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People Reveal The Crazy Things That Happened After They Asked Their Crush Out

People Reveal The Crazy Things That Happened After They Asked Their Crush Out

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There’s no way around it: rejection is the worst. It’s our fear of rejection that keeps us from doing new and exciting things that we’re just dying to try, like trying out for the office baseball team, applying for a new job, or asking out our crush (which is one of the most frightening experiences).


Of course, asking out your crush works out for a lucky few. They could say yes, and you’ll end up with a happy relationship and maybe some super cute kids. But then there are the horror stories: the ones where they insult your height or literally run away from you. Yikes.

The fine people of the internet worked up the courage to ask out their crushes, and the stories are pretty insane. Read on for a few particularly crazy ones!

It’s Not a Joke

It’s not easy to tell one of your close friends that you have feelings for them, as it could shift the entire friendship dynamic if they don’t reciprocate. Just ask me, because I was someone who learned the hard way. She thought I was joking. We’re still friends, but it was pretty awkward.



Rejection stings, but at least I took a chance and let my feelings be known. Mission failed; we’ll get ’em next time! Reddit user: YoSoyGting0

Best Decision I’ve Ever Made

I told her I loved her on the first date. She said, “What?” I said it again IN CASE SHE DIDN’T BLOODY HEAR IT THE FIRST TIME, instead of thinking maybe she was just confused and processing. A few years later, we’re still together. So far it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.


It was a real risk to bring that out there on the very first date, but to be fair, we were friends beforehand. Reddit user: ArmoredHippo

Childhood Woes

He screamed ‘no’ and ran away. This was in the fifth grade. Believe it or not, there was a time when boys were grossed out by girls and thought they had cooties, and they had no interest in sliding into their Instagram DMs asking to watch Netflix over a chilled bottle of wine for the millionth time.


This sapped my confidence for quite a while, but thankfully I still had plenty of time to find someone as I grew up. Reddit user: areliving

Date Night, Right?

In this day and age, it seems like you may have to be extra specific about your feelings for someone. She said yes to the first date, and I asked her out on a second date (and specifically said the word “date” this time). She said she didn’t know we were going out on dates. Oh well.


There’s multiple types of dates that can be done with either friends or lovers: movies, baseball game, Netflix, etc. You need to be very clear that you like them like them, I guess. Reddit user: ramoly

 She Found Her Spark

We were hanging out at our typical spot when I told her that I’d had a really big crush on her for the past year and that I’d also really like it if she gave me a shot—just one date. She said, “Heh…nahhhh. I just don’t see you like that.”



And then it was…uh…pretty weird. She tried changing the subject, but I was a million miles away by that point. I made up a reason to take off, and she graciously didn’t call me out for it. I avoided her over the next few weeks. For some reason or another, her rejection humiliated me.

Even though no one else knew about it, I was embarrassed. If she texted to see if I wanted to hang out, I wouldn’t respond or I’d lie and say I was doing something. One night, there was a knock on the door of my apartment. It was her. I knew she’d come around!

I opened the door, and she came in and sat down on my couch and said this: “I just don’t like you in a romantic way. I simply can’t help it. I’m just not attracted to you. You just don’t spark my fire. I’m sorry. That being said, I really miss you.”

“You’re my best friend, and I spend pretty much all my free time with you. So if you want to go on a date with me, I’ll do that for you.” And I realized how much my friendship meant to her and how cowardly I’d been to avoid her after she rejected me.

I told her that I was sorry and that if she could forgive me and see her way past this, I’d really like to resume our friendship. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to find the maturity to conquer those feelings. We picked up where we left off…minus a little baggage.

A few years ago, a lifelong friend from back home came to visit me. I introduced him to my friends here, and she found her spark. They’ve been happily married now for two years, and I can only hope that their son and my daughter can enjoy the same level of friendship as she and I do. Reddit user: beefwich

Feeling Crushed

The classic line to let them down easy after a rejection or break up is “it’s not you, it’s me.” Of course, sometimes it really is you. And the sooner you learn that, the better. Right? I realized that I develop crushes easily and have pretty bad taste. So it’s totally me.


Photo: Partensky

At least I know, right? I just need more practice on saving my crushes for those who deserve them. Reddit user: at132pm

Lesson Learned 

It’s easy to romanticize the idea of romance, and I learned from experience that it’s not always rosy. We went out on a date, and I learned she was not the one for me after all. But it was a good lesson, and had I not asked her out, I would have just agonized over what might’ve been.

Photo: Jordan

I was straightforward and asked her out, and I had to be mature when it didn’t work out. Good life skills. Reddit user: jcs2595

 He Was on House Arrest

I asked this guy out; he seemed sweet and smart and was cute. It was the first time I ever asked someone out. He said yes! First date was picking up a video after he got off work and watching it at his place. Sounds good! He was really specific about the timing, though, which was weird.

Photo: Lic

Yep, turns out that he was on house arrest. Probation after being in the federal pen. Not a violent crime, thank goodness. But it taught me that it would be smart to get to know someone a tad bit better before agreeing to be alone with them in their home. Reddit user: myBisL2

Too Many Rejections

I’ve had multiple crushes. All of them rejected me and never talked to me again. As sad as this sounds, this is apparently pretty common. In fact, one of my buddies told me that his crush’s friend, not his crush himself, told him that the girl he liked never wanted to even talk to him again.


Even if they don’t want to go out with you, there’s no reason to be that rude about it. Reddit user: Silly_Clouds

Lights Out

She said yes to a date, and we went out to a nice dinner and saw a movie together. Dropping her off, we kissed on her parents’ front porch for what seemed like forever. Her dad thought so too, because he started flicking the porch lights on and off. Good times. I was mortified at the time.


Thankfully he was a really kindhearted dad and I got to know him really well over the years. Reddit user: LovesMeSomeRedhead

Not Just a Notch

She was actually a really good friend. Which means she knew a lot about all the other girls I’d hooked up with after going to bars. She said she wasn’t going to be another one of my notches. I moved on, and a decade later, we’re still really good friends.


This is one of the only downsides of dating a good friend: they know all your good AND bad sides! Reddit user: [redacted]

My Christmas Gift

I asked him to help me Christmas shop for my mom. We went to the mall and hung out for 5 hours. I didn’t end up finding anything that day for my mom, but I found my soulmate. That was 2 years ago, and I will never be more grateful for just simply asking.


I had waited 3 months to ask, and on the last day of our college class, I said, “Screw it, if he says no, I’ll never see him again anyway.” Luckily for me, he said yes! Reddit user: danniosauris

The Outside Didn’t Match

Anybody who says that looks don’t matter is lying to themselves. Physical attraction certainly matters when it comes to maintaining a relationship, but it’s personality that ultimately wins out. It turned out the girl I had a major crush on wasn’t as cool as she was pretty. Figured that out once I got her on a date. 

Photo: jordan

Remember, everyone, you can look like Margot Robbie or Angelina Jolie, but you still need a great personality. Most people would take somebody cool over someone pretty any day. Reddit user: humblebee89

We Made It Work

I asked him out through a rambling text that hardly made sense. It took him forever to respond because he had to read it like four or five times to fully understand it. He said he liked me too. We dated long distance for a year, then he moved in with me at my parents’ house. 


We moved to our own apartment, and we’ve been together for 6 years so far. I’m not seeing it end any time soon. Reddit user: Howling_Fang

Fake Out

Ghosting is a common occurrence in the dating world, but it would have been much easier for both of us if she had just had the courage to let me down nicely. Come on. She said yes. I messaged her the next day to ask if she wanted to have dinner together. She ended up ghosting me.


It sucks, but don’t let this discourage anyone. I doubt this happens often. Probably, maybe. Reddit user: Heropon_Riki

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry 

We had recently graduated from high school. I confessed my feelings for her…feelings that I had kept to myself since we were little kids. We made out. We made plans for a date the next day. And THEN she stood me up. And then ghosted me for about two weeks.

Photo: José Public Library

Then somebody in my class called to invite me to a party. She was already there and hopped on the line, apologized for bailing on me and said we could talk when I got there. So like the totally rational teenager I was, I hopped in my car and started driving halfway across the United States that night. Surprise: she left early.

I crashed with my cousins for a couple of months, joined the military, and left the country for several years. It’s been almost 19 years since then, and the feeling of heartbreak still remains. Reddit user: allenidaho

Puppy Love

This was just not cool. My crush got back into online dating and got invited to go on a trip to Hawaii with some Australian guy; she asked me to watch her dogs if she went to hook up with him. We’re good friends, but I’m still not puppy sitting while she goes and has a fling.


You’d think people would have the sense not to ask the guy they rejected to watch their dogs while they go out with someone else. Reddit user: ambsdorf825

Just Do It

Just as a PSA. I’m in my 30s, and I just found out from my high school crush’s best friend that my crush indeed had a crush on me as well. Back then, I was dealing with my own insecurities to even think I’d be someone this teen model would even go for. Major regret there.

Photo: Ageha

For every person who asks their crush out and gets rejected, there’s another who throws away their shot by not asking at all. Reddit user: shaka_sulu

It’s Been Six Years

Sometimes, asking out your crush can lead to heartache and rejection. Other times, it will lead to a few months of movies, random adventures, and weight gain from all the dinner dates. If you’re lucky, it will lead to a long-term, loving relationship, even if that means a couple of bumps in the road. 

Photo: Pics

We dated for 4 years then broke up…for a couple of months. Now we’ve been dating for 6 years. Reddit user: The_Pecking_Order

She Didn’t Know They Were Dates

Happened about a year ago. I went with a friend to her high school formal and thought I hit it off with a cute friend of hers (let’s call her X). X & I went on like four dates: food, walking around, etc. We studied together during the next month a few times.

Photo: Greenwich

I got the courage to tell her how I felt. She thought the “dates” we went on weren’t really dates and didn’t feel anything remotely that way. I got over it in a couple of months, but it wasn’t a fun time. Reddit user: infinityking1

Totally Worth It

This was the second time I met her. We are at a mutual friend’s place just hanging out. She mentions she’s about to leave. I go to the bathroom and splash some water on my face because it seemed like the time to do it. Give myself a quick mirror pep talk, you know.


I walk out with her and ask her for her number. I realize I don’t have my phone on me. I give her my number instead. We’ve been together for two and a half years. Wholly worth it. Reddit user: my_ginga

WoW Romance

I thought it would be really awkward being a girl asking a guy out, but it wasn’t at all. It felt pretty natural actually. We met online through World of Warcraft, and I asked if he wanted to go to Blizzcon 2016 with me, and we had an amazing time.

Photo: Batiz

We now live together, and we’ve been together for 3 years now, going on 4 (with plans for marriage). Reddit user: stepped_jackrabbit

Came Up Short

Most of us have met one of those women who claim they would never date a short guy. You’d think they’re just joking and wouldn’t be so superficial, but sadly they really do care, apparently. My crush told me I’m too short. Little bit of an ego crusher there.


Most male celebrities are short. Kit Harrington, Tom Cruise, and Dave Franco are all under 5’10″! RIP me, I guess. Reddit user: alehandro_fotografie

It All Worked Out

You won’t always get a happy ending when asking out your crush, but my story is bittersweet. She said no. I was mopey for a bit, then I signed up for online dating, and we went back to being friends. I eventually wound up dating someone who made a lot more sense for me anyway.

Photo:, Dave & Family

Lots of people are afraid to tell their crush about their feelings, as they’re afraid of ruining the friendship, but it’s worth it. Reddit user: CaughttheDarkness

Nerf Brought Me to Him

He asked me out on a date. We went out, had fun, then went back to being just friends. Time passed, and graduation was fast approaching. He poured out his heart in a letter; he had basically given up at this point. I considered how much he meant to me and how much losing him would hurt when we went off to college. 

Photo: paul croce

So one day, I go over to his house and shoot him with a nerf gun (a reference to his letter). We end up sitting on a couch in silence. I steel my nerves and reach out to hold his hand (another reference to his letter). I will never forget the look in his eyes when he turned to me.

Fast forward a few years; we are now crazy in love and engaged. Sometimes it pays off to ask out your crush. Boy am I glad that he did. Reddit user: w4termelon101

One Sweet Deal

After six months of both of us being too shy to even look at each other, I baked him some cookies and invited him to my housewarming party. We still never had the guts to say anything to each other, but we woke up next to each other and have hung around together ever since.

Photo: Sean R

I guess now that we’re married with two kids I should ask him out. I hope he says yes. Reddit user: [redacted]

Wanna Date or Whatever?

We went out for dinner a couple weeks after I met her. On the second date a week after that, when we were having drinks at her place afterwards, she said, “So do you wanna like, date or whatever?” We’ve been dating for close to three years, bought our first house this summer, and I’m planning on proposing soon.


Gotta love when a pretty underwhelming dating proposal turns into a loving, healthy relationship. Reddit user: [redacted]

I Stopped Chasing Her

When I first asked her out, we knew each other for about 4 months. She blocked off though, but she also didn’t specifically say no. I asked her out a second time 3 months later, but she blocked off again, telling me she wasn’t sure whether it was ok to meet.

Photo:, Dave & Family

I continued flirting with her, but eventually I started chasing her. Once I realized my mistake and that she stopped showing interest, I stopped chasing her and flirting with her. I didn’t show any interest whatsoever for the next 8 months and just acted the same friendly way I acted towards friends.

I had basically given up on her, although I was still kinda interested. I just didn’t show that I was still interested. Eventually, over a year after I asked her out the second time, she apologized for blocking me off. She told me she made a mistake and asked me whether I still wanted to meet up with her.

I told her I didn’t mind, and now we’ve been dating for four months. I guess sometimes it’s really difficult for two socially awkward people to start dating each other. Reddit user: TheEnhancedExe

It’ll Come When It’s Time

So far I’ve been rejected a couple of times, but I’ve also had one where I dated him for a couple months until we friendzoned. I’d like to think that I’m not at the moment in life where I’m supposed to be with someone, and that it’ll come sometime in the future.


It’ll be okay though. With 7 billion+ people in the world, somewhere, somebody is out there for me. Reddit user: BossfightX

We Are Not Kids

Not my story, but a friend’s. She gave her crush an ultimatum, something like, “We are not kids. I like you, and I want to know if you like me back.” She was always a no-nonsense kind of person, so hearing that she did something like this wasn’t surprising. They are married now.


Dating and asking people out would be so much easier if it were always like this, with no games being played. Reddit user: luciasulia

I Like Girls

In my freshman year of college, there was this beautiful girl that I saw around campus (she was totally my type) and in the dining hall. I have never been a guy who was good with the ladies, but I promised myself I would ask her out the next time I saw her.

Photo: I T C H Ǝ L L

One day, I saw her, ran up to her, and asked for her number. She looked at me with a disgusted look, said, “I like girls,” and walked away in a hurry. Major fail. I was happy that I at least tried. Reddit user: danielharos

A True Friend

My crush came out to me when I asked him to date. I was very surprised, and he seemed very scared to tell anyone. I was the first person he had ever come out to, and he was terrified. I helped him through the process of eventually coming out to his extremely religious parents, who accepted it very well.


He’s now in an amazing relationship and one of my closest friends. I’m glad I started the ball rolling. Reddit user: caddywhompus12

He Dragged Me Down

I got a first date that turned into almost two years worth of being emotionally dead inside. Pro tip before you ask out your “crush”: really get to know them. I made the mistake of thinking I could help someone very troubled, and it turns out that 99.9% of the time, they just drag you down to their level.

Photo: dooley

I wish I had someone to give me advice back then; it sucks we have to learn these things on our own. Reddit user: Enemy_Within

19th Time’s the Charm

She said no. But not a hard ‘no, I’m not interested.’ Just ‘I already have other plans’ or something similar. The same thing happened the next time I asked her. Repeat 18 times. The 19th time, she went out with me. By the fourth date or so, we were talking in terms of ‘when we get married we’ll….’

Photo: Pinzgauer

That was 46 years ago. We’ve been married for 43 years now, and we’re more in love than ever. Reddit user: garycarroll

One of My Closest Bros

I didn’t actually ask him out. But at a party, I let him know how I felt, and that I’d wanted to ask him out for a long time; we’d become good friends, and I wasn’t too worried. He was taken aback and delighted. “Awwwww, my dude!” He said while blushing. 


“I’m straight, but…that almost makes me wish I wasn’t! Really? You think I’m that cute?” He gave me a big hug, and I felt his back muscles rippling through his T-shirt. “I’m totally using this as an excuse to feel your back muscles,” I jokingly told him. He then hugged me tighter.

He’s one of my closest bros, and one of the few people I can be utterly, grotesquely open with. 22 years later, we live 1500 miles apart, but we still text often. Reddit user: sightlab

One Cruel Response

When I asked out the person I’d been crushing on for literal years, they just looked at me and said these. Exact. Words. “You know you’re ugly and I’m pretty, right?” I gave up on love after that, but then luckily one of my other crushes asked me out. I certainly wouldn’t have approached someone else again.


Why must people be so cruel? Even if she was actually pretty on the outside, she definitely was ugly on the inside. Reddit user: gigigorgeous6

Dream Guy

We met on Tinder, and after about a month or so of seriously talking and hanging out, we were about to fall asleep, and I asked him to be my boyfriend. The next morning, we talked about it, and he said he thought it was in a dream that I asked but still stood by his answer 100%.

Photo: Noh

That was 8 months ago, and we are still happily dating! I’m so glad that it wasn’t just a dream. Reddit user: BetterLeek