These Are The Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship

These Are The Signs That You’re In A Healthy Relationship

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Every relationship is unique, but there are “green flags” that consistently show up in healthy ones. You might have specific ideas of what’s good for your own relationship, but at least knowing the signs that indicate that, at the very least, you’re headed in the right direction, might not be a terrible idea…

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You Show Interest In Each Other’s Hobbies

It’s unlikely that you and your partner have an identical set of hobbies and interests. Your partner should make the effort to show that they care about what you interests you, and you should do the same. Even if you don’t care for camping or knitting, it doesn’t cost you anything to listen and ask questions.

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Your Arguments Are Solution-Oriented

Every couple fights, but how do you fight? If a typical argument is “us versus the problem” instead of “me versus you,” that’s a good thing. It’s okay to show frustration, but arguments should center on helping you two conquer a mutual issue as a team.

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They Remember The Little Things

Have you ever mentioned a favorite candy in passing, only for your significant other to gift it to you later on? If your partner remembers important dates or your favorite ice cream flavors, you can rest assured they’re paying attention to what you have to say.

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They Pick Up The Slack Without You Asking

Even though you may divvy up chores and other responsibilities, your partner should step up when you’re struggling. If you come home exhausted and they’re already doing the dishes (when it’s your turn), then you’ve got a partner who really cares.

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They Feel Comfortable Saying No

A healthy relationship involves taking turns and making compromises. If you want to go to a certain dinner spot, they shouldn’t feel pressured to always do what you want. Likewise, it’s okay for you to turn down their suggestions and offer up alternatives. 

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You Take Care Of Each Other

You’re both human, and unfortunately, humans get sick. Worse still, getting sick often involves sweat, vomit, and all sorts of unpleasant stuff. A good partner will be there to clean you up, get you what you need, and not tell you how grossed out they are. Return the favor… even if sympathy vomiting is something you’re familiar with.

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You Share A Sense Of Humor

If they’re all about knock-knock jokes and you’re all about gallows humor, you’ll probably find yourselves in a lot of awkward moments. Humor is essential to a happy relationship. It doesn’t have to always mesh, but there should be some level of compatibility.

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You Look Forward To Seeing Them

Are you excited when they come home from work, or even when they come back into the room? You should look forward to being with your partner in everyday situations.


You’re Also Comfortable Apart

A good relationship includes the understanding that partners don’t always have to be together to be… together. You and your partner should have confidence in each other, even when you’re apart. A lack of anxiety about separation or cheating is a good sign that you’ve established mutual trust.


They Cook Dinner When You Normally Do

If cooking is normally your thing, it’s nice to have a break sometimes. You both have to eat. Why shouldn’t they cook from time to time? Even if their “cooking” is just heating up leftovers or ordering pizza, it’s the thought that counts.

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You Both Have Your Own Friends

It’s good to have a mutual group of friends. It’s also good for each of you to have your own friends. You both deserve to have a support network built from various parts of your lives, be it work, school, or sports teams. If you each take time to hang out with your social groups separately, that’s a good sign things are headed in the right direction.

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They’re Nice To Service Workers

Does your partner tip above 15%, thank the cashier, and understand that the clerk isn’t responsible for what the manager orders? If so, that means your partner is considerate and can put themselves in another set of shoes.

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You’re Okay Doing Nothing With Them

It’s always exciting to have plans, but sometimes sitting on the couch or just taking a drive is enough. It’s healthy to enjoy silence and simply share each other’s space without feeling like you have to do an activity together.

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You’re Confident Around Them

Flattering clothes can make you feel more comfortable in your skin, but you shouldn’t have to put up a fence around your partner. Everyone has insecurities. Your partner should already love you for exactly who you are and appreciate every inch of you.

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You’re Proud To Be Together

Mentioning you’re with your partner in a conversation should be a point of pride and never embarrassment. They should do and feel the same. Bonus points if you love showing your partner off or get giddy when talking about how great they are.

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You’re Also Proud Of Them

Loving your partner means you should also be proud of them. No matter what they’re doing or if you agree 100%, find pride in their spirit and efforts.

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They Understand That You’re Not The Same As Them

This is part of being proud of your partner. You don’t need to have the same ambitions, careers, or backgrounds. Instead of trying to assimilate, healthy partners celebrate what makes you different.

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Compliments Between You And Them Are Personal

It can be easy to say you love them or think they’re attractive, but a healthy relationship involves taking note of specific things. Show that you pay attention by telling them their yawns are adorable or that you like hearing them sing in the shower.

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They Don’t Push You To Do Things You Don’t Like

When you dislike a certain food or activity, your partner should never push you to “get over it.” Healthy partnerships allow each person to take things at their own speed and set boundaries.

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They Push You To Be Better

They shouldn’t make you eat sushi, but they should encourage you to go for that promotion. It’s okay to be nervous before taking a big step toward better things. Supporting your partner through that anxiety is a sign that you really care for each other.

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You’re Physically Compatible

From showing affection in public, to how you conduct more private matters, understanding boundaries and preferences is important. You might not be comfortable with public kissing or they might not like a certain position. Communicate openly and work together to find mutual joy and harmony.

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They Know How To Take Charge

Can’t decide where to go for dinner? Your partner ought to step up once in a while and make the decision for both of your. It’s not about being bossy or controlling. Instead, the ability to take on the responsibility of choosing once in a while is an excellent relationship quality. Handling these little decisions means they’re likely to step in and step up when it comes to more important matters down the line.

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They’re Nurturing To Animals And Kids

It doesn’t matter if they’re a dog lover, cat lady, or if they dislike animals in general. A good person is always understanding, kind, and patient. The same goes for kids – they don’t have to want children to be nice to them. A partner who cares for the innocent displays compassion.

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You Share Dislikes

It’s a little thing, but sometimes it’s nice to laugh about that one movie you two can’t stand. Don’t dwell on negativity, of course, but enjoy inside jokes and shared eye rolls now and again.

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You’re Attracted To One Another

There’s way more to a healthy relationship than physical attraction. That said, chemistry and sparks are essential. Understand that your bodies and abilities will change over the course of your relationship, and allow it to strengthen your attraction.

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You Don’t Compare Your Relationship To Others

There’s plenty of couples with different lifestyles, attributes, and even problems. Be content in your own space and learn how to improve it for yourselves, never for anyone else.

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Your Pets Like Them

Your pets are often like your children – in some cases, maybe the only ones you’ll ever need. Because most partners end up moving in together at some point, it’s important for them to treat your pets well. Does your dog greet them excitedly when they walk in? Does your cat sneak cuddles from them at night? If so, you’re on your way to a happy household.

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They’re The First Person You Want To Talk To

If something really great or really disappointing happens, your partner should be high on the list of people you want to tell. Your partner ought to be someone you can get excited with, or who can help you through stressful times. Relying on each other is key to a strong relationship foundation.

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They Don’t Keep Score For Nice Gestures

Bringing you lunch at work or grabbing a bottle of wine on their way home can make each day special. Your partner should act thoughtfully because they want to bring you joy, without expecting you to do something for them in return.

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You Have Examples In Mind That Didn’t Make This List

Every relationship is completely unique, so the good aspects of your relationship will also be individual. If you can think of all sorts of positive things that make you comfortable and confident with your partner, you two are lucky and have a healthy, happy bond.