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Redditors Describe Their Strangest Encounters With Ghosts

Redditors Describe Their Strangest Encounters With Ghosts

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Many people have felt a sudden chill followed by a glimpse of something moving in the corner of the room. But not all of them believe that spooky events like this might be because of supernatural forces at work. According to Scientific American, less than half of the population (42%) believes that these events could be caused by ghosts….

Photo: Creative Commons/Honza Soukup

Whether it’s as mundane as swearing that you didn’t leave your keys there or as outrageous as feeling like that vase definitely moved on its own, people have been blaming things on ghosts and the supernatural for centuries.  And even though their existence has been debated for hundreds of years, some people swear by what they saw.

Both believers and nonbelievers rallied together to share their spookiest supernatural encounters. Check out the creepy stories they have to tell.

The Dream Before Halloween

When I was about 12 years old, I had a strange dream shortly before Halloween. In the dream, I was out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. I was in this overgrown woodsy area in my neighborhood, running away from a house a couple of blocks away from where I lived….

I realized that I was running from the ghost of a woman when she came flying towards me. I woke up in a cold sweat, and that was the end of it…or so I thought. That December, I found out that the house that I had been running from in the dream belonged to an older woman who lived alone and didn’t have any family in the area.

A friend of my mother was delivering Christmas cookies and found her dead in the house. They estimated that she had been there since about August. It was the strangest thing that I’ve experienced. Reddit User: ayohriver

My Sister’s College Theater

I’m pretty lucid when it comes to these kinds of things, but I admit, there have been times in my life when weird things have happened with no normal explanation. When visiting my sister’s college, she sent me into the theater to get some stuff for her. It was after dark, and the building was locked, but she lent me her keys….

Now, she’d told me that the place had a reputation for being haunted, but being the skeptic I am, I took the keys and left without a second thought. I let myself in, headed to the closet where her stuff was, and someone walked up behind me. No kidding, I could hear the footsteps, feel the floorboards move and hear them creak. I could even hear the rustle of fabric moving….

Photo: Creative Commons/Snurb

There was an indefinable sense of there being someone else there. I turned around fully expecting to have to explain why I was there after hours, but there was no one there. After I wet myself, I started singing at the top of my lungs to mask the now ominous silence.

I grabbed my sister’s stuff and bolted out of the building. I never went into that building alone again, day or night. Reddit User: [redacted]

The Guy in the Top Hat

When my brother and I were around 4 or 5, we lived in a house that was about 100 years old. One day, we were walking up the stairs when we saw a tall man in a black coat and top hat walk into the living room, which was to the left of the bottom of the stairs.

A bit freaked out, we thought our dad was pranking us, so we called out for him. Both parents came out of the kitchen, which was on the opposite side of the stairs and isolated from the living room. I hadn’t thought about it for a long time, and we never spoke about it….

Photo: Creative Commons/YourCastlesDecor

Then about a month ago, my daughter asked if I believed in ghosts, so I told her the story. Literally seconds later, my phone beeps. It was my brother saying, “I was just talking to (partner) about paranormal stuff; do you remember the guy in the top hat?” Reddit User: Swallows84

The Yummy Poptarts

One time when I was 16 years old, I was home alone, eating a pop-tart in my basement while playing video games. I can’t remember where my family went, but I was happy to be in my own company. I got a text from a random number saying, “Yummm… pop tarts….”

Photo: Creative Commons/glemak

Absolutely no one was home, and the phone number’s area code was from North Carolina. I live in Ontario, Canada. I’d never wanted to see my family so much after receiving the message. Reddit User: adrzz44

My Friend’s Home

I used to visit my friend at her home out in a rural farming area before she moved. I’d sleep over a lot, and we’d just hang out and draw. I usually slept in the living room on the couch, and there were two mirrors in the room close to the television.

Photo: Creative Commons/Steve Armitage (Shanks)

When it was off and I would walk by, I started seeing shadows move behind me. I thought it was just the warped television screen or something. Then, one evening, I walked into the living room to get my sketchbook. I bent over and picked it up, stood up straight, looked in the mirror, and there was a man behind me….

The man was standing in the hallway leading to the living room. He was of average height, bald, and a bit old. When I turned to look at him, no one was there. I felt a little spooked. Reddit User: Parole model

My Mother’s Visit

On the night that my mother died at approximately 7 pm, her very old grandfather was getting ready for bed at a nursing home about 200 miles away from the hospital. He was just about to get into bed when he stopped and said he couldn’t, because “Trish was in it….”

Photo: Creative Commons/Josephine Pugh

Trish was my mother’s name. He sat patiently in his bedside chair, and at about 7:10 pm, he smiled and said, “She’s gone now” and got into bed. An aunt witnessed this. Reddit User: PyloUK

The Ghost Kitty

My grandmother has a ghost cat in her house, and it’s not shy about making its presence known. She makes her bed every morning, and sometimes there are little paw prints on the bedspread and wrinkles where a small cat laid. She can feel it walking across her bed sometimes….

Photo: Creative Commons/Noel C. Hankamer

It’s been going on for about 20 years now. I just told my cousin this story, and she replied, “I would feel it jump up and sleep with me every time I slept in that bed.” Reddit User: [redacted]

The Man in the Mask

Once I was staying over at a friend’s house and was sleeping in her bed. She had a large double bed pushed up against the wall, so we both slept in there. I slept with my back facing the room that night, with my friend sleeping next to me. About midway through the night, I started having a very elaborate dream about work.

The dream wasn’t anything significant; then, as it progressed, it became more ominous. A man wearing a Japanese kabuki mask was chasing me around my workplace, attempting to hurt me. At some point, I began to wake up, as I felt someone standing directly behind me. At that point, my wakeful state began to set in further.

Photo: Flickr/ Tommaso Meli

I could feel someone gently stroking my hair. Terrified, I laid there, slightly disorientated as I was still somewhat in my dream. Then I hear a gravelly voice from behind me say, “Hello little girl.” I am fully awake at this point but laying still as can be, with my eyes pressed shut, fearing for my life….

Finally, I mustered up the courage to sit up in bed and look around the room. There was no one there. I told the dream to my friend. She recounted seeing an older man spirit wandering around her house. Reddit User: dawrina

My Jewelry Box

When I was about 13 or 14, I lived in a normal block house in a suburban neighborhood with my family. The previous tenant told us that her husband passed away in the house, but we weren’t told specifically where. One night after I turned the lights off to go to sleep, I heard a loud rustling noise and then a bang that caused me to jump up and turn the lights on….

Photo: Creative Commons/Abbey Hambright

Everyone in the house heard it and ran into the hallway to see if I was ok. As I looked into my room to see what the noise was, I saw my jewelry box, which had been latched shut, fully open with all the drawers hanging open. I threw that thing in the closet so quick and never pulled it out to use it again. I still heard things in that house.

One night, I was watching something funny on television in my room and heard a man (seemingly sitting right next to me) laugh in my ear as clear as day. Reddit User: meatballzzzz

Uncle Joel

My brother Joel passed away after an ATV accident a little over four years ago. My daughter, who had just turned three, kept waking up in the middle of the night and coming into my room. When I would take her back to bed and ask her why she was getting up, she would reply, ‘The guy in my room….”

Photo: Creative Commons/Eternal*Voyageur

She would always point to the corner that her dresser was in and swore there was a “guy in her room.” Not long after that, she began talking about Uncle Joel, who she never met. It was really weird! Reddit User: PyloUK

My Old Toilet

Before I moved to my current house, I shared a bathroom with my sister when I was a kid/in my pre-teen years. Occasionally, I would hear the toilet flush and think, “Oh, it’s just (sister) taking care of her business, I don’t really care.” One day, when we’re the only ones in the house, I was doing homework in her room, and we hear the toilet flush by itself….

Photo: Creative Commons/kornilios81

So, we both wondered what in the world happened and checked, and we saw the water in our toilet go down by itself. We both thought it was just broken, so we told our dad, and he fixed it. Then a mysterious flush happened again in the early morning around 1 am, and I knew it wasn’t my sister using the bathroom since the bathroom light wasn’t on.

I didn’t think much of it until I was using the toilet and it flushed by itself again before I finished my business. Needless to say, my childhood self was freaked out. Reddit User: hruhiist10

My College Apartment

My first college apartment was haunted. There was a really long hallway that led from my room to the front door. At night, I would often hear footsteps echoing in the hall when my roommate wasn’t home. My dog would hear it too and just start barking and looking out into the hall as if he saw someone there.

Photo: Creative Commons/leondz

One night, while I was studying, I noticed the sign hanging on my doorknob start swinging back and forth. No windows were open, the AC wasn’t on; there was no reason for it to be moving. I said, “Stop!” and it promptly stopped. Reddit User: lykingIt

One of My Clients

I am a mental health therapist, and one of my schizophrenic clients said he was seeing a girl in his room, and she was talking to him. We believed it to be a hallucination, as he was living alone. The doctor I was with decided to challenge his delusion and had him take a picture of her so he could “meet her.”

Photo: Creative Commons/leondz

During the next visit, he brought a picture. And yes, she was there. To our astonishment and horror, there was a picture of him on the couch with a strange, creamy, ghost-like image of a girl hovering behind him, shrouding him in white like wings or hair. She was very light in color, a subtle shimmering image….

What was eerie was seeing him sitting on the couch with his head down, very depressed. The doctor, in utter amazement, knew medication wouldn’t treat this and said, “I can’t help you with this…. You are going to need to see your clergy.” Reddit User: Sushi_lover

The Writing on the Mirror

This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. Most people I tell try to come up with a logical explanation, but there is none. After living in my new house for five months or so, I decided to take a shower. I had taken a ton of showers in that bathroom already, so it’s not like it was anything new.

Photo: Creative Commons/leondz

So, I take my shower, get out to dry myself off, and look at the steamed-up mirror, which appeared to have something written on it. In PERFECT writing (no human could do with their finger) read something along the lines of “Dear Father, please forgive me….” I completely forget the rest because I was just so freaked out.

But it was terrifying. The bathroom door was locked the entire time, and no one could have gotten in. It had also never been there any other time I took a shower. Reddit User: kenzie14

“Help Me”

I was watching television in my old house when all of a sudden, the show cut out and a blue screen appeared in its place. When I looked closely, there was some text on the bottom. The words read, “Help me. Can you help me?” Immediately I thought that it was a part of the show….

Photo: Creative Commons/One Tree Hill Studios

It was really creepy, and then I started to think that it might not be. I got right out of there. It reminded me of that 2002 horror movie The Ring. Reddit User: letsgetlostbye

My Father

I woke up one night to get a glass of water and passed my dad on the way to the kitchen. I asked him something about where was he going. He walked right past me like he didn’t see or even hear me…like he was in a type of trance. He just walked out the front door. When I looked out the front window, he was sitting on our sidewalk under a tree, hands on his knees, staring into the dark.

Photo: pxhere

I went to my mom’s room to ask her what dad was doing, and she said, “What do you mean? He’s right here.” She scooted over, and there was my dad lying in bed asleep. Reddit User: [redacted]

The Owner’s Son-in-Law

I was staying with a friend in a remote house in Scotland. In the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the toilet and suddenly it got very, very cold, and I heard someone complain, “They always make this room dirty, always, always, and I’m cleaning all the time, and still it is dirty….”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It was so cold, and then suddenly it was over. The next morning, I told the house owner that last night it suddenly got to be very cold in the bedroom when I went to the toilet, and before I could say anything else, he asked immediately, “Who have you seen?”

That “who” part sent shivers down my spine. Later, he told me his daughter and son-in-law had lived in that very room, and the son-in-law had died in an accident. He loved to keep the room spotless. Reddit User: steve_2016

The Men in the Operating Room

I was in a motorcycle accident a few months back. I broke my spine and needed surgery to fuse several vertebrae. As they brought me into the surgery, I noticed two men standing in the corner of the operating room looking, not at all surgically clean and entirely out of place….

Photo: Creative Commons/born1945

Looking back at it, I later recognized them as my grandfathers. One of them died in the hospital; the other died during surgery. The reason I know that they were my grandfathers was because my parents told me a story about how they were in the hospital’s food court during my 11-hour surgery when my dad heard his father telling him that everything was going to turn out alright.

When he told my mom, she wasn’t at all surprised, because she had heard her father tell her that I was going to be fine. Even though this was late, and they were the only ones in this dead silent cafeteria. Reddit User: jacP123

The Playful Owner

I lived in this house with a basement, and every time I walked up the stairs, I would get this goosebump feeling on the back of my neck. Funny enough, it didn’t make me uneasy about going down the stairs or about being in the basement. My craft room was down there, and I spent a lot of time in that room.

Photo: Creative Commons/nyxie

After a while, I noticed that items I commonly used began to disappear when I would look away from them. I would search and search, and one day I got so frustrated that I said, “Arrrgh!! Can I please have my scissors back?” I turned my head, and there were my scissors, on top of the pile of mail I just looked at….

I talked to my neighbor, and she told me that the original owner of the house was a jolly old man who loved to prank people. Now every time something would disappear, I would politely ask for it back.” Reddit User: ScarletBeezwax

Just Checking In

This is probably just wishful thinking, but the day my dad died, our motion-sensitive camera started going off like crazy. But nobody was in that room. I’d check the camera and nothing would be on it. I’d go into the room and there was nothing in it. But the camera would still go off. Finally, I suggested to my significant other that maybe it was my father.

Photo: Creative Commons/GV

I went into the room and wrote out a long, heartfelt letter to him, which I left lying on the bed. The motion notifications stopped. Reddit User: Rabid hamster87

The Painting’s Warning

My grandparents used to have a really beautiful painting of my aunt hanging in their living room, even though she was still alive. One night when I was about 5 or 6, I was sleeping in their living room, and I heard the painting talking to me. It was her voice, and it talked to me just like she would’ve….

Photo: Creative Commons/hc gilje

It was weird because I talked back, knowing full well that paintings don’t talk. She told me to go wake up my grandpa and tell him she wants to talk to him. I went and woke him up, and when he realized I was talking about the painting, he got really angry. He was yelling at me when he suddenly stopped and stared out the window. Then his eyes got wide, and he told me to hide in his bedroom and tell my grandma to call the police.

He then grabbed a pistol he had hidden in his cabinet and ran outside. While she was on the phone, we heard 2 shots. He came back in after a few minutes and told us he hit one of the guys trying to break into his house in the arm, but they all got away.

It turns out that a prison for minors not too far away had 3 escapees. I’m super grateful to my aunt. Reddit User: tucker33

The Creepy Ouija Board

I was trying to hook up with a girl who thought that using an Ouija board would be a good idea. I was insufferably skeptical, and even after asking “it” some questions and “it” answering them correctly, I was unconvinced. I credited the correct answers to other people intentionally moving the cursor for entertainment. I go for a double whammy to shut it down and asked the board a question no one knew the answer to (my middle name).

Photo: Creative Commons/capn madd matt

To further complicate the situation, I asked it in my head. That thing started spelling the first 4 letters of my middle name before I shoved it back in the box. I haven’t touched an Ouija board since. Reddit User: bingoflaps

The Girl on the Swing

I was with my sister, and she saw when this happened. At the time she was 4 or 5, and I was around 14 or 15. We were at my aunt’s house, which is on a massive property in rural Tasmania. It was a really old property where many people had lived and died. In the garden, there was a swing that had been there forever.

Photo: Creative Commons/allert

My sister and I had been walking through the garden, and my sister suddenly stopped and said to me, “Who’s that little girl on the swing?” I said there’s no one there. She said, “Yes there is, look!” She wasn’t scared, she just thought it was a child her age on the swing, but there was no one there. We returned to the house and told my aunt, and she said workers on the property had seen the little girl too.

She was too young to make it up and lie about it for the sake of lying. You could see it in her face; she saw something. Reddit User: Mysticalzebra

The Wooden Floors

I was home alone when I was about 21, and my parents’ house has always been creepy. Even my friends have noticed the paranormal things that have happened in the home: socks moving, doors randomly closing, lights turning on and off, etc. I went to take a nap, but I was woken up by the television, which is suddenly on FULL volume and has an image frozen on it….

It almost looked like “The Scream” painting by Munch. The sound it was making can only be described as a high-pitched “robotic” scream. The strange thing is the that remote control and power buttons didn’t work for turning it off. I had to unplug the television from the wall. After doing so, I get back into bed, and after about 15 minutes, my heart rate is back to normal and I am calm. That’s when I heard the footsteps in the hallway….

Photo: Creative Commons/ideath

My parents’ house has wooden floors, and I heard 6 distinct steps coming from the hallway. I could tell the exact location, and it sounded like whatever it was had boots on. I picked up something sharp and sat in bed, in the pitch dark, just listening. I sat there for about 30 minutes without hearing another sound. I then got comfortable again. After about another 20 minutes, I hear the steps again.

It was from the same area of the hallway. This time, I sit on the edge of my bed for about an hour, in complete darkness and quiet, just listening. I laid in bed until I had to get ready for work at 6 a.m., just staring at the ceiling listening. Once the sun came up, I went out to explore the house.

All doors and windows were closed and locked. I searched every room and closet. Nothing. Still, to this day, it’s the creepiest thing I have ever experienced. Reddit User: troutburger

The Ghost Who Followed Me

I saw the ghost at my old school that everyone is convinced is haunted. It was 6 floors high rather than being sprawled out like other schools. I was on the top floor about to go see one of the teachers who had an office up there. The floor was normally used for storage, and that teacher was the only one up there.

As I am walking through the hallway, I look into one of the rooms, and I see this very pale, almost translucent figure standing by the window. It turned to me and started walking to me. I straight up ran the rest of the hallway. Fast forward to a few weeks later; my family was having a campfire, and I went back inside to grab some marshmallows.

Photo: Creative Commons/beverlyislike

When I walked into the kitchen, the pale figure was standing there. It was on top of the table, and it looked like it was holding a knife, and so once again, I booked it out of there and back to my family. My dad went back in with me this time.

Together, we saw a black knife buried into the wooden kitchen table standing perfectly straight up. Reddit user: [redacted]

My Grandmother, the Guardian

I was going for a job interview as a waitress at a biker bar. I didn’t want to, but I really needed the money. As I was getting dressed, the closet door starts repeatedly opening and slamming shut. I was so dumbfounded that I just sat down on the bed and decided not to go. I put it down to my grandmother, who died about 3 months before….

Ever since she passed, I heard lots of cracking noises and footsteps in my apartment. The thing is, I found out that my brother forged my grandmother’s will. She had originally left me everything, as she was very well off. In Ontario, Canada, if there is only one beneficiary, there is no public opening of the will or any record of it afterward….

Photo: Creative Commons/isapisa

He confessed to a friend of his, who later told me after he died. My grandmother was probably upset that I was putting myself in danger for money, but I was supposed to be well off because of the inheritance I didn’t get. Reddit User: Mischimischi

The Physical Connection

I was stationed in New York many years ago while serving in the military. One night, I was woken up by a sharp pain in my chest, but it went away in minutes. Afterward, I tried to go back to sleep but had this feeling of “something is not right.” My aunt called later that morning to tell me that my mom had suffered a stroke overnight and was clinging onto life in the hospital.

Photo: Creative Commons/myaen

So, I can believe that you have a spiritual and physical connection to someone you love. Reddit User: yerok-the-warrior

My Grandmother’s Visit

I was woken up one night by my grandmother standing next to my bed. It was odd because she lived in a nursing home, but for some reason, it felt normal to see her standing next to me. I remember looking up at her and feeling very calm and at peace. Nothing was said, we just looked at each other for what felt like a minute or two….

Photo: Creative Commons/Wilderness Kev

I put my head back down and went back to sleep. I found out the next morning that she had died that night. My brother said he also saw her that night standing by his bed. Reddit User: [redacted]

The Final Conversation

It was about a month or so after my father passed, and at that time, I was 9. My family and I were living in Nigeria, the place where my parents grew up. We had just buried my dad, and that night, we all slept in the same bedroom (by choice). Suddenly my mom’s cell phone rang and woke me up. She woke up and saw it was an unknown caller. She answered and said my father spoke to her, telling her that he was okay and that she should stay strong.

Photo: Flickr/Dejan Krsmanovic

The call only lasted a minute, but she was crying by the end of it. I only wish she put it on speaker so that I could have heard him too. Reddit User: OneLastTime1997

My Great-Grandmother’s Warning

My mom said that when she was a little girl living in China, one night, when everyone was asleep, something bizarre happened. A candle caught fire to the drapes or something, but no one noticed. They thought that it started in her room with her sister as they were sleeping….

Photo: Creative Commons/Iqbal Osman1

Her mother, my grandma, was in another room, and apparently, my mom’s grandmother, my great-grandma, came to my grandma in a dream and told her to wake up because there was danger. Reddit User: [redacted]

“Why I Don’t Cat-Sit Over There Anymore”

I was cat-sitting for my old neighbors in their split-level house built in the ’60s or ’70s, with an attached garage. I was in an upstairs bathroom refilling one of the cats’ water dishes when I heard the woman who owned the house come through the door downstairs from the garage and say, “Hello!”

Photo: Creative Commons/Kiwithing

It was like what someone would say if they were greeting other people in the house as they entered. I yelled from the bathroom, “Oh, wow, you’re home super early!” And then after a few seconds, I realized no one was there. The cats looked spooked. When they returned, I told her about it; she thought I was just being “imaginative,” but I knew it was not imagined.

One of the adult daughters said under her breath, “Yeah, that’s why I don’t cat-sit over there anymore.” Reddit User: Deftunes

The Stalking Shadow

My then-girlfriend, now wife and I were leaving a friend’s wedding, and by that time, it was already dark. There was something in the parking lot, and it was at least the size of a black bear but long and thin. Its body was completely black except the face, which looked almost red with horns. Not like devil horns, more like antlers….

Photo: Creative Commons/kastanjeboom

It was about 50 feet away when it took two steps towards us. It walked on all fours and moved using its back feet first. When it took a step, I yelled for it to go away, and I pushed my wife behind me. It started to walk backwards towards the building we had just left. The second step it took was almost a bit of a leap, and it ended up about 20 feet in front of us….

At that moment, someone in a car in the parking lot turned on their lights, and the thing was gone. That was a few years ago. I saw it again about 2 months ago, this time during the day. Reddit User: RhinoBarbarian

The Strange Massage Therapist

I was getting a massage from a woman when I was about 23 years old. My mom had seen her before, said she was “spooky” but praised her endlessly, so I thought, “Hey, why not?” Anyway. She was really lovely, but about 15 minutes into my massage, she said very quietly, “We have company….”

My mom had told me that she sees spirits or something, so I was kind of like okay, saw this coming. I said, “And who is that?” She said, “It’s a little boy.” I shook my head. “I don’t know who that would be.” She then said, “He said his birthday is coming soon. He’s going to be 5, and he’s so proud.” I told her that I honestly don’t know who that is….

Photo: Creative Commons/JSmith Photo

The massage therapist then said, “That’s funny that you say that, because he called you mommy.” I immediately began to freak out. I had been pregnant when I was 17 and had a miscarriage. No one knew about the pregnancy, including my family, so I was so freaked out by it.

She said he had “blue eyes and curly brown hair, like his daddy.” Which the dad had. Reddit User: chauncythebear

Waiting for Her Husband

My great grandmother watched my great grandfather die, and they were truly in love. After he died, she woke up every morning and would always curse because she was ready to pass away. My great aunts would hear her (via the baby monitor) talking to members of the family who had already passed. Finally, one afternoon, they heard her go, “John, finally! Why are you always late!”

Photo: Creative Commons/chris9149

They were frozen, as John was my great grandfather’s name. They walked in 10 minutes later, and she passed away. She was just waiting for her husband to come to get her. Reddit User: _Black_Dahlia

My Daughter’s Premonition

My daughter, who was 3 at the time, pointed out the car window and said, “Mama, the helicopter went into the water.” We hadn’t seen or heard anything, so I figured it was just her telling one of her stories (albeit a kind of weird one). We get home and go on my phone to see the news. A military helicopter had gone down in the Gulf, right at the area she was pointing, and there were no survivors….

Photo: Creative Commons/susanaudrey

The news was released after we left daycare, so she couldn’t have overheard anything, and my radio was off, so no news. And it definitely wasn’t visible from where we were in the car. Reddit User: Saltwaterblood

My Brother’s Messages

My brother passed away on December 22nd at 4:40 a.m. in 2004. Since then, I’ve had a few things happen like items flying off the shelves or hearing my guitar strings being plucked, but 2 years ago was probably the weirdest. On December 21st, I went to bed around 11 p.m. I usually keep my phone on silent, but I got woken up by my phone ringing in the middle of the night….

I saw a number I didn’t recognize. Normally I answer anyways, but something felt off, so I just didn’t. I can’t explain the feeling, I just felt like I shouldn’t answer. The phone number left a voicemail, but I couldn’t make anything of it. I also noticed that they called on December 22nd at exactly 4:40 a.m….

Photo: Creative Commons/susanaudrey

I tried to call it back in the morning, but when I called, it said, “This number has been disconnected and can no longer be reached.” I tried to look up the number everywhere and nothing. Reddit User: enfugz

The Spirits in My House

The hallway in the second story of my house is quite narrow. It’s not even two people wide. I was home alone and walking through the hall, and with no warning, I hear an extremely loud pop from my right side. But there was only a wall on that side. It sounded as if it came from right above my shoulder. Like someone fired a weapon next to my ear.

Photo: Creative Commons/william couch

I was so startled, I leaped down a flight of stairs and accidentally slammed my face on the wall. It hasn’t happened since, so maybe the spirits feel bad. Reddit user: [redacted]

Are You Okay?

I was sleeping at my grandfather’s house, and one morning I heard a woman’s voice say, “Hello, are you okay?” Very clear and very friendly, within the room. I ran away, afraid, downstairs to where my mum was in the kitchen making breakfast. My brother, at the exact same time, came in from the front room, saying he heard nan talk to him….

Photo: Creative Commons/Joel Abroad

My nan had suddenly passed in her sleep about 13 years earlier when I was just a baby in that same house. My mum told me not to be afraid because “nan would never hurt you; she loved you so much.” Then out loud, my mother asked my nan not to visit me until I was ready….

Later that day, when I was alone and still a bit freaked out, I heard “I’m sorry.” Then it clicked one day that she’d seen me pleasuring myself. I’m the one who is sorry, nan. Reddit User: FlavTFC

The 6 Foot Tall Something

I was reading a book on my living room couch when the pages suddenly got dark. Mind you, this was on a Midwestern evening where the outside is pitch black. The only light was from the kitchen bulb behind me. It hadn’t burned out; instead, a 6ft tall something was spontaneously blocking it from right behind me. My cat started growling, crouched low to the ground, and stared down the area blocking the light.

Photo: pxhere

She backed up into the other room and kept growling. Eventually, the shadow left and I could read again. I didn’t feel much up to it after that. Reddit User: [redacted]

The Asylum’s Visitors

This was back in 1998. At the time, my ex-wife and I were renting a house that was directly across the street from the old Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. One night, we went to bed and when I looked up, there was a bald African American man standing at the foot of my bed. He was dressed in one of those work uniforms where the shirt and pants were the same color. He wasn’t menacing or anything; he was just looking at me.

Photo: Creative Commons/howzey

I screamed like a girl, and he disappeared. My wife had already fallen asleep, and my scream made her wake up screaming. We were so shaken that we had to watch tv for a couple more hours. Reddit User: MountianFooler