These Signs Indicate You’re Dating Someone Who Could Be ‘The One’

These Signs Indicate You’re Dating Someone Who Could Be ‘The One’

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Whether you believe in soulmates or not, finding a compatible partner for life is no easy feat. If you’re lucky enough to find that person early in life, power to you. Nicely done!

If, on the other hand, you’re in a different chapter of your life, and have just met someone who seems wonderful, you might be questioning whether this is your person. Well, there are a few telltale signs to look out for, that could help you to determine if you’re in the type of relationship that could go the distance…

You feel safe around them.

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When spending time with your special someone, it’s an incredible feeling to sense that you’re on top of the world, and that no harm can come to you. This sense of invincibility might be irrational, but it’s also a reflection of the safety that you feel when you’re with this person.

You practice forgiveness.

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A truly compatible pair of people practices forgiveness and understanding. Things have happened and will happen- it’s all about how you handle it together as a team.

They make you feel complete.

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Your partner should not be your whole personality, but feeling like they add something you need means they’re a good fit for you. They should complete and complement you.

You respect your differences.

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A good fit does not mean fitting together in every way. Respect the differences that make you work together. Puzzle pieces that fit perfectly are shaped differently after all.

You want them to be happy.

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Your happiness is important, but you also feel a drive to make them happy. Little things or grand gestures, it’s part of how you contribute to the relationship. They should do the same for you.

Your goals are shared.

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Buying a house, having careers, starting a family- if you’re on the same page in the same book, that’s a good sign you’ll be able to support each other throughout your lives.

You both get alone time.

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Before you act as a couple, your partner and you are separate people. It’s healthy to have alone time, and being able to stay confident and comfortable apart indicates a strong foundation.

You can predict what they’re thinking.

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When you’ve been around your partner long enough, you can probably predict how they feel and what they’re thinking. This means you’re in tune and always paying attention, even if you aren’t trying.

Your flaws are features.

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It could be a crooked tooth, embarrassing childhood memory, or a tendency to get hangry. That’s just what makes you you, and what makes your partner perfect.

It feels right.

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Sometimes things just feel right without any particular reason. Of course there are reasons, but a gut feeling means a lot.

Empathy is commonplace.

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Understanding and showing compassion when it comes to difficult and stressful times means maturity and support are part of your relationship. This is always important to navigating life together.

The timing feels right.

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If you are comfortable in the relationship without thinking about how much better it’d be after this or how you wish you got together before that, then it means you’ve found your person at the right time in life.

They’re always involved in your life.

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A partner you plan to spend your life with needs to be involved in your life. It’s common sense, but many relationships are based around seeing someone for a bit and then forgetting until next time.

Things just feel good.

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Just like the timing feeling right, things should have a tendency to just feel good. Whether it’s driving to the store, sitting on the couch, or going on a lavish vacation you should feel content.

They understand you.

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You’re a complex person with a complex life, but somehow your partner knows exactly who you are and how to treat you. That’s definitely a good sign.

You help each other.

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Doing chores, driving moms to the airport, and picking up a bill here and there- it’s all part of the give and take of a relationship. More importantly, these things are done without expecting anything in return.

You accept flaws and quirks.

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Nobody is perfect, but that doesn’t mean your partner isn’t perfect for you. It’s unrealistic to expect to love every flaw and bad habit, but it’s good to understand that even the best person comes with some imperfections.

You support each other’s goals.

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Even if you don’t have the same goals in every aspect, it’s important to understand why they’re important to your partner and what you can do to support them.

You can have those serious discussions.

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Nobody wants to talk about debt or losing jobs, but it’s part of life. Knowing how to discuss serious matters and how to tackle them together are what strong partners practice.

You’re not jealous of them.

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They should be able to have their own friends and their own life. You’re part of it, and they’re part of yours, but you both have to be your own person. Having confidence and security means jealousy is out of the picture.

You don’t threaten each other.

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Mature partners don’t manipulate or play games when it comes to relationships. If your partner is truly the right one for you, it should never come to feeling like you should do these things.

Making each other happy is always the goal.

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Taking out the trash? You do it in a way that makes sure your partner is happy. Making dinner? You want to add that special something. Having happiness be the end goal of the most mundane things means happiness will always be there.

You wouldn’t change anything if you could do it over again.

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Feeling like your relationship has come around to be perfect is good. If you think back on all the things you would change, how can you be confident in the future?

You’re at peace when they’re around.

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There’s a sense of peace that comes with being around a compatible partner. It’s easy to just… exist.

You share important values.

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When it comes to things that matter like religion, politics, and money you should share the same ideas, or at least be able to understand and work with theirs. Having an exact match isn’t needed, but being compatible is.

You have major differences, but that’s okay.

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If you don’t share those values, that’s okay. It’s just important to understand why your partner feels how they do, and be able to work with them in a way that respects both of your feelings and motivations.

You’ve seen each other at low points and kept going.

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If you’ve seen your partner when you’re holding their hair back in the bathroom, you’re just better able to appreciate them at their best. Going through the bad makes the good all the better.

Your physical attraction is strong.

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It’s only one piece of a relationship, but there’s no denying it’s an important one. Having that spark and knowing how to reignite it when things get hard is needed.

Your relationship has problems that you work together to solve.

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Denying that your relationship has problems is a problem in itself. Recognizing the problems that exist and building a plan to address them is the smart thing to do.

You learn from one another.

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Habits, values, traditions, and humor are just some things that brush off on partners in long-term relationship. It might not even be a conscious decision, but you will likely find each other picking up on the things that make you both unique.

You are honest.

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There’s no sense in lying or covering up issues if you’re in it together. What affects you will come to affect your partner and your relationship as a unit. Take it head on and spill the beans when it comes to it.

This relationship feels different than others.

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If you’ve had previous partners, you can compare. This one should feel different in a good way and cancel all those doubts of previous partners maybe being the ones that got away.

They make you feel confident in yourself.

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Your partner should love you and celebrate you how you are, but also motivate you to become better how you want to. You should be doing the same. A confident pair is a strong one.

You have a plan and they’re in it.

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Think about your five-year plan, and not just for your careers. You should both see each other in your own plans, and you should work on your relationship plan together.

You’ve both grown as people together.

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People change, and growing through those changes together gives you the skills to take on the future and improve every day. You should have grown together to be better and continue to work on that for the future.

They’ve said they feel that you’re the one for them.

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If they have a feeling, then they’re seeing all these things in you too. That mutual sense of connection is one of the best feelings one can experience.

You’ve told them you feel that they’re the one for you.

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If you just have that feeling too, and you’ve let them know… there’s a very big chance that you’re right.

It all just… works out!

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Sometimes things are truly meant to be, and maybe your relationship is one of them… with a little effort, compassion, and selflessness.