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Twins Share Their Most Awkward “Wrong Twin” Stories

Twins Share Their Most Awkward “Wrong Twin” Stories

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Being a twin is often wonderful and weird all at the same time. Sure, you get to prank people or dress up as your other sibling, but sometimes the fun and games are a lot less funny when people genuinely can’t tell you apart. So, twins either adopt totally different styles, or they roll with it and live the life of a constant trickster among friends and family…. 


There are even parents who have stories about not knowing how to tell the difference between their own identical twin children. Grooms and brides are ripe for the tricking too; hopefully at least someone stays sober at the reception to prevent any shenanigans! While a lot of these kinds of stories are funny, the people of the internet didn’t hesitate to share times when being a twin was just…awkward.

Bad First Impressions 

This isn’t my story because I’m not a twin, but my sisters are twins. Their best and favorite story to share with everyone is when one of their boyfriends tried to show the wrong twin this weird mole that’s on his butt cheek. Both sisters are extremely squeamish, so he thought it was just her being grossed out…. 


Unfortunately, my dad walked in on him chasing the wrong twin around the kitchen with half of his butt hanging out to see. He just turned around and left. It was a story of mistaken identities and also a very awkward encounter with his girlfriend’s dad. I’m not sure about first impressions, but this wasn’t a great one. Reddit User: lady_molotovcocktail

Drop and Give Me Identical Twins  

We were both in the army, and our jobs were similar but not the same. It was a reasonably small community of people, and I inevitably met people he was stationed with and vice-versa. One day, I met a new master sergeant who came up and said hi to me. I had no idea who he was, and he thought I was slighting him…. 


He had me drop and start doing push-ups and accused me of disrespecting him. Then I realized my brother must know him. He was his old platoon sergeant, and he thought I was messing with him. We figured it out afterward, and he had a bit of a laugh about it. Better let everyone know we’re twins in the future. Reddit User: cryptozoolog1st

A Date Gone Wrong 

My identical twin sister was dating the president of a fraternity, and during a ‘date night’ event, she went with him, and I was set up with one of his fraternity brothers. Towards the end of the night, I got separated from my date, and my sister’s extremely drunk boyfriend put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss…. 


It was super dark, so I think it was an honest mistake. I backed up to set the record straight, and he asked if I was down for some fun with him and my twin sister. I still feel bad for ditching my date, but I had to get out of there as soon as I could. My sister ended up dumping the guy after that. Don’t ask a twin for that, ever. Reddit User: Functional_NRK

Making the Job More Efficient 

I’m not a twin personally, but I have a story about some. Years ago, I dated a twin out of a set who often didn’t get along. They went to the same college, started out in very different majors, but both ended up in electrical engineering by some weird coincidence. By graduation, they were dead set on leading separate lives…. 


They then didn’t tell each other where they were interviewing. On the first day at his new job several states away, the twin that was I dating at the time was shown to the cube where his desk was. After settling in at his desk, he looked up and noticed something. His brother was seated six feet away. Reddit User: Dumbkitty2

When You’re Mistaken for Your Twin Brother 

I was with my fraternal twin brother at the supermarket this one time, and judging from this story, I’m guessing that (obviously) we look the same from the back, but not exactly from the front, since I’m a female. Yes, fraternal, not identical. My brother’s girlfriend was shopping at the same store that day, came up behind me, and smacked my bottom…. 

Photo: Luder

She then said, “Hey love.” I jokingly turned around and said it back. She was absolutely horrified and couldn’t get over it for quite some time. She stopped coming to visit us at our place because she felt humiliated. I apologized to her, and she eventually settled down. I guess I need to start wearing girlier clothes so people know the difference. Reddit User: DashedAxe3D

Twin Minds Think Alike  

My twin and I went shopping for eyeglasses at the same time. We were in a store that had multiple massive rooms with different brands of eyeglasses. We ended up spending about three hours in that shop picking out the frames that we wanted for our glasses, and we did this completely independent of each other, which made for a crazy story…. 


We sat down to pay, and the teller said, “It’s awesome that you chose the same pair.” And sure enough, we had picked the exact same frame as each other. The only difference between the two pairs of eyeglasses was that one was silver and the other one was white…out of thousands of different frames. Reddit User: sloping_wagon

The Surprise Paintings 

My friend went to see a play at a university with her identical twin. Sounds pretty nice, right? Her sister said that there was a shortcut to the theater by cutting through some class building. My friend didn’t think that made sense but followed along anyway. Then suddenly, her sister opens a classroom door and says, “Let’s go in here….”

Photo: Plougmann

My friend goes inside and freaks out when she sees a bunch of paintings that look like her, completely naked. It turns out her sister had posed nude for an art class and thought that would be a fun surprise. My friend did not find it funny at all because she was worried that everyone would think it was her who had posed nude. Reddit User: boffotmc

A Double Mistaken Identity 

I used to do musicals. My brother came to a performance and went up to the lead actress after the show. He said, “Great job, congrats, what a show.” To which she responded, “Oh, I wasn’t in the show. It was my twin sister. But you were fantastic.” To which my twin brother said, “I wasn’t in the show either!”

Photo: Cathrae

And that’s when the actual lead actress and I walked up wondering why they both looked so confused. In all fairness to their confusion, what are the odds that both leads of a play will be twins and then that their twins will encounter each other at the same time backstage? It makes for a funny story, though. Reddit User: Stovential

Dating the Evil Twin 

I got pranked by my girlfriend, who’s an identical twin, a few months ago. There’s no point where a guy is more vulnerable than immediately after sleeping with someone. Knowing this, my girlfriend waited for that moment one morning. Immediately after we had intercourse, she looked up at me and took a deep sigh…. 

Photo: International

After she sighed, she said, “‘Don’t tell my sister,” while mimicking her sister’s mannerisms. I freaked out and flipped out of the bed in the quickest action I’ve ever done in my whole life. It was only as I came to my senses that I noticed my girlfriend giggling helplessly. I knew then that I was dating the evil twin. Reddit User: Insomniac_FGC

The Wrong Sister Got a Kiss 

My mum and aunt are identical twins. One night my aunt and uncle came over for dinner, and my aunt was in the kitchen when my stepdad came in, hugged my aunt from behind, and kissed her neck. All my aunt said was, “Wrong sister.” Everyone thought it was hilarious, but my stepdad was very apologetic and embarrassed for a long time….


When my mom found out what happened, she pretended to be angry at first but couldn’t fake it for long. She’s so used to this type of thing happening from growing up as a twin, so she’s really chill when a mistake like that happens. My aunt also laughed about it, but my stepdad took some time to get over his embarrassment. Reddit User: BurntChristmasTrees

Written Up for My Brother’s Mistake 

Embarrassing for me? No. For him? More like infuriatingly hilarious. In high school, my identical twin brother and I shared a 1989 Chevy S10. One night, I’m driving to a friend’s house and get pulled over for a broken tail light. The officer tells me to get it fixed and lets me go on my way. A week later, my brother is driving to a friend’s house and gets pulled over by the same cop for a still-broken tail light.


He says to my brother, “Hey! Didn’t I tell you to fix that light last week?” My brother is obviously confused and says, “Um, no, I didn’t even know it was broken.” The police officer said, “Uh huh, sure. I pulled you over last week for the broken light.” My brother says, “That was my twin brother!” The police officer wrote him a ticket. Reddit User: pippinsplugins

The Musical Junior Kidnapper 

When my brother and I were freshmen in high school, we were pretty shy and withdrawn. He was quieter than I was, though. Pretty soon, I had joined the theater department and made a couple of louder friends. But my brother wasn’t in the theater department, so most of them didn’t know I had a twin…. 


One day, one of my theater friends saw my poor, unsuspecting brother in the hall. We’ll call my theater pal John. With no hesitation, John picked my brother up and started singing to him in the hallway and carried him down the entire hall. I heard the story from my panicked brother first, about how “some musical junior tried to kidnap me today.” I still get a chuckle out of it. Reddit User: Mrmandsome

That Awkward Moment When…

My brother was getting on a flight in Chicago. A girl that had worked for me about a year previously and then left my firm got on the same flight, went up to my brother, gave him a big kiss on both cheeks, and said, “How are you, how’s your family, what have you been doing?” in her typical loud, exuberant manner….


My brother looked at her and said, “Lady, I have no idea who you are,” and before he could say, “I have a twin brother you may know,” she started saying, “Stop kidding around, you’re embarrassing me.” He said, “Lady, honest, I have no idea who you are, but I do have a twin brother you may know.” Reddit User: Sturdy_Muffin

A Good Morning Kiss 

Shortly after graduating from college, my twin brother and I moved to the city. After a few months of interning at different places, we both started doing freelance work for the same company. One day, while in the elevator, an attractive woman in her late 30s or early 40s looked directly at me and greeted me with a lovely kiss…. 


I was shocked and immediately realized that she must think I’m my brother. Normally, you simply correct the perpetrator and have a good laugh, but this time I was too stunned to say anything. I just played it cool as the elevator finished its ascent. Little did I know my brother was waiting in the office for her. Awkwardness ensued. Reddit User: aseaman1

A Great Friendship from a First Grade Mistake 

When my twin and I were in the first grade, we had two different teachers. I made a friend in my class, and we quickly became best friends. The next year when second grade came along, that friend happened to be in my sister’s class for the year instead of mine. He continued “our” friendship with her, not knowing that it wasn’t me until the third grade…. 


We all three had the same teacher. I still remember the look on his face when he saw us both at the same time. Still shocked that it took him two years to figure out there were two of us. Also, he was shocked that I didn’t mention that I was an identical twin. We’re all still best friends to this very day, so it worked out in the end. Reddit User: helephantt

My Brother Got Me Fired 

I had my boss get mad at me one time because I called out of my shift one night when I was really sick. He left work before the dinner rush and got some food at a different restaurant that my twin brother works at. My brother told me that my boss went up to him and said something along the lines of “why did you feel the need to make up you were sick just to go work at a second job?”


He continued to say, “I’m not sure if I want someone who will lie to me to work for me.” Needless to say, he didn’t believe my brother when he tried explaining that he’s my twin. Most of my other coworkers had met my brother and backed me up when my boss was talking about it the next day. Reddit User: jimboslice1384

Getting in Trouble With the Teacher for Twinning  

In high school, one of my twin brother’s teachers said “Hello” to me and tried to grab my arm to speak to me about something probably class-related. I didn’t know who it was, as I had never taken her class, and walked off quickly, kind of weirded out. Later, she berated my brother in class in front of everyone for being so rude to her…. 


He told her it was probably his twin brother, and she didn’t believe him. Everyone else in the class told her that he did have a twin brother to corroborate his claim, but she refused to believe any of them. All she had to do was walk down the corridor to my classroom to see that he wasn’t lying, but she didn’t do that. Reddit User: TimesNewCarthaginian

Shouting at the Wrong Twin 

Identical twin here; I attended the same college as my twin brother. I was walking with my girlfriend at the time during my freshman year, and another girl approached me and said, “Oh so this is why you didn’t want to call me back.” I didn’t know this girl, but it also didn’t register at the time that she was referring to my twin, who I assume ghosted her….

Photo:érôme Le Gousse

I told this girl she must be mistaken, and she said, “No, I know it’s you; we met in the dorms.” So I explained that she was confusing me for my twin brother, but the most awkward part is that she didn’t believe a word I was saying. I had her call “me” at the time and showed her that my phone wasn’t ringing and that she was calling my twin. Reddit User: texanlifeforme

A Mixed Up Marriage 

When my sister-in-law was getting married a few years ago, I and my significant other arrived at the hotel the day before the wedding, and after getting ourselves up to our room, we went back downstairs to look around the hotel. My significant other went to the toilet in the lobby, and while I was waiting, I noticed the groom was waiting at the front desk…. 


So I walked up to him to say hi and just have a chat. After I asked him how he was doing and what he had been up to, he asked me, “You think I’m the groom, don’t you?” It turned out the groom had a twin, and neither the groom nor my significant other’s sister had told us. It was awkward at first, but then we found the funny side to it. Reddit User: canyonstom

My Twin Is an Inspiration, But Not to Me 

My twin and I are both in the same major at the same school. I’m told we stand out a bit and are quite recognizable because people see us all over and never realize we’re twins. Anyway, on one of my trips to college a couple of months back, I had a guy come up to me and confess how much he looked up to me…. 


He told me about how I always sit in the front, show up every day, and seem smart and always do well. He was talking about my brother, because I don’t show up to class all that often. I thanked him for his kind words, passed them on to my brother, and continued to enjoy the life of not going to class. Reddit User: Mypronounsarexandand

The Kindergarten Mix Up 

My grandparents were getting us ready for Kindergarten. They put the wrong name tags on us, but we didn’t notice. I was just sitting in class, and all of a sudden, the teacher goes “(my brother’s name), you’re in the wrong class.” We had different teachers. She brings me to my brother’s classroom and takes him to hers…. 


I was so scared I didn’t say anything, and I felt like I did something wrong. After a few minutes I was so freaked out about being in an unfamiliar place and seeing all the strange faces that I started crying. My brother’s Kindergarten teacher figured out what was wrong and sent us back to our real classrooms. Reddit User: dingusfunk

The Wrong Groom 

I’m the brother of older identical twins, and during the eldest’s wedding, his twin and I were his groomsmen. As part of this, we were greeting guests as they arrived, shaking their hands and saying welcome, etc. It didn’t take long for guests to start congratulating the wrong twin on his wedding, causing him to laugh and correct them at first….

Photo:☺ Lee J Haywood

A lot of the groom’s wife’s family was from overseas, so they certainly hadn’t met his twin brother before and may not have even known that he had a twin, so once they started arriving, it became a constant stream of people congratulating the wrong twin on his wedding. Eventually he stopped correcting them and just slightly awkwardly said, “Thanks.” Reddit User: danopeneye

Apparently, I’m Going to Federal Prison 

My twin had recently joined the Navy and was at boot camp. I, on the other hand, was walking around the grocery store when a man came running up to me in a panic. He began to shout, “What on earth are you doing here? You’re going to go to federal prison!” A bit shocked, I assumed it was just some crazy person and started to back away, but he followed…. 

Photo: Light

So, I said, “Sir, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He then proceeded to say my twin’s name, and then I started laughing. He, still very panicked and now angry, asked why I thought this was funny. I explained that I’m a twin. He didn’t believe me until I finally pulled my I.D. out to prove I was who I said I was. He then apologized and explained he was her enlisting officer and was very concerned when he saw me. Reddit User: E_Logic

The Twin Confusion Continues 

I’m a teacher, and when I was student teaching, there were twin girls. They were super cute and very hard to tell apart. I finally got to the point where I could tell which was which. One morning I confidently called them by their names, but they corrected me; I made a note of what they were wearing and kept them straight the rest of the morning…. 


Well, we were going over lessons, and I called on Twin A. She began to cry and said, “I’m not twin A; I’m twin B.” They decided that they were going to switch on us that morning, but then got upset when we called them the wrong name. We laughed so hard about it after the fact, and their mom was appalled that they were already switching places in Kindergarten! Reddit User: emiliejack

In Trouble from the Twins 

I had a buddy from the skate park who had a twin. This guy and I would always (jokingly) bad talk each other. One day I see him and walk up to him: “What’s up, idiot? What the heck are you dressed like that for? It’s not going to make you skate any better.” He then responds with, “Excuse me?” I ask him if he’d gone deaf as well….

Photo: Sameli

He gets in my face and starts asking what my problem is. I’m laughing the entire time thinking we’re playing a game until he shoves me hard. I fall backward and look at him and yell, “Shawn! What are you doing?” His face completely changed. “I’m Shane, dude…Shawn’s twin.” I didn’t know he had a twin. Reddit User: Lurkist

A Triplet Catastrophe at the Doctor

I have some triplet friends who all still live in the same town. The funniest story they had was that apparently all three of them impregnated their respective wives within a 2-year span, and all three wives chose the same OB/GYN. The obstetrician didn’t know the names of the husbands and only saw the (last name) baby and the woman’s name…. 

Photo: photo library

All three said the OB was super rude and mean to them until finally triplet one and triplet two had appointments back to back. The OB came in and saw both of them, did a double-take, and asked, “There’s more than one of you?” They, of course, replied, “Yeah, there’s three, we’re triplets.” I guess this OB thought one guy had impregnated 3 different women at basically the same time. Reddit User: TeReese1006

A Failed Twin Prank 

I’m a nanny. I took care of 7-year-old identical twin boys, and their names started with D and B. One day, they decided to wear the same clothes to see who they could trick. When they got off the bus, they tried to get me to tell them apart. I stalled by having them stand side by side so I could really look at their faces…. 


After less than a minute, they started elbowing each other. Then one said, “B, stop!” and they both knew the gig was up. They apparently managed to trick a couple of people at school, though, but they’d clearly used up all of their trickery by the time they got to me at the end of the day. They were really cute. Reddit User: AngelFinally

When You Figure Out There Are Two

My twin and I went to the same university but different campuses. One day she was at my campus for a lecture and one of my teachers spotted her. He went up to her and tried to convince her to go to his office to discuss one of the projects I was working on. She obviously freaked out and said she wasn’t me…. 

Photo: (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)

I ended up receiving an email from him saying he met my sister and accidentally scared her. We also used to work for the same company but different floors and departments. So many random people would say hello to me. I have a major resting grumpy face, so they would always say that my sister was in a foul mood. Took them a while to realize there were two of us. Reddit User: Smashley21

Being Rewarded for an Error  

In my school, we do “punches”; this is making little hole punches in a card, and if you get ten punches, you get a reward. So, my math teacher gives me a punch if she calls me by my twin’s name. She called me by my twin’s name, and then she was like, “Oh, gotta give you a punch.” Then she said, “Is this your desk, [twin’s name]?”


I corrected her again and ended up getting a lunch party. She didn’t even have my twin. It’s happened at least six times this year. Sometimes it really does pay off to have people get confused between you and your twin, especially if you get rewarded when they make the mistake. Oh well, I tried to tell her multiple times. Reddit User: AppleDraws

Get Ready, Walmart 

My sister worked at Walmart for a few weeks before I started working there too. We had a few fun moments. The first one was my first day. She had an earlier shift, and just as I was going to go in the back door, she was coming out. So no one knew she was a twin, and there was an identical person trying to go through the door at the same time…. 


Without thinking, I yelled, “We’re never supposed to be in the same place at the same time!” then I ran away. Everyone was freaked out. My other favorite thing to do was to mess with people she had just helped in electronics. They would ask, “Hey, didn’t I just see you?” And I’d answer, “No, I’ve been here all day.” It was fun. Reddit User: Rabiwimps

That’s How You Avoid a Fight 

My twin and I went to different high schools for our junior year. We lived in the same city, so we were only 15 minutes from each other. We always got together on the weekends and went to parties and such. We were at this one house party with a number of our friends. This guy comes up to me and gets right in my face asking if I had a problem…. 

Photo: Burns

I had no clue who this guy was. So I tell him I don’t know him and to back off. He keeps going on about if I have a problem with him. My brother walks into the room, gently moves me aside, and says, “I have a problem with you, leave my brother out of this.” The guy was confused to say the least. A fight was avoided that night. Reddit User: ifrost05

The Now Ex-Wife 

This is about my twin brothers. The married twin’s wife was having a small medical procedure, and her husband was unable to pick her up. So my other brother was going to pick her up. In her amnesia state, she was 100% convinced that the brother that picked her up was her husband, even when her actual husband came home from work…. 

Photo: Recio

She was very upset that my brother would not kiss her or tell her he loved her. Eventually, they got her to go to sleep, and when she woke up, she figured it all out. Too bad shortly after, she still couldn’t remember who her husband was and often found herself in other beds. It must be a lasting effect, and she’s an ex-wife now. Reddit User: itsbecccaa

A Kid’s Gotta Do What a Kid’s Gotta Do  

I went to school with a set of twins, and they were right little brats; they always bullied me and treated me like rubbish. One day I was eating alone in this seating area, and they walked up to me and pushed me off and laughed. Because of the way the seat was, I couldn’t get up easily, so they kept laughing for a few minutes….


Anyway, a few weeks later, I was annoyed, and I saw them together. This was on the day of an athletic event as well, so parents were everywhere, including my own. I casually walked over to one of them, and with full force, I slapped him. Through tears, the kid looked at me and said, “It wasn’t even me; it was my brother.” Reddit User: Unpredictablecomment

At Least Something Good Came from It 

I’m an identical twin, and I don’t tell people about him because I hate him. I would always let them find out organically. In high school, inevitably, someone would come to me annoyed because I didn’t tell them about him. The best part was probably back in high school. I was in the common area talking to a friend…. 

Photo: Cupcake

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw my brother being talked to by a girl I liked. She went in for a hug, and while she was hugging him, our eyes locked. She let go of my brother, and I could see her eyes move. She looked at my brother then back at me then back and forth. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone that confused. Reddit User: nintendomagic1

An Uncomfortable First Introduction 

When I was in high school, I guess my twin sister had achieved a perfect or near-perfect score on one of her exams. Shortly after marking the test, her teacher, whom I was actually scheduled to take the same class with but the next semester, found me in the hallway one day and proceeded to congratulate me on “my” work loudly…. 


I’ve always been shyer about correcting people on not being my sister, so in this instance, I just smiled and said thank you. Flash forward a few weeks, when I walked into that same teacher’s classroom, I had to awkwardly explain who I was versus who he thought he had been so excitedly speaking to before. It made for an uncomfortable first official introduction to say the least. Reddit User: Uzukiya

Even a Parent Can’t Tell Her Twins Apart 

I’m a parent of identical twins. One of my kids’ homeroom teachers, who was also his counselor, called me because she saw him at the grocery store, and he was behaving strangely when she said hello, and it was totally not like him. She was really concerned, which is nice, but I immediately asked if she knew he was an identical twin…. 


It was a big new school, and they were at an age where they were trying to be more independent, so I think they were downplaying the twin thing. After I told her, she asked how I tell them apart. Honestly, sometimes if they’re just watching TV or not talking I can’t, but as soon as they start talking, I know who’s who. Reddit User: itsalloriginal

Sweet Twin Revenge 

In middle school, my twin’s history teacher saw me walking down the hall one day and called me into her classroom to talk to me about a test result or something. She called me by my sister’s name, and I told her I wasn’t her but was actually her identical twin. She scoffed and told me I was lying and that my sister didn’t have a twin…. 


I insisted she was mistaken, and she got very irritated. Not wanting to cause any trouble, I just followed her into the classroom, let her talk to me about the test, nodded a bunch, and skedaddled. A week or so later, my sister and I were walking down the hall together, and I spotted the teacher. As we strolled by, I waved and smiled. I’ll never forget the look on her face! Reddit User: littlechickengirl21

Something Out of The Parent Trap 

My mom has a non-identical twin she never knew about until 11. When they finally met at 13, they were practically the same person. But they were still non-identical twins, which is weird. Then it was time to leave, and they had an epic plan. They both got into different cars and went home, both of the girls smiling and snickering like school girls. 


The drive was about an hour long; when they got home, my mom said, “No wonder Elaine is so similar! We almost have the same house!” Elaine’s parents stood there and then dragged her back into the car. I still think it’s the coolest thing that my mom and Aunt Elaine have ever done. Well, at least that I know about. Reddit User: Dora_Is_Taking_Over

Taking One for the Twin Team 

So, my twin was dating a girl. They broke up, and later that day my twin and I had a class with one of her friends. The friend informed me that when she saw my brother and the teacher wasn’t looking, she was going to slap him. She was making sure she knew what I was wearing so she didn’t slap me….

Photo: Ryder

Five minutes later, the class was heading to another room, and the teacher hadn’t entered the hallway yet, and I got slapped. Given the look on my face, she immediately realized that she slapped the wrong twin and apologized. In the end, my brother never got slapped, and I’ve never had the chance to repay the slap I took for him. Reddit User: taji34

When You Get Double Fired 

Our manager absolutely forbids that any employee at the theater drink alcohol there. Company policy is actually that we can’t drink on days that we work; he doesn’t trust us to know who works when. So, the other week, my twin Kayla comes in, gets served an Angry Orchard, and makes it about halfway through the lobby before the boss man storms over…. 


He has an usher physically remove the drinks from her hands and throw them away. He tells Kayla she knows better and that he’s suspending her, then makes a beeline for the bar to go find whoever served her. The bartender on the schedule that day was Evie. The girl served her sister a hard cider and almost got double-fired somehow. Reddit User: Duwt