People Share Their “Neighbors from Hell” Stories

People Share Their “Neighbors from Hell” Stories

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Most of the people in the world, except those who live off the grid or in some kind of self-imposed exile, have neighbors. These are the people who are supposed to have your back if anything goes wrong with your house, and generally, you hope they’ll be people you can count on to give you a nice smile and cheery “good morning” as you head to your car for work.


But that’s not always the case, as the people in these stories know. They understand better than anyone else that great neighbors can be extremely hard to come by. If you’ve got neighbors that you (at the very least) don’t mind, they should be treasured. Why? Because they’re nothing compared to the worst of the worst when it comes to neighbors. The people of the internet shared their shocking and downright crazy stories of the neighbors they couldn’t wait to get away from.

How Long Will You Be Gone?

My wife and I purchased our first house about three years ago. We had been saving up for a while and were pretty excited about it. While moving in, there were my new neighbors drinking on their front porch, no big deal. While bringing the last load of boxes into the house, my neighbor comes up, welcomes me to the neighborhood, and mentions how nice my TV is.

Photo: Lawson

Fast forward one week; we’re headed out to dinner, and this neighbor stops me before getting in the car and asks how long we’ll be gone (huge red flag). I lie and tell him I’m just running to the gas station one block away and will be back immediately. Twenty minutes later, I get a phone call from the local police.

This moron broke into my house in broad daylight with three other neighbors watching (luckily these neighbors weren’t pieces of crap too). He cut his hand on the window he was attempting to climb through and used his bleeding hand on every doorknob in my house. He’s now a number in the US penal system. Reddit user: Ryanh1985

Trashy Neighbors

We lived in a duplex in an area with a lot of raccoons, and the best advice our landlord gave us was to keep our trash inside the garage until the day that it got picked up. Don’t leave it out overnight, because the raccoons will get into it and drag it everywhere. Our neighbors refused to do this, and our yard was almost constantly covered in trash.

Photo: Gadal

They even decided once to hang a trash bag from the light by the back door, and our backyard was covered in trash within an hour because it was easier for the raccoons to get. I picked it up sometimes, but holy crap was it obnoxious. It makes me understand why some neighborhoods hate rentals. Reddit user: Brilliantchick1

The Hoarders Next Door

My neighbors in the crappy apartment I moved to after I moved out of my parents’ place were crazy to the extreme. We started getting roaches in our apartment about 2 months after they moved in. Then came mice. Then came RATS. It wasn’t out of place to see a mouse or rat or two run by every single night.


About once a month, we’d call 911 on them because we’d find one of them passed out in the parking lot, or on the doorstep, or on the stairs. They came over and asked if it was us who kept calling 911. Then they cursed us out because they didn’t have insurance and had to take out numerous payday loans to cover the ambulance costs. We broke our lease and moved out after “someone” took a crap on our welcome mat. I was not getting involved with human feces. Reddit user: Not_A_Good_Gardener

The Gun Range

The neighbors set up a firing range on their property. It wasn’t a problem at first since there’s a lot of forests near me and I occasionally hear the pops of the shots. The problem was that the targets were set up in such a way that they were shooting towards my house. I don’t know whose smart idea that was to begin with.

Photo: Hunt

I told them that wasn’t particularly safe. They told me it was, so I asked for the paperwork. In Ontario, a range has to be certified. You can have one on your property to shoot, but it has to be legally designated as one. I was promptly told to buzz off. So I tried to get info on their range certification. It turns out the police really don’t like illegal gun ranges. Reddit user: Drando_HS

For the Love of Sheep

I live on a farm, and we had one guy who was a real jerk. He was known to have definitely stolen sheep from us; in some cases he had shorn the wool off them, sold it, and returned the sheep. He demanded that we front the bill to fix the fence despite it being between our two properties and refusing to split the costs.


He also had someone else’s bull jump into his property, used it to service his cattle for two years, and when the owner tracked it down, the guy demanded to be paid the agistment costs or he wouldn’t return it. He had a house on the property that he rented to his farmhand, and the farmhand found him in there one day going through his things. He told the farmhand he wasn’t allowed to leave the property under any circumstances while under his employ. The guy quit straight after that and wanted to work for us. Reddit user: goondalf_the_grey

They Never Stop

My next-door neighbor is lovely in nearly every way. He’s friendly, has a cute dog, and he brought us fish and chips for lunch on the day we moved in. He watches our house when we’re away and deals with repair people if we’re at work, since he’s retired. Practically perfect in every way.

Photo:[email protected]

BUT there’s one thing that gets on my nerves in a way that nothing else in the world does. His garden is full of wind chimes. Like, there could well be more than 100. The constant chiming 24/7 makes me want to garrote him. I hear them in my sleep. I hear them at work. I swear they’re following me. The chimes never stop. Reddit user: flosiraptor

Kids and Their Volume

The neighbor’s kids, man. It starts every spring. They only have one speech volume, which is scream. It sounds like children are being murdered on a daily basis. They jump all over my porch swing even though I have repeatedly asked the parents to tell them not to. They run up and down the stairs of my porch constantly.


I have a narrow driveway, and last summer the one got his bike wedged between my house and my cars’ passenger door and scratched the crap out of it. Basically, they just run wild and the parents either don’t care or are too tired to notice at times. I don’t know when I turned into a crotchety old man at 30, but dang, those kids.

All About Pam

Pam was a single mom with her teenage daughter, and for the first few years, we more or less got along. I helped her move some furniture in one time, listened to her complain about her work, and ignored the smoke that billowed off of her adjacent back deck. I don’t know what caused it, but Pam started to lose her mind.


Everyone was out to get her, myself included…and she loved to call the cops whenever she could. Once she called the cops because the garbagemen put my trash can too close to her driveway after emptying it. Usually, it was for watching TV at 9:00 pm at night, because she thought any noise was a pointed attempt to keep her from sleeping.

The craziest was when I was having an argument during the summer (and some windows were open). Pam called the police and told them that I had been recording an argument that she had with her daughter and was playing it back on loop to torment her. Pam was nuts. Reddit user: Yakra

Going Number Two on the Wrong Lawn

My neighbor has 3 dogs, which they let outside twice a day to poop. The dogs are friendly and not very loud…except they always poop on our lawn. My husband and I have actually seen our neighbors encourage their dogs to use our lawn; they physically lead the dogs to our lawn or discourage them from going on their lawn, etc.


I finally had enough, so I got my garden trowel and flicked all their dogs’ poop onto their lawn, which they said nothing about. But today my husband went outside to mow the lawn and caught the neighbor encouraging their dogs to go onto our lawn. The neighbor acted like nothing was wrong but quickly called the dogs back. Reddit user: [redacted]


We just moved to a new neighborhood and haven’t really met anyone other than the two houses on either side of us. On our right is a great single dad with two high school-aged kids and a sweet freaking baseball diamond in his backyard (you can see it on Google satellite, it’s legit), and to the right is the woman who calls the cops on them.

Photo: Tuason

Kids playing a game…cops. Kids outside doing nothing wrong, not even drinking on a Friday night…cops. Car in front of her house…cops. We’ve lived there four months now and her house has been egged twice. We’re trying to stay on her good side; thankfully, we’re quiet, so she probably won’t hate us. This is going to be an interesting life. Reddit user: [redacted]

The Rabbitmaster

We’ve got a neighbor who we call “The Rabbitmaster.” This guy used to be the landowner of our housing division, and he set all the rules for what we could keep on our property. He was pretty chill about everything and never really troubled anyone. We started noticing domesticated rabbits appearing all over the neighborhood a few months after we moved in.


Apparently, this guy had a rabbit breeding mill in his backyard where he was breeding hundreds of rabbits to sell for pelts and meat. Eventually, he got charged with some random crime and decided to flee the country and run off to Mexico. He illegally released all his rabbits before he did, and we saw the last rabbit about a year ago; it’s been 11 years. Reddit user: Mandylee123

Leaf It Alone

This was like 20 years ago when I still lived at my mom’s house. The house next door was a rental for a while and had several charming tenants over the course of a few years. This one guy really set the bar though. Said neighbor’s house had two large maple trees, and we had zero trees in our front yard.


Come late November/early December, we got some leaves in our yard. No big deal, I’ll rake our yard. There are other houses on the block with trees too, and I’m sure the big oak at the back of our house was contributing to the leaf mess as well. I don’t expect anybody else to rake our yard, just like they shouldn’t expect me to do theirs.

I come home from work at like 8 or 9 pm, and this guy is blowing all his leaves into our yard that I just raked maybe a couple of days prior. I mean I park and literally watch as this guy just smiles and waves like this is just a normal thing for somebody to do. I didn’t say anything, he didn’t say anything.

The guy went to bed, and I raked all those leaves at like midnight and covered his truck in a giant glorious pile. Then I put the hose to it. It got below freezing that night. His truck didn’t move for days. He never said a word to me about it. He didn’t blow his leaves on our yard again though. Reddit user: BtDB

Stupid College Kids

I have these stupid college kids that just started renting a house next to me. Every single weekend for the past three months straight, they’ve been throwing parties. That’s not so bad, even though they’re super loud and won’t shut up until about 3 am, and that’s only if I’m very lucky. In fact, I’ve learned to live with it.


What makes them the worst is that we live in a court, so whenever the party ends, all these drunk kids get in their cars and drive home. Almost every single neighbor, including me, had had windows shattered, cars dented, or side panels destroyed because of these idiots. Not a single note was left or insurance info exchanged. There were at least eight hit-and-runs in the last three months. Reddit user: Handlifethrowaway

Farm Living

I can’t decide if the worst was the Bible thumpers who moved next to my farm and then declared it an eyesore because of tall grass in pastures or the neighbor who stole thousands of dollars of equipment from my house. One cost me money, the other was a constant complainer to the cops because my goats were out grazing and making animal noises like animals baaing, neighing, and quacking.


I should be grateful my local police have learned to ignore them by now. Why did they move next to a farm if they hate farm animals? The wife called me mean after I told them to stop filling in my drainage ditch on my property that they felt was an eyesore. The eyesore drains their yard as well. Reddit user: Shiloh788

Noise Complaints

I once had an upstairs neighbor who expected perfect silence at all hours in an apartment complex. I’ve had the cops called on me for watching movies on a Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. You read that right, 2 freaking pm. We didn’t have a sound system at the time we lived there, and there were still parts we had issues hearing.


The cops came and always sided with her because she was old and “disabled.” Eventually we got so fed up with it that we transferred to a better apartment within the complex. I got word from other neighbors that she was still trying to call the cops on us for noise only for the police to show up to an empty apartment. Reddit user: [redacted]

Not Ready to Live on His Own

I had a neighbor who turned out to be a paranoid schizophrenic. About a week after he moved in, a loud argument erupted in his apartment and continued more or less uninterrupted for 36 entire hours until I went and knocked on his door around midnight. It became totally quiet, and I started to realize he’d been arguing with/yelling at himself all this time.


The next morning, he started hanging out the window shirtless (in the dead of winter) and yelling at people on the street, and I started contemplating calling the police. It turns out someone else did, and when the cops showed up, they met him coming back from having threatened people on the street with a knife, and he had cut himself.

For the next several months, the apartment was empty, and I figured he’d moved out, but suddenly there was someone walking between the floors and yelling. It didn’t take long before the police showed up again, and I’m guessing he won’t be back again this time. Reddit user: friskfyr32

Partying All Night and Day Long

I once had this young guy as a neighbor who had some rather loud parties, which whatever…I was young once too. I mean I never took it as far as this guy, but you know, not all people are the same. One time that stood out was when he’d brought his friend home Thursday morning after a long night of drinking.


Now, getting woken up around 4 am on a weekday is annoying, but the party kept going through midday and the afternoon, and at a certain point, you’ve just had enough of loud music and drunken yelling. When midnight came around again, I started getting more impressed at the stamina than anything. He was evicted shortly after, although I’m pretty sure that was due to never paying his rent. Reddit user: friskfyr32

Looney Tunes Style

In my first apartment, I lived above an old crazy woman, and that’s putting it very mildly. Our apartment was the only one on the third floor, and hers was the only apartment on the second floor. I had no idea what her problem was or why she had anything against me, but she did. And she took it out on me whenever she could.

Photo: Guidance

She once poured vegetable oil on the staircase leading to our door and then sprinkled thumbtacks on top of the oil so that we would slip, Looney Tunes style, and fall onto tacks. She screamed at us whenever she saw my roommates or me; we were 17- and 18-year-old girls. We called her “the crazy lady,” and we were not wrong. Reddit user: stefernie

Oh Scarlett

I moved into my house back in Oct of ’14. I very quickly became good friends with my neighbors and their daughter, Scarlett. Within a few weeks, Scarlett was telling people we were in a relationship. We hadn’t discussed it, and there was nothing going on except for a few visits here and there. Her mom even talked to me about it and told me Scarlett was in love.

Photo: Creative Commons/San Diego Shooter

It seemed to be a bit weird to me, and I was already seeing someone at the time. I figured it would pass and I’d just keep to myself. Then the gifts started showing up. She demanded they be displayed so people would know she was my girlfriend. She talked about me to her friends, and I’d get Snapchats from her saying how much she loved me.

Then out of nowhere, she was telling people we broke up. Ok, it was over. No more worries, right? Nope. A week later we were dating again. I haven’t seen her in about a week, so I’m not sure if we’re still together or not, but I’m going to her first baseball game in a few weeks. She’s pretty demanding for a 4-year-old. Reddit user: TerribleTimmy

Their Personal Dump

I used to have a neighbor that would constantly throw trash over their back fence into my yard. They did it all the time. During the summer, I would go out to the shed in the back and find the most random stuff, like a ripped open stuffed animal, used diapers, etc. I started throwing the trash back over, but it kept coming back no matter how much I battled it.

Photo: Cityman

As if that wasn’t enough, the teen son who had dropped out of school would work on his car in the driveway and blast music all day long. They also used to have a basketball hoop in their driveway that they eventually took down. They discarded the hoop and backboard in our front yard off to the side like we wouldn’t notice.

I kept pushing it back into their yard against the same fence they kept throwing trash over, but it somehow kept finding its way back into our yard. They were truly neighbors from hell. They eventually moved away, and all the problems cleared up. Reddit user: osepht

Why Have Dogs?

One lady has like six little dogs directly next door. Now, I’m not a hater on small dogs; my GF has a chihuahua, and he’s my best pal. He’s sweet and doesn’t bark often and I love him. That being said, these little jerks are the loudest, most vicious little demons I’ve ever met. The level of noise they make is beyond imagination.

Photo: Dixon

She’s violating pet ordinances with six dogs, but she lets these things out at any hour of the day or night and makes zero effort to control them. The entire neighborhood hates her, and I’m reasonably sure she contributed to my dad’s depression before he died. He was very sick, and getting woken up at all hours didn’t help in the least.

I don’t know why she even has dogs because they live locked in the basement; she never interacts with them except to let them outside. Oh, but she leaves a TV on for them down there. Over the years she replaces them as they die, too. Reddit user: [redacted]

The Undercover Cop

I had a neighbor who moved in just before I moved who was apparently a paranoid delusional. Everyone knew he wasn’t quite okay in the head, so we all tried to leave him alone. One day, he got into an argument with another neighbor and claimed to be an undercover cop working on a drug ring bust in the area. For proof, he showed him his uniform shirt and a badge.


The uniform shirt was a t-shirt with some random logo from a place he used to work many years ago on it, and the “badge” was literally a spiral-bound pocket notepad. I still own that house but don’t live there because of him. My renters haven’t had any problems that they’ve mentioned, but I haven’t thought to ask about that guy. Reddit user: [redacted]

The Relentless Troublemaker

We had permits for renovations and made 100% sure we were obeying every bylaw possible to avoid problems. We had a large disposal box for our reno garbage, and my neighbor called the company pretending to be us to remove it because the vibrations could potentially ruin his fence. Our neighbor called inspectors, cops, and friends/fellow neighbors to stall us for the entire process.


One day, just for fun, we lowered the permit for 15 minutes then put it back up. Within 30 minutes, an inspector came to check why our permit wasn’t up. We set up a video camera to record our neighbor pooping, peeing, and tossing his garbage in our box. We tried suing him for harassment but dropped the case because it was too much work. Reddit user: Biffmcgee

The Hoarding Speed Police

My neighbor is the textbook definition of a hoarder. They have two trucks (one broken down and one with a cab) that are full of trash, a pop-up trailer that’s full of trash, a pop-up tent that has trash all underneath it, and basically trash everywhere else. Their house reeks of cats from the sidewalk, and he just lets his outdoor cats breed and breed. Those cats come over to our yard and poop everywhere.

Photo: County Planning Commission

The only access to the driveways on my street is by the alley behind our houses. He likes to park his cars in the alley, and so does his son. He and his son also like to pretend they’re the speed police and will drunkenly scream at you and come into your yard to do so if they think you’re going too fast. Reddit user: minishaff

Nancy the Nut

When my parents moved, they had a neighbor named Nancy or “Nancy the Nut.” One time my mom was walking me in the stroller, and Nancy’s mother came up and started asking about me. My mom then asked her how many children she had. My parents got a misspelled and expletive-filled letter basically saying how dare they ask how many children a woman has. It was Nancy that wrote it.

Photo: Farm

She also put traffic cones in front of her house for no real reason (my dad accidentally backed up over one and dragged it half a block under his car) and then managed to kill the tree in her front yard by duct taping it (we have no idea why). She’s since passed away, but wow was she weird. Reddit user: PAKMan1988

Neighboring Nudists

In my first home, I had neighbors that lived across the street that had no problem walking around outdoors naked. Considering they were pretty overweight, it was not a pretty sight. Go to get the newspaper? Naked. Push out the trash? Naked. Water the flowers? Naked. They basically performed all their household chores in the nude and in full sight of everyone.

Photo: B

They had the policed called on them, we had group talks with them about their behavior, we took pictures and gave them to the cops, but nothing stopped them from walking around stark naked in front of everybody, including children. Then one day, a miracle happened: they moved! When the new people moved in, we were so overjoyed that we had a block party in their honor. They thought we were the nicest people ever. Reddit user: irishamerican

To the Pound

I have this neighbor that found a crack in his foundation; he had to rip up most of his lawn to fill it in. It turns out there wasn’t any space on his lawn for the dump truck with the gravel, so they drove up on our lawn and dumped it (I probably would have let him if he asked, but he didn’t).


When we got mad at him for it, he said he would fix the tire tracks in our lawn; it’s been six years and he still hasn’t, that lying idiot. We thought just he was a jerk, but it turns out his wife was too. When our dog got out of our yard, she took it to the pound. Reddit user: [redacted]


I once had a neighbor that came to be called “Simon.” We have no idea if that was his real name. Simon was special. He used to vacuum his house at about 4 am for HOURS. He was learning to play the guitar, but he would do it at times like 8 am when a lot of people still slept.


Later, it turned out he had also picked up singing and would let out yells that sounded like a walrus mating with an elephant in the afternoon. I never heard him sing a proper song; he would just let out screams that would make a banshee jealous. I don’t live there anymore, but I hope that Simon learns to play/sing one complete song. Reddit user: H3XAGON_

Their Cooking

Now that the weather’s nice out, it sucks because it’s hard to have the windows open, as my neighbor’s cooking ends up stinking up our whole upstairs. I’ve understood in the past when living in apartment buildings, but this is a townhouse development, and I don’t know what they’re cooking that’s that pungent.


Some days I can’t even go into the backyard without walking into a wall of smell. He (the neighbor) and his family have been the worst neighbors I’ve ever lived next to for so many reasons, but I’ve been smelling his cooking now since 7 am every morning, and it makes me want to rip my nose right off. Reddit user: TheDanimal438

The Neighbor That Won’t Quit

I had been living in a new area for seven months and found that my neighbor was pretty weird. Once, I looked out of my window to see my neighbor leaning over my 6-foot-high fence and stretching right into my yard to saw off some of the main branches of my tree. My tree had never extended over the fence, and her limb-hacking killed it.

Photo: of the pack

A few months later, she cut one of the wires attached to our boundary fence that was holding up a shade cloth in my back yard. I called the cops on her. And a couple of weeks later, all the plants along our boundary fence mysteriously died and seriously damaged some of my trees. And I still have no idea what her problem is! Reddit user: gadget_girl

Stolen Steaks and Cats

A neighbor stole my cat. The cat went missing for a few days, then showed up back at my doorstep. I took her back in. A few days later, there were “Lost Cat” posters on the doors with a picture of my cat! The neighbor came by while I was still figuring out what to tell her about the cat, and when I opened the door, the cat was standing there between my legs.


She was really flustered. When I told her that it was my cat and always had been, she said, “Well, I already paid to have her shots.” I can’t even fathom what she was thinking. This cat is a beautiful Bengal that likes to hang around on the steps outside of my apartment, obviously not a stray. Reddit user: sharksblessme

Fun Stuff

We used to have a pretty nice row house in a large east coast US city. The neighbors on the left side would let their dogs poop and pee in the concrete slab back “yard” and never cleaned it up. The stench was unbearable (as you can probably imagine), and poop water would drain toward our back door when it rained.


The house on the other side had a woman who left her six kids alone all night to destroy the house and keep us up. The oldest was about 8 and the youngest less than one. It was bedlam until about 2-3 am. They also never took out their trash. We were constantly fighting cockroaches coming into our house from theirs. Reddit user: UAintMyFriendPalooka

Peeping Toms

The downhill neighbor behind us cut down the hedge between our house and theirs and complained we were ‘peepers’ trying to look into their house from our terrace above. Something that was absolutely absurd. When their dog tore up our old 4-foot fence, we put up a 6-foot one topped by a 2-foot section of lattice so they could no longer see into our place.

Photo: Bonica

Then they built a 3-foot raised deck so they could see over again and called code enforcement and the police because we were ‘peeping’ again. I know, completely crazy, right? The police blew them off, and code enforcement cited them for the illegal deck, which they had to take down. I was more than happy when they moved out. Reddit user: Altarocks

A Mixup with the Snow

My next-door neighbors were the most irritating and confusing people I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet. They once threatened to sue us because, get this, some of “our” snow ended up on their side of the lawn. I live in Canada, and we had about four feet of snow on the ground at the time. Pretty sure I’m not responsible for nature.


These same neighbors, the day we bought a second car, put up a little metal fence on their side of our driveway. We have a more than double wide driveway with plenty of room for two vehicles and have never once even come close to touching their lawn with one of our cars. They’re just super weird. Reddit user: pecca

Mailbox Wars

My sister had a new neighbor move into the house next door, and right away he took down their mailbox. When she noticed, they went over to get it, and he said it was his and that it came with the house, even though it had my sister’s family’s name on it (due to a divorce, there were several names on it).


The police were called, and they got it back, but he ended up taking it a few more times over the course of the next six months. They eventually took him to court, but on the court date, my sister was in the hospital and couldn’t make it. The guy won by default and went right home and took the mailbox again. He mounted it on the roof of his front porch like some kind of trophy. It was very strange pulling up to their house and seeing their mailbox standing on his roof with all their names on it. Reddit user: citizen5645

A Danger to Nature

We had a pretty bad one. He would literally call the police on us once or twice a day. Every. Single. Day. At least we got to know our local police force pretty well. He would claim my dogs were mauling people, lives were in danger. I had two wonderful Australian shepherds, and they never bit anyone ever. But he would call daily anyway.

Photo: – UK Department for International Development

He made up so much random stuff, I can’t even remember it all. It started because he hated other neighbors and we defended them. He called hazmat on them once because they were rinsing off their jet skis and he claimed they were dumping waste in the street and it was headed to a stream at the end of the road. Full-scale fire trucks and police responded to that one. For water. After we defended that neighbor, he turned his attention on us. He would just make things up; I think he believed what he was saying. He was seriously crazy. Reddit user: shaylenn

All for a Tree

I was having a tree removed from the corner of my lot. My neighbor comes out and starts screaming at the tree remover guys (TRGs) that the tree is on her property and they’re making a big mistake, yadda yadda. Much swearing was used. I wasn’t home at the time, so to be on the safe side, the TRGs packed up and left.

Photo: Campbell

I brought them back to finish the job but made sure I was home at the time and was outside with a video camera when they started the work. After 15 minutes or so, I got bored and left, and THEN the neighbor re-appeared and started her tirade again. The TRGs just ignored her and finished the job. Reddit user: BlackJacquesLeblanc

A Two-Year Pool Battle

I live in a hilly area. The neighbor above us hired a bunch of idiots (not contractors) to do landscape work. They didn’t take the appropriate measures to prevent runoff. Well, it started to rain very hard, which caused their loose dirt to go past our fence, all the way down to our new pool, filling it with mud, destroying the built-in cleaning system, and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

Photo:é Morcillo Valenciano

The jerk refused to take responsibility for the shoddy work done, making it turn into a two-year feud where eventually we had to sue him to pay for the damage. Within those two years, he would scream and yell at us whenever we were outside, put multiple cameras looking directly into our yard and house, and would throw things into our yard that we suspected to be food poisoned to hurt our dogs.

Eventually, like I said, we had to sue him (only requesting money to pay for the damages and lawyer fees; we ended up forgetting about the damage to our fence, which now barely stands up), which we thankfully won, and finally he moved. It was hell for over two years, though. Reddit user: stonedape00

Wanna Hang Out?

When I was in high school, there was a neighbor kid that would come over every day of my life. He always wanted to “hang out,” but he was also impossible to get to leave. Now I understand what it’s like to have no friends and want to hang out sometimes, but I can’t devote my life to this kid.

Photo: Blue Van

One day, I was chilling in my room blaring music after school before my parents were home when I heard the doorbell start to ring wildly. I knew it was neighbor kid and was definitely not in the mood, so I just turned up the volume. Ten minutes later, I heard a knocking at my bedroom door.

I thought my parents had just gotten home and wanted me to turn down the music, but when I opened the door, there he was. Neighbor kid. He said, “Hey. Uh. You might want to turn your music down. I kept ringing the doorbell, and I even went around and looked in all of the windows, but I guess you couldn’t hear me. So…wanna hang out?” Reddit user: WILDCOX

She Still Keeps an Eye Out

My neighbor wanted to borrow my pressure washer to clean his fence. As he was cleaning the fence, the bipolar neighbor behind him started yelling and screaming that we were “keeping her daughter from sleeping” (keep in mind that this is 3:00 PM) and was generally freaking out. We couldn’t really tell what the problem was.


Somewhere along the fence, a piece of wood got dislodged and hit her in the arm. She called 911, and when they arrived, she was screaming and complaining like a crazy woman. I explained to the police what had happened, and she was taken away in the ambulance, still in a fit of rage, claiming that the neighbor had been drinking all day (he just got home from working at a hospital). Now, since she’s returned to her house, she’s installed multiple cameras and now keeps her backyard lights on. It was like something out of a movie. Reddit user: Cricetinae