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People Share Their Sweetest Instant Karma Stories

People Share Their Sweetest Instant Karma Stories

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The concept of karma has a long and somewhat complicated history, but the basis is that you get whatever you give out. If you dish out positivity, that’s what you’ll reap in return. If you’re an incurable jerk, be prepared to have the world come back to bite you for it. Sometimes, people who do cruel or heartless things don’t have to wait for the universe to take its sweet, sweet revenge.


In these hilarious and heartwarming stories, karma doesn’t wait days, months, or years to strike: it’s instant. And few things are quite as satisfying as watching it happen. The internet dished on those super satisfying moments when someone watched as karma came right back around to give people what was coming to them. Read on for the best instant karma stories.

The Seagull

I was buying some drinks at a Circle K one day while visiting someone in Florida, and these old tourists cut us in line, all the while complaining and yelling loudly about everything: how expensive everything is, how crowded the beach is, it’s too hot, etc. Generally, they were just being jerks to everyone for absolutely no reason at all….

Photo: 15.6 Million Views

They were also really rude to the cashier and took forever arguing about the prices, yet again. They left, and as we walked out, we witnessed a seagull come and snatch the guy’s hot dog right out of his hand. His wife then shrieked and dropped hers out of surprise. I know it isn’t that big of a deal, but it was so hilarious watching that happening that I still remember it 5 years later. Reddit user: [redacted]

Unpaid Wages

So when I turned 14 years and 9 months old, I was old enough to get a job (I live in Melbourne, Aus). I got a job at the local Subway restaurant. We were paid minimum wage and forced to take part in a Certificate 2 & 3 in retail operations because the owner would get benefits from the government for upskilling his workers….


After finishing our certificates, which we would spend hours a week coming into the shop to complete without being paid, one of the tutors let slip that we should be getting paid for those hours we put in (which would have totaled over 200 hours each for the year). We brought this up with our manager, who refused to pay us back, so we quit….

The tutor actually brought it up with the educational institution tutoring us, and the owner/manager of Subway was fined about $20,000 per employee by the government and ordered to pay back all the benefits he received. Reddit user: karma1990

Not Giving It Back

This happened while visiting NY. I watched someone bend down to pick up a wallet someone ahead of them had just dropped. All of this was going down in the crosswalk, and I was in a passenger seat. Guy A who picked up the wallet began to run it to Guy B, who was already across the street, and while doing so, his wallet fell out of his pocket and onto the sidewalk/crosswalk area….


Some dude in the bike lane rode up, bent down, and picked it up and just started heading off. My dad was about to say something when a cop car adjacent to us swerved in front of the cycler and made him give it back. The cycler bumped into the cop car and was trying to go around when he was tackled. Coolest instant karma I’ve ever seen. Reddit user: [redacted]

Where’s a Cop When You Need One?

We were driving home late from work one night, (both bartenders, maybe midnight). We live in a small community, and we were at the ¼-mile section that goes from 55 to 45 to 35 to 25. A giant lifted truck driver decided that he wanted to continue going 55 and was really up close and personal with the back of our car….


His brights were on, and he was so close you couldn’t even see his bumper. It was like his lights were in our car. Two seconds after we realized this was happening, one of us said, “Where’s a cop when you need one?” A deputy, at that moment, passed us going the opposite direction and immediately changed directions and pulled him over. It still gives me the warm fuzzies. Reddit user: [redacted]

No Help This Time

My boyfriend has a big GMC. One winter day, it was really snowy, and a bunch of cars had gone into the ditch, as they do. Because he’s a nice guy, he was spending his day off pulling people out for free. At one point, while he was helping someone, some jerk FLEW by him, wailing on the horn and flipping him off out the window….


My boyfriend got done pulling the car out and headed up the road in the direction that jerk had gone. A mile up the road, they found him standing outside of his car, which was now plowed into a giant freaking tree. My boyfriend honked his horn, waved, and kept driving. The dude just hung his head like a scolded dog. Reddit user: Carryoncrow

Being a Princess Pays

I worked at a grocery store. One day, I was stocking Instant Noodles on a big sale display. All I had was a cheap small step stool; you know, the one with the bar that runs across the top step? Reaching down to the stool from the shelf I was standing on was about three feet. I had a 60% chance that my foot would land on the top bar and collapse the thing….


So, I asked a coworker to use his shoulder as a handle as I got down. My supervisor called me a “princess” for getting assistance. Soon after, he (my supervisor) was stocking the two-liter Coke bottles on a sales display. He tried to get down from the stool. He took the 40% success rate jump onto the step, hit the top bar, and the step ladder collapsed….

He broke his arm and took down half of the display. I just clocked out and left before they told me to clean up the spilled soda all over the place. Reddit user: ChileConCaveman

Rudeness Never Wins

I work at a movie theater. One afternoon I was selling tickets at the box office when an older lady came up and asked me a question about our app (it’s a Cinemark app). I, however, wasn’t sure about the answer and told her that. She proceeded to say, very rudely, “Isn’t it your job to know? Are you stupid or something?”


Then, she turned around and noticed the mall cop was writing her a ticket for parking in a handicap spot when she didn’t have a handicap plate or placard. She took off running, screaming, “Wait, stop! That’s my car!” I couldn’t keep the huge grin off my face for the rest of the day. It was way more satisfying than I can ever say. Reddit user: [redacted]

The Guy in the Hummer

I had an idiot in a Hummer riding my tail at the speed limit down a steep, snowy hill, in the right lane, in the middle of winter, 20-30 seconds away from a light that clearly had less than 15 seconds left before turning. He decides to change lanes and floor it in an attempt to cover the last 20 seconds of ground in the 10 seconds left….


About 200 feet short of the intersection, the light turns red, and the moron finally decides it would be a good time to start slowing down. He slid through the red light, clipped the rear end of a tractor trailer, and took out the traffic light at the far end of the intersection. It turned out there was a cop a few hundred feet behind us who had a nice clear view of everything. Reddit user: [redacted]

Bad Footing

One time in middle school, this guy who was relatively new at our school was making fun of a girl in our class who had nearly fallen in the hallway in between classes; coincidentally this was a girl I had a crush on. He was a little bit of a class clown and was mocking her, making her look stupid and clumsy….

Dark Dwarf

Apparently, he misjudged his footing, and while attempting to jokingly mimic the way she might’ve fallen, actually fell for real and landed squarely on his back in front of everybody. He broke his arm in the process. Passing him by in the hallway, I saw him just lying there, surrounded by adults and staring up at the ceiling, face completely expressionless. Reddit user: CaptainCruiser

What Happens When You Speed

I saw this guy a few miles back weaving in and out of traffic across three lanes of highway. I was in the left-hand lane, starting to pass a semi, so I had nowhere to go except forward, and it was my absolute intention to get ahead of the truck and then get over so this idiot could go wreck somewhere else….

DBduo Photography

Of course, he gets up my tail as I’m already doing 10 over, and it’s not worth it for me to go faster, because in my state doing 80 mph will get you a much higher fine. So I get even with the front of the semi, flick on my blinker to let the guy know that I’m getting out of his very important way, and then start moving into the middle lane….

Speedy decides to try to cut me off on the right side, which also put him way close to the front of the semi (which is a ticket-able offense in my state as well). I slightly swerve back into the left lane, the guy accelerates up, and then from the righthand lane, an undercover car swings behind him, flicks on lights and sirens, and pulls him right over. It was fantastic to witness. Reddit user: [redacted]

An Unexpected Bonus

I worked for an events company, and the morning of our biggest annual event last year, I was sent to the office to pick up a couple of things. As I was leaving the office, another guy approached me with a sob story. I was in a very big hurry, so I gave him $10 and headed on my way….


The event went fine. It wasn’t great in terms of how much money we made, but we sometimes got bonuses at my job that were usually tied to the event and how much money it made. I wasn’t expecting a bonus due to a sub-par year, but two days later, I had a bonus check sitting on my desk. I’d like to think the karma gods were smiling on me. Reddit user: [redacted]

A Good Deed

My son and I went to Wal-Mart to get a new game for his DS. We got to the cash register, and I noticed the woman in front of me was upset. Her card had been declined, and she was purchasing baby formula. My son is fascinated with babies, so he was talking to the woman about her adorable little girl….


He put the game down and handed the distraught mother his video game money and said, “Your baby needs food more than I need Plants Vs. Zombies.” My heart swelled at this, and I was so proud that I got the game anyway. Well, as we were walking out, a lady approached us and said she saw what he just did. She gave him an envelope and said to open it when he got home. When we got home, there was a $100 bill and a note that said, “You deserve this, young man!” Reddit user: JeffreyGlen

Right on the Butt

In the UK, kids wear blazers and ties to school, and a common bullying tactic that jerks use is to run up to kids and pull their ties so they get really tightly knotted. On the ride home, the bus was really full, and I was standing in front of one such bully. He grabbed my tie JUST as the bus had to brake sharply….

Photo: Dwarf

He lost his footing, and the only thing keeping him upright was the fact that he was holding my tie. It turns out he had grabbed the wrong bit; it wasn’t knotted, since I decided to untie it as soon as the school bell rang. He fell on his butt. That was the last time I was “knotted.” Reddit user: dead-ced-dead

Nacho Order

I ordered the nachos bell grande at Taco Bell, and so did the man immediately behind me in line. We waited together for our food to get done, and when they called my number, he grabbed my food. But he looked at me and said, “You ordered the same thing as me, but I’m in a hurry, so you can just take mine when it’s ready.”


This guy didn’t give a crap what I had going on; he was in a suit and a tie, and I was in my construction work clothes. He took one step toward the door and slipped on something on the floor, spilling his drink and my nachos all over his shirt and jacket. That was the exact moment they called his number. I picked up his nachos, thanked him, and walked out the door. Reddit user: HotrodCorvair

Well Suited

I was in line at Wendy’s, and a gentleman realized he had misplaced his wallet. He ran to and from his car very flustered and jumped on the phone with his wife to have her look for it and drive to the Wendy’s. While he wasn’t paying attention, I stepped in front of him and paid the ~8 bucks for his food. It was just a lame situation for the guy, so I felt bad, even though he drove a Lexus….

Photo: Betta

The guy insisted that I don’t; I said, “Too late, bro.” I patted him on the shoulder and said to pay it forward with a smile. He approached my table and told me that was one of the nicest things he had ever witnessed, then he told me to come across the street after work to the tailor/suit shop. He got me an $800 custom suit. Reddit user: [redacted]

Fired for $1

I got to work and immediately got asked to deal with a difficult customer who had rung the store from a parking bay in our carpark. The lady says she has the wrong frozen drink and wants a refund and a replacement (literally a $1 drink); I oblige and take out the $1 and try to find out what drink she wants….


She goes off because she also wanted a refund for the fries because the whole event made her “sick to her stomach.” I say that I didn’t know she wanted a full refund, as it wasn’t mentioned on the phone. She keeps going on about the situation and that she’s now going to be late. I tell her that I’m going to get her refund to try and make sure she still gets to her event….

She throws the bag of fries at me, hitting me in the chest, and I grab it and walk off to get her refund. She keeps yelling until I get back with the $2.60. It turns out the man behind her watched the whole thing, and because she was in a company car, he reported her to the company (Tupperware); she was fired that afternoon​….

The lady then tried to get me fired, saying I caused it and to get compensation; our customer service team laughed at her, and eventually my owner had to call her. When he called her, she started swearing at him, and he told her, “If you’re going to swear at me, I’m going to tell Tupperware again” and hung up. Reddit user: Magnum231

Guard Your Rear

When I was in high school, there was always a bit of a bottleneck to get out of the student parking lot at the end of the day. Basically, you had to let people pull out of the aisles as you came down the side so you could leave. It was super annoying, but the teachers insisted we had to learn how to work together and be patient….


I let a car go from the last aisle, and then this guy I knew (the weirdest, meanest kid in the school; he tried to give himself the worst, cringiest nicknames on multiple occasions) darted out in front of me and then he and the idiots in his car started pointing and laughing at me. While he was looking back at me, he rear-ended the car in front of him. Reddit user: CantFindMyWallet

Blizzard Bummer

We were living in Cleveland at the time, and my dad was driving home in his old Cutlass. There was this massive blizzard that moved in on his way home, with snow falling so badly you could barely see. He was driving slowly, like 15-20 mph, because of the conditions. Some guy pulled up next to him and motioned for him to roll down his window….

Photo: Persse

My dad, thinking something’s wrong, rolled down his window. The guy called my dad a wuss, flipped him off, and told him to learn how to drive, then sped off. About 5 minutes later, my dad rolled up on an accident where someone smashed into a telephone pole. It turned out it was the person from earlier. Go figure. So my dad slowed down, rolled down his window, flipped the guy off, and told him he needed to learn how to drive. It was one of the happiest moments I ever saw my dad when he came home from work. Reddit user: [redacted]

Patience Is a Virtue

My dad told me this story. He was driving back from the shore when traffic got really bad. About a mile ahead, there was an accident that had brought traffic to a crawl. Stuff happens, my dad decides to be patient about it. Others weren’t so patient. People began driving on the shoulder in order to get ahead of the traffic. This ticked my dad off….

Photo: D. Schwartz

We all know how this goes. We do the right thing and are punished for it, whereas these jerks are skipping in front of traffic and will probably get away with it. He thought about following this stream of cars onto the shoulder but decided he’d do the right thing and wait. As he got closer, he saw two cops in a parking lot. One cop was directing all of the shoulder drivers into the parking lot, while the other wrote all of those drivers tickets. He describes it as one of the most satisfying things he’s ever seen. Reddit user: DrDudeManJones

Maybe You Should Pay More Attention to Your Work

I had a job as a mechanic. I got a part that was completely correct except the electrical plug was a different shape. I found out after I installed it. (For the record, it did plug in, it just didn’t have long enough prongs to communicate). I had to order the right part again and take this one off and install the right one, all while only getting paid to put on the correct one….

Photo: Bowe

My co-worker laughed and said, “Bet you won’t make that mistake again. Pay attention next time.” I, of course, recognized my mistake but didn’t need him to throw it in my face. His very next job, he put all four tires on backwards (some tires are directional). I said the same thing to him. I knew I would use it against him, I just didn’t know it would be that soon. Reddit user: GenerationSam

School Zone Shenanigans

There’s a busy road through town where I live. It’s normally two lanes, but over the winter, the right lane was shut down and the speed limit was reduced to 15 mph while they laid new sewer pipe. I was driving the posted speed limit when a lady in a BMW got behind me and started waving her arms and flashing her lights….


When we got out of the roadworks, she flipped me off and stepped on the gas, accelerating to 45-55 mph. I was more confused than anything but decided to ignore her and keep driving. She was still accelerating when she passed the cop parked in front of the local elementary school. It was a school day, so I think that ticket was a large one. Reddit user: [redacted]

Sorry Officer

It was about 1 am in the middle of town at a stoplight, and a nicer Mustang pulls up alongside me (I’m in a stock Corolla). The driver starts revving his engine, calling me names while his girlfriend is laughing. I ignore him, turn up my music, and keep driving. He peels out, takes off, and goes around the bend….


That’s when I see the cop pull out of a parking lot on the side of the road. I slow down and wave to the guy as he’s pulled over. He flips me off just as the cop is walking up to his window. I’ve never driven away from a situation so happy in my life. I was in a great mood for the rest of the week. Reddit user: [redacted]

Cutting Across

A friend and I were driving, and we’re behind a guy on a motorcycle. All of us come to a four-way intersection. Already sitting at the stop sign that’s going to cut across the intersection is another car. So, my friend and I slow down, and we expect the biker to as well because, duh, it’s a four-way stop. Nope!

Photo: R. Lively

The biker decides he’s going to blow the stop sign and keep going. But the car that was already there had pulled out and began to cut across the intersection. The biker slams on his brakes in time, and the car comes to a stop just a little past the biker. The biker is angry and slaps the back of the car. Blue lights flick on. The car was an unmarked cop car. Reddit user: JackReaper333

What a Mean Substitute

In the 6th grade, we had a substitute who might have been insane; no, seriously, something was wrong with that woman. She came in after our regular teacher had to go on maternity leave for a little while. She would show up and start yelling about the most random things. Most people were too afraid to talk when she was in class….


One day, she was subbing another class and stopped me on my way to the office. She told me how terrible my class was and how bad of a person and student I was (I was a quiet straight-A kid). I kept walking, and she followed. She stared at me while talking and walked into a large metal pole. I just kept walking when she fell to the ground. Reddit user: Jock_Ewing

Anything for Attention

As a teacher, I get to experience instant karma daily. One that sticks out in particular: I had a student when I was teaching at a middle school who was loud, obnoxious, and willing to do anything for attention. We had just finished an exam that required stapled papers in order to be turned in, and he kept hitting the stapler against his hand with it open….

Photo: Army Combat Capabilities Development Command

All I said was, “Hey, if you keep hitting that stapler against your hand with it open, it probably won’t end well for you.” He responded with, “I do this all the time, I’ve never been stap…” click. The student let out the loudest scream I’ve ever heard. He was bleeding and crying. I was laughing (on the inside, hopefully) and sent him out to the office. Reddit user: CodeDanger

Taking It Slow

I was in the passing lane on the highway slowly coming up on a couple of cars in the right lane. The speed limit was about to decrease ahead and another car came up behind me going pretty fast. Instead of gassing it to get ahead of the traffic to my right, I slowed down and pulled in behind them, with the car behind me right on my tail.


Once I got into the right lane, the car floored it and passed me, honking his horn, and the passenger’s body was half out of the car window yelling at me and flipping me off as they passed. It turns out the car I pulled in behind was an unmarked state trooper who promptly pulled them over. Justice. Reddit user: yesidumbx100

No Traction

We had light snow here in Jersey one day, and my friends and I wanted to make the most of it. We took a sled out and took turns lying on it on the road and pulling each other down the street with a rope. Yeah kinda stupid, but we were bored and it was entertaining. Anyway, some idiots in your typical bumblebee-sounding Honda Civic rode by and screamed names at us because there wasn’t any snow.

Photo: Michael Morris

They then gassed the crap out of the car, lost all control, and plowed into some bushes at the end of my street. My friends and I then watched as they fought for about 20 minutes to get their crappy Civic out of the bush because it couldn’t get any traction in what little snow there was. Ha! Reddit user: thecorkster

A Good Samaritan

I worked in a bar when I lived in Newfoundland. As I was on my way in one night, I saw a guy standing by the road with a sign that said something like “far from home, no place to sleep, and hungry.” I waved him over and gave him $5 (the only cash I had) and told him to take care of himself.


This was a Thursday night, and I always worked on the back bar, which never saw any traffic. I usually took home about $5 in tips for a Thursday, or $10 on a good day. That day, three separate people won big on the slot machines and gave me $20 tips each, and I ended up taking home about $75 in tips. Reddit user: nyerinohio

Running on Good Karma

I just finished grocery shopping. I load the bags in my car, get in and turn the key, nothing. My car is dead for whatever reason. I sit there for about another 20 minutes checking the wires on my battery, making sure everything is properly in place. I just changed the battery a month ago, it can’t be that. So I call my girl to pick me up, and she says it’s going to be about 20 minutes.

Photo: challenger1

I happen to see an elderly lady pushing a cart to her car. This cart has 4x more bags than mine did. I already know it’s going to be a struggle for her. I go over and offer her help. She accepts, so I help her load her groceries into her car. I go back to my car and think, “Eh, whatever. Why not give my car one more try?” Bam. It starts. My first thought, “This car must run on karma.” Reddit user: Ih8YourCat

In a Bunch of Muck

My family visited some friends one day after church when I was about 8 or so. They lived on a farm, so one of their kids and I went out to look at the cows. I was dressed in my Sunday finest, so I was very careful not to get all muddy. The other kid noticed and grabbed this stick with some muck on the end of it and started chasing me around.


He finally cornered me against some fencing and was about to throw the stick at me when I see their huge (70lb) golden retriever sprinting towards him from behind. At the last second, he raises the stick above his head and the dog, trying to get it, leaps and full-on tackles him. He lands face first in a mud patch, and I run away. Reddit user: IrritableGourmet

Icing on the Cake

My husband was in the Army. He was stationed in Washington, DC at the time. Traffic there can be a real headache. One day, during rush hour traffic on I-495, this idiot in his girly Miata takes advantage of the fact that I’m letting a little old lady merge on in front of me, and he cuts me off horribly to where I have to slam on my brakes.


No huge deal, I wasn’t going too fast anyway, but for some reason he deems it necessary to flip me off. Well, I lose sight of him as he’s weaving through traffic, cutting everyone off. As I get off on my exit, I notice an unusual amount of traffic piling up, causing me to slow down further. As I pull up to the accident, I become rather excited because I see that Mr. Jerk has rear ended someone.


Oh, not just someone…he’s rear-ended a police officer. The icing on the cake: we make eye contact as I’m driving by him, and I give him a huge cheesy smile and a big thumbs up. Reddit user: thecunningstunt


When One Gets Too Cocky


I used to work as tech support for a college campus. There are classrooms with motion sensors connected to the lights, so if no one is in the room, the lights shut off. I had a professor come into our office and tell us the classroom didn’t have working lights. I instantly knew what happened. The light switch was on, but the motion sensor turned them off.



When she flipped the switch, she was turning the lights off instead of on. So I bought a soda on the way to the classroom and hit the lights. They turn on. I go to the room where she’s temporarily teaching the class and tell her, “The lights are on in the room.” She asks, “How did you turn them on? I smugly reply, “I just flipped the switch.” Her entire class starts laughing. Feeling full of myself, I turn around and open the soda bottle I got from the vending machine. It explodes and sprays my face and shirt with Dr. Pepper. Reddit user: mattigus


A Laugh Worth $10,000


I was 20 years old, doing my second big paint job on a race car. It was a 3-day project, painting a front grill and chrome accents on a stingray style body on a drag car. A guy clears it, then claims he wasn’t happy with the final product (my work, not the clear) and says he won’t pay me the $500 he owes me. He cleared it already, so I didn’t even have a chance to fix it.

Photo: Cathrae

As this guy was an ex-marine and my boss’s friend, I wasn’t going to push it too hard. I was bummed, chalked it up to learning about not getting paid up front and giving people leeway. Two days later, when he takes it to race, he blows up the whole engine, costing him over 10 grand. I was secretly really happy. Reddit user: OSullivanArt

A Change of Heart

I was standing in line once at a convenience store when I noticed that the man in front of me had dropped a twenty as he was taking out his wallet. I and one other person in line had seen it fall. I stepped forward first and picked it up with the intention of returning it once his transaction was finished.

Photo: Elison

I made it clear that this was my intention, and the other bystander nodded in agreement. Before I could do so, the man freaked out and started yelling at the cashier because they were out of his particular brand of tobacco. At this point, I looked back at the other bystander, who grinned and nodded at me in approval. I used that $20 to complete both mine and the bystander’s purchases. Reddit user: Unpoopular

Not on Valentine’s

A couple of years ago at university, I was dating this girl for about a month, and things were not going well. She was gorgeous and amazing in bed; however, she was also a moron. Needless to say, I was hedging my bets. One day she came to my place after a night of partying and asked me to go to a movie. I say “sure,” and away we go.



Walking to the cinema, we started having another enormous argument, and I decided to end it right then and there. So I did. She would not accept it, and for like an hour, we were just fighting. Finally, she walked away in tears, and I was upset. Altogether, it was a bad night. Immediately afterward, I called my best mate and asked if he wanted to get a drink because of my unfortunate day.


I hung up and saw the date. February fourteenth. I broke up with a girl on Valentine’s day and didn’t even realize it. I sighed and started walking to my mate’s place. Then I got hit by a bus. Not a serious disaster, but it really hurt. I guess that’s what I get for breaking a heart on a day meant for love. Reddit user: SlyLikeAFox7

Karma from Mother Earth

I broke up with a woman who used me for both emotional and financial stability. She was a monster. One day while she was at work, I called up some close family members and friends to help me move out. I didn’t even tell her I was leaving. She didn’t deserve it. And so I decided to leave and be on my own.


We lived together by the beach, and the next day, her entire road flooded by about three feet, destroying all of the work she had me help her ex-boyfriend do to the beach house and the foundation underneath. Karma from mother earth herself sent via first class priority airmail, shipped straight to my ex. I was so happy when I found out. Reddit user: ph1lanthropic

With Arizona Plates

I live in Southern California, and 1 out of every 20 cars on the freeway is from Arizona. And I’m not saying all drivers from Arizona are horrible, I’m just saying that every time I almost got hit and could have possibly died from it, it was caused by someone with Arizona plates. I’m not even exaggerating or making this up.


I was driving and this woman kept weaving back and forth between two lanes; she was riding everyone’s tail. When she got behind me, I brake-checked her, and she and her even grosser passenger flipped us off. She switched lanes and rolled down her window to cuss me out, and in doing this, let go of her wheel and careened off the side of the road and down a steep dirt trench. It was beautiful. Reddit user: lutslanger96

Don’t Throw Rocks

Just last week, my wife took my kids (6 and 3) for a visit to my parents. While romping outside, our 6-year-old starts picking up rocks and throwing them. My wife tells her not to, but my mother proceeds to tell her it’s OK, and also that she should throw them at the geese. My wife, although angry that my mother has usurped her parental authority, doesn’t say anything in the interest of keeping the peace.


Not five minutes later, my daughter, for no apparent reason whatsoever, whips a rock at my dad, hitting him in the temple. Thankfully, he blew it off as an “accident,” but at least he and my mother both got to witness why my wife told our child not to throw rocks in the first place. It cracks me up every time I think about it. Reddit user: sirbeast

What Being Helpful Can Do

I was once in Bed Bath and Beyond, about to check out my items, when I noticed a very pregnant woman with about ten full bags struggling to open the door. I put all of my items to the side and told the next person in line to go ahead of me, then rushed to help her with the door. Afterward, I helped carry her bags to her car.


After they were all loaded into her trunk, she turned, thanked me, and handed me an envelope, saying that she hoped to repay me for my deed. After I got home from buying my items, I opened the envelope. Inside were two tickets to a sold-out concert that I had been dying to see. It was amazing instant karma. Reddit user: THE_DINOSAUR_QUEEN

A Muddy Mess

I was driving with a friend to work. There was construction on the road we normally take, so the lanes were shifted. The cars going the other direction on our left-hand side were being forced to drive in the gravel and mud. My buddy noticed this and pointed and laughed at them saying “Ha, look at those guys having to drive in the mud.”


Before his hand fell, one of the cars to our left had hit a puddle, and a big glob of mud came flying at my friend’s window. Sure enough, it was down just a tad, and he turned and looked at me with half his face covered in mud. It was amazing how instant it was. Now he doesn’t point and laugh. Reddit user: Hellion4s