politely declined as I didn’t drink and she was pregnant. He said, “Oh, okay. Would you like me to bag it for you?” We looked at each other, confused. I didn’t understand. He told us a gentleman in the restaurant had purchased it for us. I asked who, and he said that the person preferred to remain anonymous.

So we spent the rest of the dinner in shock, but also weirded out that someone was watching us have dinner and we had no clue who. I asked for a piece of paper to write the stranger a note. A gentleman came walking up and told us what a beautiful couple we made, and he wanted to give it to us as a gift. We still have it and this was in 2005. Reddit user: majorchamp

Picking My Mom Up

I was trying to get my elderly mother out of the car in front of her rehab center, and she kind of folded, and ended up on the ground. I’m small, and sat there in horror and dismay not knowing how I’d get her off the ground. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man appeared. I thought he was from the rehab facility. He kind of scooped her up into her wheelchair.

Photo: Flickr/Senior Guidance

I turned to thank him, but he had walked back out to the street. I realized he was just some random nice guy walking by. He picked my mom up, didn’t say a word or accept thanks, and just went on with his day. I was in a fragile emotional state then because of my mom’s heath, and it was very touching. Reddit user: Bec-o-Bec

Thanks For The Meal

When I was about 15, I was going away on a school trip. I was really hungry, so at lunch, I rushed into Mc Donald’s. I was in the queue in front of this huge guy with a big white beard. He had a metal jacket with spikes, piercings in his ears and nose, and head-to-toe tattoos. I remember looking at this guy and thinking, :Jesus, that guy is an odd person.”

Photo: Creative Commons/Joribab

I asked for a quarter-pounder, and counted all my money, which came to about a dollar less than I needed. I asked my friends, but they had no change, and I was about to walk out. The odd guy walked around me to stop me, and asked the cashier to ring up a Big Mac, which he paid for. I was literally in awe that a random person would do this for me, knowing I couldn’t do anything to pay them back. It taught me a valuable lesson not to judge people. Reddit user: ­AnonOp

Warmer On The Inside

Last winter, I was flying through Nome, Alaska on my way back to Anchorage after a week on St. Lawrence Island. Unfortunately, we ended up marooned in Nome for quite a while. We weren’t allowed to wait at the airport, so one of the desk agents gave us a lift five miles into town.

Photo: Creative Commons/Gillfoto

Around the time when we needed to start walking back to the airport, a random family we bumped into in the grocery store offered to drive us back out to the airport. It wasn’t much for either of these people, but it saved us a walk in the frigid air, and left me and my companions a little bit warmer inside. Reddit user: [Redacted]

A Nice Payout

On my 21st birthday, my grandparents took me to Reno, NV so I could learn to play the slots. I had $100 for the weekend. By Saturday night, I was quickly down $50. I wasn’t having much fun and was starting to wonder how my grandparents enjoyed losing money all the time like this.

Photo: Creative Commons/FolsomNatural

As I was putting quarters into a slot machine, and about to call it a night, an old man walked up to me and told me that the slot machine down the way was going to pay out soon. He worked on the machines and he had been watching it all night. So I shrugged, gathered up my meager bucket, and wandered down to it.

The first four quarters went in. Nothing. The next four quarters went in, and I hit the jackpot! It paid out enough to pay for the entire trip and fund a new PC for me. I haven’t gambled since. Reddit user: SageRiBarden

The Key To Kindness

I used to teach in China. One day, I came home from school, and my key snapped in the lock to my building. I only knew enough Chinese to order fried noodles, so I gestured to a few people that my key was broken. They sympathized and pointed to places, but I didn’t have a clue what they were saying. I couldn’t understand them at all.

Photo: Creative Commons/Plonq

Then, one lady saw my key, grabbed me by the arm, and walked me a stall hidden in the basement of a large warehouse where people sold fresh fruit on the ground floor. Behind the stool was a man who managed to cut a new key out of my broken key. I tried to pay, but the lady did not let me. She then walked me all the way back to my flat to make sure the key worked. It did. Reddit user: TheAmblingBristolian

At The Right Time

When I was 13, my father died. My mom had emergency surgery shortly after, and this was all right before Christmas. My mom was so worried that my brother and I wouldn’t have a nice Christmas because she was in too much pain to go out shopping, and online shopping wasn’t as easy as it is now. One night someone knocked on the door after dark.

Photo: Creative Commons/krash63

We didn’t see anyone through the peep hole, but my brother opened the door and found a huge basket filled with all kinds of homemade treats and little gifts. It also included gift certificates and gift cards, but no names. We have a lot of close family friends, and I assume it was one of them, but I don’t know who.

Every year, until I went to college, they brought us a gift, and they were all lovely. But none made us feel as loved as that first one did, which came during a time of much heartache. Reddit user: [Redacted]